Lawrence County and the Civil War


Before you go to these Rosters, I'd like to tell you a little bit about what's in them....

As I typed up these pages and when you read them, I hope you'll find what I did... I was looking for a couple of Great Grandpa's of mine who both lived and died in Lawrence County Arkansas.

I realize that most of you will be doing the same thing, looking for your ggrandpa's. Some of you will find them here in these Lawrence Co. units, some of you won't, but I hope that all of you will pay attention to what you see in these pages... whole families of young men enlisting together in the same companies to fight in the Civil War, some surviving and some not.

There was no "Glory" in this war that almost destroyed a whole nation and it certainly brought this country to it's knees during the long four year period that it lasted.

Pay particular attention to Shaver's 7th and when you look down these lists of names, note how many died, how many were wounded, how many deserted and how many seemed to have survived it all and lived to die the way we all should, as old men who have lived out their days to the fullest and then passed on.

A good many of you will be looking for your Great Grandpa, just like I did, but somehow between the 1860 census and the 1870 census, your's just seemed to have been wiped off the face of this earth and you can't find them.

You might find them here... they haven't been wiped off the face of the earth, but may be buried in some battlefield where they fought and died, safe and quiet where no one seems to remember who they are or even where they are.

I typed these pages so that you and I can find that little piece of information that was with these "names", that might tell you how old they were, where they were born, (sometimes it's noted), and even sometimes whether they had blue eyes or not.... and sometimes it can tell you precious little except that they died and not even where.... just missing. It will tell you one thing though, that they did exist and for some of us, that's a lot...

All of the men listed on these pages were someone's boy, or husband or Daddy or Uncle and they were loved and missed. I hope that what I have put in these "lists" will help you find your ancestors, even if it's just something as simple as "born TN or GA or KY." You'll know where to look... :-)

If you do find what you are looking for here, be sure and ask about Pension Records and even if they are listed in the "1911 Census of Confederate Veterans Interviews" that was taken in some 44 counties of the State of Arkansas and if they are there, you'll find a gold mine of genealogical information on your soldier...

Good luck... Jeri Helms Fultz

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