Pike Guards.
Arkansas State Troops.

The Pike Guards was organized in Washington County, Arkansas, on May 2, 1861.  Assigned to Colonel Gratiot’s regiment of Arkansas State Troops as Company C, the Pike Guards fought at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Missouri, August 10, 1861, sustaining 12 casualties — 4 killed, 8 wounded — including the company commander, Captain Samuel R. Bell.  A month after the battle, the Arkansas State Troops were mustered out of service and disbanded.  The Pike Guards mustered out on September 1, 1861.  Most of its members subsequently enlisted in regular Confederate regiments, including the 1st Battalion Arkansas Cavalry, 17th Arkansas Infantry and 34th Arkansas Infantry.  Some later served in the Indian Territory.

Roster of the Pike Guards.
(All enlistments were at Fayetteville on May 2, 1861)

Anderson, John — Private.
Anderson, Robert — Private.
Applegate, Thomas T — Private.
Barrington, John — Private.
Baxter, R H — Private.
Bell, Samuel R — Captain.  Killed at Wilson’s Creek.
Barnard, Luke L — Fourth Corporal.
Boone, Benjamin F — Private.
Brooks, William H — Private.
Brown, William — Private.  Killed at Wilson’s Creek.
Cannon, William A — Private.
Carnahan, Benjamin F — Private.
Carnahan, Isaac Newton — Private.
Davenport, Clint — Private.
Dean, J S — Private.
Duke, M C — First Sergeant.
Enyart, Silas — Private.
Evans, C A — Private.
Farrel, William — Private.
Forbes, J H — Private.
Friend, E B — Private.
Gammon, S R — First Corporal.
Goodwin, S B — Private.
Gordon, A B — Private.
Hart, Christopher C — Fifth Sergeant.
Hawkins, Martin L — Private.  Killed at Wilson’s Creek.
Henry, Marshall — Private.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Horsman, William — Private.
House, George — Private.
Jobe, Thomas J — Private.
Kennedy, John — Private.
Knight, E Henry — Private.
Laningham, William A — Private.
Lowney, ?? — Private.
McCurdy, J J — Private.
McCurdy, J N — Private.
McCurdy, Samuel — Private.
McKenzie, W M — Private.
McKissick, D C — Private.
McKissick, Joseph — Private.
McRoy, Jack — Privateoy.
Moore, Andy — Private.
Moore, Elias B — Second Sergeant.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Moore, George P — Private.
Moseley, William H — Private.
Neal, Andrew Jackson — Private.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Neal, George Washington — Private.
Neal, Thomas R — Private.  Killed at Wilson’s Creek.
Palmer, J R — First Lieutenant.
Pelphrey, M A — Private.
Pleasants, John S — Private.
Pogson, John Thomas — Private.
Pollard, John R — Private.
Pollard, Thomas Jefferson — Private.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Powell, R H — Third Lieutenant.
Reardon, Patrick — Private.
Rieff, J Fenn — Second Lieutenant.
Ritter, R  — Private.
Robards, Henry Clay — Fourth Sergeant.
Robbins, James — Privatebins.
Roberts, C W — Private.
Robinson, Thomas J — Private.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Skelton, William Lycurgus — Private.
Smith, Hillery L — Bugler.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Smith, William — Private.
Stanford, William — Second Corporal.
Stirman, Erasmus Irving — Private.
Stirman, J W — Private.
Sutton, Phillip D — Private.
Taylor, A G — Private.
Taylor, J M — Private.
Taylor, James — Private.
Taylor, Thomas — Private.
Tharp, Moses B — Private.
Trammell, Andrew J — Private.
Trammell, Fields G — Private.
Walker, J D — Private.
Watson, F J — Third Sergeant.
Watson, Joseph — Private.
Wax, Nicholas — Private.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Wilds, C M — Third Corporal.
Williams, William A — Private.  Wounded at Wilson’s Creek.
Wilson, Alfred M — Private.

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