Muster Roll documents for Captain C.K.
Holman’s Company,
Pettus’ Battalion Arkansas State Troops,
taken during May and June of 1864

 Captain Cyrus K. Holman’s Company of Arkansas Mounted Volunteers under command of C.K.H. called into the Service of the State under Proclamation of 10th August, 1863.


Enlisted October 3d, 1863 at Paraclifta by then Capt. Pettus for a period of 12 months.  Paymaster, S.M. Scott; to what time, March 1, 1864.

Holman, C.K. - Captain
Gilliam, R.C. - 1st Lt.  killed in battle 25 April, 1864
Ralls, Willis R. - 2nd Lt.  under arrest for disobedience of orders
Wallis, Wm. M. -3rd Lt.

Haynes, John - 1st Sgt
Griffing, Wm. L. - 2nd Sgt on detail
Wolf, R.H. - 3rd Sgt  absent
Hollingshead, T.J.- 4th Sgt
Sutton, A.M. - 5th Sgt
Alexander, Henry -1st Corp enlisted Dec. 16th
Freed, Samuel -  2nd Corp
Hopson, Benjamin - 3rd Corp
Foran, F.M. -  4th Corp
Bartlett, M.G.-  Blacksmith

Alexander, John - Private  absent, sick
Allen, Joseph - Private
Autrey, John - Private
Broadwater, Issac - Private
Bensen, Samuel- Private
Bradshaw, S.H.- Private  absent without leave
Bashan, Gabriel- Private
Boggs, Welbourn - Private
Brown, Josiah - Private
Bishop, R.P. (W.P.?) - Private
Brooks, Joseph J.- Private
Carr, Thos. H. - Private
Canon, Lewis -  Private  absent, sick
Cook, W.D.G. - Private  absent, wounded in battle, April 18, 1864
Cook, W.A.-  Private
Cook, Nathan - Private
Chandler, W.P.- Private
Crabb (?), J.B. - Private
Crews, John P.- Private
Cooper, John - Private
Cowan, McDonald - Private
Crossland, L.A. - Private
Davis, John P. - Private  absent, wounded at Poison Springs, April 18, 1864
Davis, Zach - Private  absent without leave
Davis, John - Private  absent without leave
Denson, J.H. - Private
Daniele, B.B.-  Private  deserted about Feb. 15
Dillard, Thos. - Private  absent, sick
Daugherty, Henry -  Private  absent, wounded 25 April 1864 (?)
Falls, J.A. - Private  “has not been paid” but signed in column
Faulkner, J.M. - Private  absent, on duty
Freed, Daniel - Private  absent, wounded 25th April 1864 (Mark’s Mill)
Edmunson, John - Private  absent, without leave
Glover, John P.- Private
Griffin, J.J. - Private
Grady, J.H. - Private
Hopson, Nevil - Private  absent, on detached Service
Hopson, S.E. -  Private
Hyde, William - Private
Hollowell, W.H. - Private  has not been paid, absent, sick
Hammock, J.H. - Private  deserted about 15th of April
Harrisson, J.C. - Private
Hamilton, J.A. - Private
Hamilton, A.B. - Private  has not been paid
Huddleston, J.D.-  Private
Jackman, C.R. - Private
Jacobs, A.C. - Private
Jacobs, S.M. -  Private
Johnson, C.D. -  Private
Kaale, Oliver - Private
Kidd, J.B. - Private
Lovsing, Tennessee - Private  pd to Jany 1, 1864, Absent, sick
Mitchell, Joseph - Private
Morgan, J.W. - Private  acting asst Surgeon
McCrary, T.M.- Private  acting commissary Sergt.
McCrary, R.P. - Private
McCrary, J.M. - Private
McMillan, Hugh- Private
McLung, J.M .-  Private  absent on duty
McKee, James - Private
McCown, John - Private  enlisted Mar. 25 - has not been paid
Millwee, W.D. - Private  enlisted Mar. 22 - has not been paid
Nath, M.V. (?) - Private  wounded 25th April 1864
Owen, John - Private
Penney, H.H. - Private
Penney, Robert A.- Private
Patterson, J.J. - Private
Poster, A.J. - Private
Poster, G.D. - Private
Queen, John - Private
Queen, Thos. -  Private  deserted 9th December 1863
Russey, J.M.-  Private
Robinson, Travis - Private
Robinson, Levi - Private  absent, sick
Smith, George - Private
Smith, John E. - Private
Smith, Calvin -  Private
Singleton, Johnathan - Private  absent, sick
Staggs, M.C.-  Private
Scott, J.F. - Private
Tollet, John - Private  pd to Jany 1, 1864
Thompson, Thos. - Private  desert. about 10th Apr.  Trans. to Capt. Miller’s Co.
Willson, John - Private
Winton, Issac - Private  enl. Jan. 21, 1864, Camp Trader under Capt. Pettus
Wright, Josiah - Private
Zachry, J.E.-  Private


Blackwood, A .- Private  enlist. Feb. 21, 1864 to Capt. Miller’s St. Troops
Barns, Thomas - Private  (Bains on one list)
Davis, Asa - Private
Davis, William  - Private
Stokes, J.H.-  Private


from the first day of May 1864 to the 30th day of June 1864, inclusive:

Ralls, Willis R.  under arrest - cashiered by order of general court martial and all allowance stopped from the 28th of March 1864.

Bobo, B.B.  formerly belonged to 1st Texas Legion, has not been sworn into service

Station Camp Pettus
Date - June 30th 1864
      C.K. Holman, Capt.
      no sign of Inspector
#107 Staggs, Thos. - has no horse
#108 Staggs, Elihu - has no horse
#116 Wright, Joseph - acting Provost Marshal, Paraclifta
#124 Moon, Joseph
#125 Aubrey, ?
#126 Langley, ?

#124-126 above were men who belonged to Capt. Phipps’ Co. and state that said company has been disbanded.  They reported on the 26th June, 1864 and wish to remain in Capt. Holman’s Company.

Hammock, J.H.- Transferred to Capt. Miller’s Company State Troops, May 17th 1864.

Thompson, Thos.- Transferred to Capt. Miller’s Company State Troops, May 17th 1864.

Daniele, B.B. - Dropped from the Muster Roll for desertion.
Queen, Thomas -Dropped from the Muster Roll for desertion.


Cook, C.S.  enl. Oct. 3, 1863 at Paraclifta by Capt. Pettus; on Surgeon’s     certificate.

Blackard, W.  discharged by order of General Court Martial Mch 22nd 1864, all     payment due him stopped.

Killed in Battle

1st Lt. R.C. Gilliam in Battle at Mark’s Mills, 25 Apr. 1864.


Queen, Thomas Oct. 3, 1863; has not been paid, deserted 9th Dec. 1863.

Aggregate = 99
Aggregate last Muster = 103
Serviceable Horses = 95
Unserviceable Horses = 4

 I certify on Honor that the foregoing Muster Roll is made out in the manner required by the Regulations: That it exhibits the true State of Captain C.K. Holman’s Company of Arkansas Mounted Volunteers for the period therein mentioned; That the Remarks set opposite the name of each officer and soldier are accurate and just and the Recapitulation exhibits the true state of the Company as required by the Regulations and Rules and Articles of War.

     Paraclifta, Sevier County, Aks

     Date  18  May  1864

     C.K. Holman  Capt.
     Commanding, Company

    no signature Inspector & Mustering Officer

Notes on above transcript:  The Capt. Pettus referred to above was indeed the commanding officer of Pettus’ Battalion Arkansas State Troops, Lt.-Colonel Allen T. Pettus, mortally wounded at Mark’s Mill on April 25, 1864.  Then Captain Pettus was the original commander of C.K. Holman’s Company (Co. C) when it was initially formed by Colonel Trader in October of 1863.  Captain Holman’s company eventually became Co. C of Colonel R.C. Newton’s 10th Arkansas Cavalry, CSA during the Winter of 1864-65.

 For more information on these little known Arkansas CSA units and the men who served in them, please access the following URLs:

 The above transcription was kindly mailed to me by a direct descendant of Pvt. John Willson (sic), Holman’s Co., Pettus Battalion Arkansas State Troops, Mr. Wayne Wilson of Stigler, Oklahoma on August 4, 1998; thank you!

    - Kenneth E. Byrd
       Indianapolis  Sept. 23, 1998
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