The Marchant's and the Civil War

The three MARCHANTS were all members of Co D 1st Battalion Arkansas Infantry (6 mos 1862)

MARCHANT, ANDERSON A. Pvt (Record consists of 1 envelope and 4 cards)
1st Card : Age 20 , roll dated 20 Jul 1862 at Helena, Ar k. Mustered in 20 Jul 1862, Enrolled 1Jul 1862 at Jacksonport, Ark for 6 months.
2nd card: Jul-Aug present
3d card: Sep-Oct: present
4th Card: Dec 31, 1862. Mustered out at Benton Barracks, Miss. Paid to 31 Aug1862. Clothing allowance due since enrollment: $28.02 1/2 advanced.

MARCHANT, THOMAS J. Pvt Entries on cards are same as above except that clothing allowance advanced was $27.34 1/2.

MARCHANTS, WILLIAM B. Pvt First four cards are same as above except clothing allowance advanced was: $20.02 1/2. and a notation:
DIED Nov 23 St Louis, Mo. 5th card: Nov 1842. Died Nov 23, St Louis, Mo
6th card (w 3 enclosures) 1 burial redcords, 2 death and effects. Enclosure 1- Casualty sheet, Wiley B Merchant grade not stated Company not stated of Arkansas Volunteers WAR DEPARTMENT Adjutant General's Office Washington May 23, 1868 This is accepted as referring to Pri WILLIAM B. MARCHANT Co d 1st Batt'n Regt. Ark Inf Vols who died 23Nov 1862 at St Louis, Mo. /s/ Col. M.W.Brech??? Asst Adjutant General

Last enclosure: NOTICE OF CASUALTY DEATH Inventory referred to second auditor Feb ? 1863 Cause of Casualty: Typhoid Fever By whom certified: Lang B. Darrach ?? Place: Hospital, Benton Barracks, Mo From what source information obtained: Vol I Register of Deceased Soldiers, USA 1862 /s/Sebastian Bobway, Clerk

Inventory of the effects: At Convalescent Hospital Benton Barracks, Mo 23 Nov 1862 Rec. for the ?? effects by the son. /s/ Thos. J. Marchant 1 - hat ` 1- uniform coat 1- boots 2- flannel back coat 3- pr. trousers 1- vest 1- knapsack 1- pr socks 1- blanket - Height of deceased 5' 8".

On page 41 of Vol II of the book "Independence Pioneers edited by Nancy Britron is the story about a JESSE LASSITER and five of his sons evading conscription by the confederates and joining the Union Army - the 1st Batt'n Arkansas Inf Volunteers (6 months 1862). Jesse died in St Louis, Mo and is buried in the National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

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