The Izard County Historian
Volume 22 - July 1997 - Number 3


Submitted and annotated by Malcolm Lawrence
We are indebted to the Izard County Historian for the information about the Civil War in Izard County Arkansas and we thank them for allowing us to use it.

McCarvers' l4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment was organized in 1861, with one or more companies from Marion, Izard, Fulton, Sharp, Independence and other counties, with John S. McCarver as Colonel. Some companies were sent to Kentucky with the 9th Arkansas Infantry Battalion. The other companies were sent to Tennessee in 1862.

After the battle of Shiloh the l7th Regiment (Col. Lemoyns Regiment), which had lost heavily at the battle of Shiloh, combined six companies ith four companies of the l4th and became the 21 st Arkansas Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.

Officers of the 21 st Regiment Were:
Colonel Jorden E. Cravens,Commander - Major Wm. M. Dowdle - Wm. G. Matheney, Lieutenant -Colonel Harrison Moore, Major

Company K's officers were:
James Hunt, Caption (Captain?) - Edward Newton Puckett, Lieutenant - Elihu C. Beckham, First Sergeant

Company K fought in their first battle at Farmington, Tennessee then the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi. The 21st Regiment and Company K lost heavily in killed and wounded in The Kentucky Campaign.

Company K fought in the Battles of Marysville, Goldsboro and other skirmishes, Stones River, Port Gibson, Chamtion Hill and the Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi, in The Atlanta Campaign, in the Battles of Atlanta, Bakers Creek and many skirmishes. At Black River Bridge, before Vicksburg, many of the 21st fought as the rear guard and were captured.
They sent most of the men of Company K, who were captured, to prison at Fort Delaware.

CO. K,  21st  ARK. INF. REG.


ADAMS, Alex -- IZARD---- Lived through war, but died shortly after
ANDERSON, G. W. -- IZARD----- Wounded 10/4/1862 Survived
BATTLES, Joel --IZARD----- Died Pocahontas (Killed 3/4/1862)
BECKHAM, Elihu C., Sgt.--- IZARD---- Wounded 10/4/1862, Prison Fort Delaware, Captured again in ARK., prisoner Rock Island
BONE, David -- IZARD------ Died Pocahontas Measles
BONE, Porter -- IZARD
BROWN, Cress --IZARD -----Killed-Bakers Creek 5/10/1863
BROWN, Thomas --IZARD---- Survived Measles
BROWN, Wm. --IZARD----- Discharged early 1863- Too young
CAMPBELL, Alf --IZARD---- Came home after Vicksburg
CAMPBELL, John -- IZARD---- Survived, died a few years after siege of Vicksburg
HIGHTOWER, Bob-- IZARD ----Survived
HIGHTOWER, Crew --IZARD----- Survived
HILL, Asap --IZARD----- Died in Miss.
HILL, Frank --IZARD ---- Died Pocahontas Spring 1862
HILL, John --IZARD -----Left in hospital Fort Delaware 1863
HUNT, Dr. 0. T. --IZARD----- Accidentally killed after the war
HUNT, James, Capt. --IZARD -----Killed 10/4/1862, Corinth
JACKSON, Wm. -- IZARD -----Survived, came home from Vicksburg or Richmond
JENNINGS, Leander -- IZARD ------Survived
JENNINGS, Romululs -- IZARD -----Died Tupelo, Miss.
JOHNSON, J. A. -- IZARD -----{Died Tupelo, Miss., Summer 1862} {Father and Son}
JOHNSON, T. C. -- IZARD -----{Died Tupelo, Miss., Summer 1862}
JOHNSON, T. M. -- IZARD----- (Thomas) Joined Frontier soldiers
JOHNSON, Wm. -- IZARD---- Survived, came home from Vicksburg or Richmond,killed near home.
KING,  Moses Wade  - IZARD -  Sgt.  - Buried in Finley Cemetery, Izard Co. AR (1832-30 May 1897)
LAWSON, Cal -- IZARD -----Did not survive (cause unknown)
MARTIN, James, 1st Lt. -- IZARD----- Survived, wounded 10/4/1862
MARTIN, Thomas, Q. M. -- IZARD----- Survived
MASSEY, Joel A. -- IZARD ------Lost at Vicksburg (Unknown killed or sick)
McCARLEY, James, {Card.} --IZARD ------Lost leg 10/4/1862, Corinth
McCARLEY, Wm -- IZARD -----Survived
MILLER John C. M. -- IZARD -----Survived
MILLER, Joseph W. -- IZARD -----Sick at Pocahontas, father started home with him, but died on way home)
MURRY, Thomas I-- ZARD -----Survived
NELSON, James -- IZARD -----Died Jacksonport, March, 1862
OVERTON, Wm. -- IZARD -----Died Okalona, Miss. 12/24/1863
PIMBERTON, Monroe -- IZARD -----Died after 10/4/1862, Corinth
PITTMAN, Felix O. -- IZARD ------Survived
PUCKETT, Newt, 2nd Lt. -- IZARD -----Died prisoner, Johnsons Island
PUCKETT, Wm. -- IZARD -----Survived, Prisoner Point Lookout
SIMMONS, Wm. --? ------Took oath for Frontier Service
STANLEY, Jink -- IZARD -----Died Jacksonport
STROTHER, John -- IZARD -----Lost east of Miss.?
TAYLOR, Benjamin -- IZARD -----Wounded 10/4/1862, survived
TAYLOR, Sam, Sgt. -- IZARD -----Survived, Later Captain 27th ARK. INF. REG.
TRIPP, Thomas -- IZARD ------Prisoner, died Point Lookout
WALKER, Ambrose -- IZARD ----Unknown (May have died after Corinth, Miss.)
WALKER, Hardee -- IZARD -----Wounded 10/4/1862, died 10/23/1862, Iuka, Miss.
WALKER, James -- IZARD ------Lost at Corinth (probably killed 10/3/1862)
WALKER, Wm. -- IZARD ------Unknown
WHITFIELD, James -- IZARD ------Survived
WHITFIELD, Whitman -- IZARD -----Died ofwounds, Bakers Creek 5/10/1863
WOFFARD, James -- IZARD ------Died Miss.(Probably Iuka)


ADKINSON, Henry -- IZARD ------Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
BLACK, James K. Polk -- IZARD ------21 st ARK. INF. REG.
BLACK, John -- IZARD -------2lst ARK. INF. REG., Killed 10/4/1862, Corinth
CALDWELL, Bill --?------ Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG
CAMPBELL, Walsh -- IZARD ------Came home after Vicksburg
CLARK, Walter H., Sr. -- IZARD ------Old, sent home 1863
DAUGHTY, James -- IZARD ------Prison left at Indianapolis, survived
DAVIDSON, Jack, 0rderly -- IZARD ------Survived
DENTON, James, -- IZARD ------Escaped, jumped from boat
DICKERSON, Lt. -- IZARD -----21 st ARK. INF. REG., Survived
DONAHOO, Irmon -- IZARD ------Died Pocahontas,1862
DOWDLE, Major -- ? ------Killed 10/4/1862
DOWDY, James -- IZARD -----Left Indianapolis sick
ELKINS, C. C., Capt. -- IZARD -----Sent home-too old, survived
FREEZE, Alexander -- IZARD ------Killed Baker's Creek
GARNER, Josh -- IZARD -----Survived
GARNER, Logan -- IZARD ----Survived
GARNER, Wm. -- IZARD -----Lost leg 10/4/1862, Corinth
GRAY, G. W. -- IZARD -----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
GUNN, Dudley -- IZARD -----Died in Miss. after Corinth
HAMILTON, Abb -- IZARD -----Came home after Battle of Corinth
HARRIS, Augustus -- IZARD -----21 st ARK. INF. REG.
HAYNES, Geo., CH -- IZARD -----Left at Indianapolis - Sick ?
HAYNES, Joseph, CH -- IZARD -----Survived
HOLLEY, Louis B. -- IZARD -----At Little Rock Prison
HUGHS, Dr. -- IZARD -----At Little Rock Prison
JAMES, Sam -- IZARD -----21 st ARK. INF. REG., Survived
JIMMINSON, Jesse -- ? -----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
KING, Moses -- IZARD -----21 st ARK. INF. REG., survived, prisoner Fort Delaware
LAFEVER, Lt. -- ? -----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG., Died at Fort Pillow
LINLEY, Lt. -- IZARD -----21 st ARK. INF. REG., Survived,
LaCross McGUIRE, C. N. -- IZARD -----At Little Rock Prison
NORTHCUTT, Isaac -- IZARD -----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
PEAL, Harrison, -- ? -----Escaped, jumped from boat
REYNOLDS, Major -- ? -----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
ROSS, John, -- ? -----Escaped, jumped from boat
RUSH1NG, Lt. -- ? -----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
SHIRLEY,-- ? -----IZARD 2lst ARK. INF. REG., Killed 10/3/1862
SLOAN, Bill -- ? -----21 st ARK. INF. REG., Died after 10/4/1862
SMITH, Fayette -- ? -----2lst ARK. INF. REG., Wounded 10/4/1862
STONE, Rufus, -- ? -----Drowned
TAYLOR, Gus, Cpt -- IZARD ----- 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
WASSON, Cpt. -- ?-----Probably 21 st ARK. INF. REG.
WHITE, Lt. -- ? -----Escaped, jumped from boat

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