The following are letters that George W. Edmonds, my G Grandfather wrote from Fort Hallick, Dakota Territory after he served with Co "I", 1st Arkansas Infantry, was captured at the Battle of Nashville, TN, spent time in prison at Camp Douglas, ILL, and signed up with the 5th U.S. Volunteers in order to get out of Camp Douglas and survive. He lamented about his decision and what he thought his Confederate friends would think about what he had done.

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Fort Halleck,
DT April the 1st 1866

Kind Brother and Sister

I recieved your very kind letter this morning. I was more than glad to hear from you. You have no idea what

pleasure your letter gave me. When I read it and found that none of you think it hard of me for what I have done.

You know me that my principal has not changed any but starvation will make a man as a Boy do most any thing.

If I could of seen from back then ahead I would of stayed in prison longer. Then I would of been home long ago

but I could not resist the temptation any longer of gitin plenty to eat after Johnston Towell knew the South had

gave up. I dont see how any of my old comrads can think any ways hard of me and they know I done my duty as a

soldier. Tell J.E. Kersh when you see him to write to me for I think he has a ________ _________ before

___________if you receive this letter when you go to _______ and can see Robert Knox ask him what he did

with those kneedle cases of mine that I gave him. If he has them get them and take care of them for me. I

appreciate them very much because cousin Mollie Calvard made them and gave them to Brother Tom and

myself. They had some of Cousin Mollies hair in them when i gave them to him to take care of them for me.

Brother Tom had his in pocket when he was killed. Tell Robert Knox that I had writen to him some time ago and

addressed my letter to Pine Bluff. (This is not the complete letter, parts of it are not easily read)


Fort Halleck DT
April the 26 1866

Kind Brother and Sister

It has been mously one month since i last wrote to you and I think I ought to receive a letter at least once a

month from you though I see you will not write unless I write first. Well whit there is nothing new in this God

forsaken country. I mean out on the plains there is a great many antilopes there now. I was out on a hunt to day.

Saw any amount of game though I could not kill any thing but rabits & ducks. The deer are as wild as you ever

seen them. When the grass puts up and they get a little thicker then I will get me a pony then I will kill deer and
run yhe mule rabits over the Prairies that is Mr Indian stays away. Sometimes in the summer the Indians are so
thick that a white men cant get away from the fort without getting his skep taken off by some of the red skins.

Now I tell you if they get mine they will be sharper than I think they are though if they attemp to kill me or take

my provisions away I will fite them as hard as I ever did Yankees. If a man loses his grub out here he is gone up

for it only come once a year. That is as often as the US can transport provisions across the plains.. They haft to

keep twelve months suplies at the post. They transport every thing across in the summer so the stock can get

something to eat. in the winter the snow is two deep and the weather two cold. I supose you are now planting your
crop _________ think whare you are now living the weather is pleasant and the woods green. came up

________ fruit soon will be ripe then . Then think about Tocky mountains where I am the snow lying over the

ground in drifts five and six feet deep. Not a green spring to be seen any where only the pine leaves though I

think the snow will soon be goneif no more falls. I thought that the winter had broken once before afterwards

the snowfell near three feet in depth. I believe it snows wherever it wants to out here. The cold weather seems

not to have any limits in this country. The snow fell here last august I am told by men that was here at the time

they said. When you see Angus Halligan tell him to get on his horse and ride up and take a hunt with me Tell

him that I have a better gun than the short Enfield that killed the old sow at Nashville. Ten how I would like to

see Angus now we have seen a great deal of fun together as well as hardships tell him to write to me and tell me

where all of the old Company is I will write Angus a few lines enclosed in this envelope. Please give or sen to

him Well it is getting late and time I was in bed Write soon love to you Brothers and all enquiring From your

Brother and Friend
My love to your Children

Geo W. Edmonds
Co H, 5 US Vols
Fort Halleck
Dokota Teritory

PS let me know if the mail comes to Monticello in Drew County



Mr R W Preston

Kind Brother

I was truly glad to know that you come through the war all rite and was doing well. Whit I would

like very much to see you and family. I want to know where you were captured and when. Who you were under at

the time you were captured. How much land you have in cultivation. How much corn and how much coton. What

you can hire a niegrars for and who all is married and who is dead and all the news in general. I must write to

brother Milton this evening. So I will close. Write soon and give me all the news. Write a long letter. You mus

excuse bad writing and spelling. I will do beter the next letter I write.

Love to all your brother

George W Edmonds
My Adress George W Edmonds
Co H 5th US Vols
Fort Halleck Dekota Teritory

can you get plenty of stamps Down there I expect it is hard to get them Some places they cannot get but five at a

time in the southern states. I would send some but I cant get in the store as it is Sunday and I have but two one to

send you and one to Milton.

Geo W.E
I am really ashamed to send this letter because it is so badly wroten.

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