Fort Delaware
 located on Pea Patch Island

  "Andersonville of the North"

       Fort Delaware, located on Pea Patch Island, was used as a Federal Prisoner of War Prison.  Opened for prisoners  April 1862, more than 22, 700 Confederate prisoners were confined there.  Of these prisoners, 2346 died at Fort Delaware, known as the "Andersonville of the North"  The dead were transported across the river to New Jersey, near Fort Mott, which is located near Harrisonville, Salem Co. NJ.  The dead were buried in trenches, and individual identification was lost.  Today a  monument stands at the site of the burials with a bronze plaque listing the names of the interred.

This page  of Arkansas Civil War Soldiers interred at Finn's Point  National, and Philadelphia National Cemeteries was kindly contributed by  Leonard Banning of New Jersey, who had an uncle who lived in Ravensden and one daughter who lives in West Plains, MO. We thank him and if you would like to, you can email him at this address.

          Name                                  Rgt             Co.                     Death Date


(All were previously interred at the Glenwood (Pa.) Cemetery)

 Bernard, J.F. (1st Sgt)                       1st Cav G                     29 Jul 1863
 Love, Joseph C.                       9th             E                                 9 Oct 1863
 Parker, Calihan                        3rd             I                              30 Jul 1863
 Thompson, Samuel                 19th             C                             26 Jul 1863
   Wills, J.W.                              9th             D                              21 Sep 1863

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