Fristoe's Regiment participated in more than thircy various type engagements during its career. These are identified below:

Operations against the Scout from Springfield, MO into Northern Arkansas. - February 29- March 9, 1864

Skirmish near Buffalo City, AR - March 1, 1864

Skirmish, Bennett's Bayou, AR. - March 2, 1864

Operations against Scouts from Yellville to the Buffalo River, AR. - March 13-26, 1864

Operations against Steele's Expedition from Little Rock to Camden, AR - March 23-May 3, 1864

Action, Fitzhugh's Woods near Augusta, AR. - April 1, 1864

Engagement, Elkin' s Ferry, Little Missouri River, - April 3-4, 1864 AR.

Actions, Prairie D'Ann, AR. - April 9-12, 1864

Skirmishes and Engagement, Camden, AR. - April 16-18, 1864

Engagement, Mark's Mills, AR - April 25, 1864

Engagement, Jenkins Ferry, Saline River, AR - April 30,1864

Skirmish near Benton, AR - July 4,1864

Skirmish, Caddo Gap, AR - July 11, 1864

Skirmish, Fair's Mills, AR - July 14, 1864

Skirmish near Pine Bluff, AR - July 22, 1864

Price's Missouri Invasion

Skirmish, Ironton, MO - September 26, 1864

Skirmishes, Shut-in-Gap, Arcadia Valley, MO - September 26, 1864

Skirmishes, Arcadia and Ironton, MO. - September 27, 1864

Skirmish, Leesburg (Harrison), MO. - September 29, 1864 Sc O ctober 1, 1864

Affair, Moreau Bottom, Jefferson City, MO. - 0ctober 7,1864

Action, Glasgow, MO. - 0ctober 15,1864

Action, Lexington, MO. - 0ctober 19,1864

Action, Little Blue River, MO - 0ctober 21,1864

Engagement, Westport, Big Blue River, MO - 0ctober 23,1864

Battle, Marmiton (Charlot), MO. - 0ctober 25,1864

Engagement, Mine Creek, Little Osage River, Marias des Cygnes, KN. - 0ctober 25,1864

0perations, Fayetteville, AR.(detachment) - 0ctober 25-November 4,1864

Siege, Fayetteville, AR. (detachment) - November 26-Dec 5, 1864

Skirmish, Fayetteville, AR - November,28,1864

0perations against the Expedition from Little Rock to Mount Elba,
and Skirmish at the Saline River, AR - January 22-February 4, 1865

Fristoe's Regiment lost 11 killed, 40 wounded, and 65 missing during the Missouri Expedition. In December it contained 175 effectives and continued to fight in Arkansas for a brief time. Although the regiment totaled over 800 men it is hard to say how many stayed with the unit during the Missouri Expedition. Organization and discipline was loose so many returned home at the first opporunity. Others stayed with the expedition and gave their lives or became prisoners.

The regiment had completely disbanded prior to the surrender in June , 1865. At the time of surrender the regiment was commanded by Major Matthew J. Norman of Oregon County, Missouri.

The men belonging to the Army of the Northern Sub-District of Arkansas were surrendered on the llth Day of May, 1865 by Brigadier General M. Jeff Thompson, CSA, commanding said Army to Major General G.M. Dodge, USA commanding Department of the Missouri. They were paroled in Jacksonport, Arkansas, June 5, 1865. The remnants of Fristoe's Regiment, Commanded by Major M. J. Norman, of Oregon County were offered for surrender to Major W. C. Le Fever, Commander, Headquarters Detachment, U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, Oregon County, Missouri on May 28, 1865.


The Regiment saw it's first action in Northern Arkansas in late February and early March of 1864. The unit was commanded at that time by J. H. Tracy, who led the band of about 40 Confederate guerrillas against a party of Sixth Cavalry, Missouri Militia near the North Fork of White River.

The information on these pages were collected, researched and given to us by Ms. T.J. HARPER and thanks to ED GROOMS for the complimentaton of this list from the microfilm data. We thank them both. If you want to send for the Civil War and pension records on these men, they will have to be ordered from:

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