The following correspondence is found in the "OFFICIAL RECORDS of the UNION and CONFEDERATE ARMIES."

Oregon County, MO. May 28,1865

Maj. M.J. Norman,
Fristoe's Regement Missouri Cavalry, C.S. Army
MAJOR: As you have already received orders to report with your command a Jacksonport, Ark., by your commanding officer for the purpose of surrendering to the U.S. authorties, you will comply with the orders already received by you. I am here from proper authority for the purpose of treating you with commanders of Confederate forces wherein negotiaitions have not been made for their surrender.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant
W.C. LE FEVER , Major, Commanding Detachment

Oregon County, Mo., May 28, 1865.
Sir: Having previously been ordered to assemble at Jacksonport on the 5th of June by Brig. Gen. M. Jeff. Thompson for the purpose of surrendering to the U.S. authorties, and it being a long trip, with some difficulty about provisions, now, Sir, if you are authorized to parole the men of this county or any Confederate soldiers, please inform me by Captain Greer and Captain Miner, the bearers of this, and I will bring five companies to your headquarters tomorrow evening, or as many of them as I can get up, if it will save us from going to Jacksonport.
I am, Sir, with much respect, your obedient servant,
Major Fristoe's Regiment Missouri Gavalry, G.S. Army.

Major Norman, an Oregon County resident who had been circuit and county clerk before the outbreak of the Civil War. He served with the Fourth Regiment of the First Missouri Brigade as a Captain, which saw action in Mississippi before surrendering at Vicksburg in 1863. He returned to Oregon County after his parole and organized a unit which became part of Fristoe's Regiment.


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