Fairview Cemetery, Van Buren, Ark.


Who sleep in Beautiful Fairview Cemetery, Van Buren, Ark.
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Fran Alverson Warren
This item was on the  front page of the Van Buren Argus newspaper of Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas on June 14, 1905 and I felt it might be helpful to those researching their ancestors who fought in the Civil War in Northwestern Arkansas. Many of these names are not listed in "History In Headstones" and might prove to be very beneficial to some of you.

June 14, 1905

Van Buren, Ark., January 18, 1905

Messrs. Thayer Brothers:

Gentlemen; The enclosed book is the original list of Confederate dead buried in Fairview Cemetery, kept by Miss Hazeltine Massey, so far as she could get the reports from the different hospitals. The list only calls for 242 names. Wm Stoval, the sexton at the time, said that he knew there were over [appears to read 336] Confederates buried in the Cemetery. Yours truly, J E Clegg.

H T Brown, Captain Company G, 3rd Regiment, 1st Ark.

Wiliam Coleman, Stuart, 1st Ark.

Churchill Clark, Captain Artillery

James Wright, private, Company B, M S Guards.

___Benight, Teamster, McIntosh’s

David Sawyer, -----Dawson’s, unknown

C Jones, Company B, Stone’s Regiment.

J T Goulding, Company G, McNair’s Regiment.

W K Lamb, Company G, McNair’s Regiment.

N W Thompson, Company B, McIntosh’s Regiment.

W C Dodson, Company I, Young’s Regiment.

W C Holt, Company C, Young’s Regiment.

J J Greer, ____4th Ark. Regiment.

M M Donoho, Company C, Greer’s Regiment, Texas.

Abner Wisson, Company B, Young’s Regiment.

J M Wright, Company F, 16th Regiment, Ark.

W B Burdin, Hill’s Regiment.

T S Gilmer, Young’s Regiment, Texas.

John Fox, Simm’s Regiment, Texas.

Harrison White, McNair’s Regiment, Ark.

W H Pinkerton, Hempstead Rifles, 16th Ark.

W H Penn------.

J Harper, 16th Ark.

Wm L Elliot, Private, Brook’s Company, Whitfield’s Regiment, McCullouch’s Brigade.

Wm Ward, 16th Ark.

James Nolin, Company H, Rector’s Regiment, Ark.

J J Nellum, Young’s Regiment, Texas.

L Wheat, Ark. Brigade.

T G Roach, Young’s Regiment, Texas.

L Wiley, Young’s Regiment, Texas

J Milton, Rector’s Regiment, Ark.

W Artman, Company D, 2nd Missouri.

Wm Friar, McNair’s Regiment, Ark.

W Patterson, Churchill’s Regiment, Ark.

B B Coughran, McNair’s Regiment, Ark.

H O Davis, Mitchell’s Ark.

James Cane, Miller’s Company, Slemmon’s Regiment.

J A Williamson, Company F, McNair’s.

A Bigam, Company F, McNair’s Ark.

William Abbot, Captain Brannon, Green’s.

George W Bates, Company A, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade.

P Lain, Teamster, 3 Regiment, Louisiana Volunteers.

D Secres, McNair’s Ark.

T H Blackwell, Company H, McNair’s Ark.

J J Wimbley, Company C, Rector’s Regiment, Ark.

S Brickey, Company F, Mitchell’s Regiment, Ark.

Joseph L Cossott, Minter’s Company, Thompson’s Regiment.

J A Thompson, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

Campbell Balsh, Company H, Dawson’s Regiment, Ark.

John M C Bell, Missouri State Guard Regiment.

____Garnett, Black Smith.

James H Melugin, Company D 13th Cavalry, Missouri State Guard Brigade.

Felix Waiters, Crum’s Regiment.

Anthony Garnett, Blacksmith.

John W Hamilton, Bretz’ Company, 3rd Brigade.

George W Davis, Green’s Company, Thompson’s Regiment, Missouri State Guards.

James Hopkins, Company C, Whitfield’s Texas Volunteers.

E S McGabe, Company E, Crump’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

___Birmingham, Stone’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

_____Mustein, McCray’s Regiment, Ark.

James M Warren.

A J McFarlin, Hill’s Regiment, 16th Arkansas Volunteers.

John Boyle, Brook’s Regiment.

L Nichols, Company A, McNair’s Regiment.

Newton Lynch, Company F, Crump’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

C Fitzgerald, Company D, Crump’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

A McCray, Company B, Crump’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

F Cates, Company B, Crump’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

D C Greggs, Company H, Simm’s Regiment.

Andrew Cole, Kelley’s Regiment, Missouri State Guard.

John Heaton, Green’s Missouri Guard.

Walter H Coates, Company C, 1st Infantry, Missouri State Guard.

G M Bearden, Company B,1st Crump’s Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

M L Barnett, Company B, 1st Cavalry, Crump’s Brigade

T P Seago, Company B, 1st Cavalry Crump’s Brigade.

J E Vice, Company D 1st Cavalry, Crump’s Brigade.

Judge Charles S Tarlton, Unknown.

L L Lovelady, Company A, 1st Cavalry, Crump’s Battalion.

John H Jeffries, Wagon Maser, Missouri State Guard.

J Brownlee, Company F, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

A Seago, Clark’s Company, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

William Runells, Clark’s Company, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

Wm Hetton, Glover’s Company, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

T J Parker, Anderson’s Company, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

Bob Tolbert, Gower’s Company, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

____Fitzgerald, Gower’s Company, Crump’s Regiment, Texas.

A Blake, Company D, McNair’s Brigade.

J I Catron, Company F, Young’s Regiment.

____Cosby, Company F, Crump’s Regiment Cavalry.

___Fife, Company A, Crump’s Regiment Cavalry.

William Blackwell, Company H, McNair Brigade.

Charles Mitchell, Fagan’s Regiment.

D M Cunningham, Company H, McNair Regiment.

A F Hendricks, Clark Company, Crump Regiment.

Isaac Bateman, Company B, Crump Regiment.

P Pogue, Company F, 14th Arkansas Infantry.

David L Foren, Company I, 4th Arkansas Infantry.

Marcus L Conlee, Scott Company, 1st Ark. Bat. Cavalry.

Henry Finch, unknown.

Oliver Preston, unknown.

A J Ward, Company B, Rector Regiment, Arkansas Brigade.

Leonidas Hays, Good battery.

Wm O Hatherson, unknown.

Joel Norris, Company I, Bass Regiment.

R P Caruthers, Company C, Bass Regiment.

W P Austin, Company C, Stephen’s Regiment.

John Anderson, Company D, Fagan Regiment.

N Hamilton, Company C, Fagan Regiment.

Thomas Donelson, Company C, Hawpes Regiment.

B F Oliver, Company F, Stein Regiment.

S B Tate, Company A, Monroe Regiment.

Dr. David Norris, Company G, Bass Regiment.

Andy Blackman, Company C, Hawpes Regiment.

A F P Keith, Company B, Coffee Regiment, Missouri State Guard.

John L Polk, Company B, Bass Regiment.

B T Dunken, Company B, Monroe Regiment.

J B Holland, Company H, Bass Regiment.

A W McNeil, Captain McNeil Company, McRea Brigade.

[unable to read]afford, Company F, Armstrong Arkansas Cavalry.

John Tucker Company G, 2nd [unable to read].

J T Wilburn, Edmondson Company Brook Regiment Fagan Dennis, with Captain Gordon, Company B.

Charles Lee Blair, Company B, 1st Ark. Cavalry.

Robert I Alexander, Company C, Campbell Regiment, Texas.

_______Curtis, unknown.

______Warner, unknown.

Rufus Magness, unknown.

____Farris, Shoops Battery.

J L G Newman, unknown.

Soldier from Court House name unknown.

Soldier, Lynch Hospital, name unknown.

Two soldiers from court house, name unknown.

Two soldiers from Lynch Hospital, name unknown.

George W Campbell, Company D, Lane Regiment, Missouri Cavalry.

D M Comwell, unknown.

J S Newman, Company H, Shelby’s Brigade.

Isaac Bennett, Company F, Lane’s Regiment.

J W Smith, Company F, Monroe’s Regiment.

C Goodman, Company K, Monroe’s Regiment.

John W Winn, Lane’s Regiment.

Wm Wattington, Company B, 2nd Ark. Cavalry.

Samuel Neale, 1st Regiment, 3rd Brigade.

John Owens, unknown.

J L Britt, unknown.

W R Gaines, unknown.

John E Billingsley, Company D, Monroe’s Regiment.

H E Jones, Company G, Monroe’s Regiment.

Sam Alderson, Company L, Gause’ Regiment.

James Brazel, Company H, Monroe’s Regiment.


John Petz, unknown.

W O Wardlow, unknown.

G W Carpenter, Company I, Bass Regiment.

John D Moss, unknown.

G A Parsons, Lt. Company B, Pindall’s Regiment, Missouri State Guard.

W P Bennett, Shaler’s Regiment.

T S Holloway, Morgan’s Regiment.

_______Greenlook, Burgess’ Company, Carroll’s Regiment.

James B Higdon, Company E, Thompson’s Regiment.

G W Newcome, Company F, Monroe’s Regiment.

J W Gordan, B S Burnes, ___Daniels, J S Smithson, Cis Phillips, all unknown.

S N Riddle, Lane’s Regiment, 1st Texas Cavalry.

J C Piper, unknown.

Wm Henly, unknown.

B H Grifith, unknown.

B F Griffith, Lain’s Regiment.

James Howard, Gordan’s Regiment.

C L Nall, unknown.

H S Barnard, unknown.

James Taylor, unknown.

Wm Currin, unknown.

Lt. Chiviler, Lt.

G W Greathouse, unknown.

B F Blake, unknown.

B F Blair, unknown.

A Mahan, unknown.

Joseph Wilbanks, unknown.

B W Langson, unknown.

Alexander Hill, unknown.

W F Salmond, unknown.

D S Matthews, unknown.

F N Carnell, unknown.

D M Ing, unknown.

J F Mothers, unknown.

J T Colter, unknown.

J L Johnson, unknown.

T N McLinn, unknown.

R N Browndervalt, unknown.

____Hurbo, Gower Company, Crump Regiment.

Dr. Smith Wane, Company A, Crump Regiment.

R Simpson, Company F, Crump Regiment.

A B [unable to read] Company D, Crump Regiment.

G W Barber, unknown.

V H Bruce, unknown.

George Olander, unknown.

Houston McKee, unknown.

James Burns, 2nd Lieutenant Arp’s Company, Lane’s Regiment, 1st Texas Cavalry.

W N Congo, Company D, Lane’s Regiment, 1st Texas Cavalry.

J M Creaig, unknown.

E D Knight, Lockhart’s Company Lane’s Regiment, 1st Texas Cavalry.

T C Moore, Lane’s Company, 1st Texas Cavalry.

W B Brazelle, unknown.

J M Morgan, unknown.

J H Sparks, Lockhart’s Company, Lane’s Regiment.

E W Mast, Lockhart’s Company, Lane’s Regiment.

E A Fitzgerald, Company D, Lane’s Regiment.

W Dodson, supposed to be a Federal soldier.

J W Downs, Company F, Monroe’s Regiment.

W B Keith, Company I, Pleasant’s Regiment.

James E McClendon, unknown.

Isaac Powers, unknown.

J M M, unknown.

Daniel Frazzell, unknown.

Fran Alverson Warren
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