Dobbins' 1st Arkansas Cavalry, C. S. A.
(Also known as Barton's Company)


The information on these pages was compiled from the Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in
                            Organizations from the State of Arkansas, National Archives Microcopy No. 317.
        Wanda Ridge of Helena Arkansas transcribed the information and we give our sincere thanks to Wanda
          for allowing us to put this information on the Arkansas Civil War Pages

BARTON, James F.,  - Capt -  Co G, resigned Dec 10, 1863 in Critten (Crittenden) Co AR, letter on file.

BEARD, William S.,  - Sgt -  Co G, no other entry

BEGET, Peter M.,  - Pvt -  Co G, place of residence Crittenden Ca. Age 24 (29). Listed on register of prisoners of war at Memphis as deserter from RebelArmy.

BOYCE, William,  - Pvt -  Co G, captured Dec 7, 1863 in Phillips Go AR, died in quarters Dec 14, 1864. Military Prison, Alton, IL.

BURGETT, John C..,  - Pvt -  Co G, age 35, Crittenden Co given as residence, paroled at Memphis May 25, 1865.

BURGETT, Peter H.,  - Co G, age 29, resided in Crittenden Co, released an Oath of Allegiance at Memphis in 1865.

BURGETT, Peter M.,  - (cards filed with Beget).

CLAMPIT, Jacob J.,  - Pvt -  Co G, captured in Little Rock, sent to Gratiot Prison Hospital in St. Louis, returned to duty March 8, 1864.

HILL, Jacob M.,  - Capt -  Co G, from Memphis TN, captured in Crittenden Co, sent to Johnson's Island OH, died January 16, 1865, buried on the Island.

HINDS (also HAINES), B. C.,  - Pvt -  Barton's Co

HOLT, B. J.,  - Corpl -  Co G.

HUDDLESTON, Elias,  - Pvt -  Barton's Co, captured in Memphis.

HUDSON, Leonidas,  - Pvt -  Co G-K, enlisted at Helena, age 44, born AR.

JONES, Eliah Sylvanus,  - Pvt -  Co G-E, captured in Crittenden Co.

LAKE, L. S.,  - Pvt -  Co G, place of residence Grittenden Go, age 20, received parole at Memphis TN.

LANDRUM, J. P.,  - Pvt -  Hill's Co, age 18, born in AR, paroled at Wittsburg.

LEWIS, Edward D.,  - Pvt -  Barton's Co, captured near Hopefield AR, sent to Alton Military Prison, IL, escaped, age 22, residence Crittenden Co.

MIDDLETON, Mona,  - Pvt -  Co G, McGee's Regt, residence Jackson Co AR.

MONROE, Christopher C.,  - 2nd Lieut -  Co G, captured in Missouri March 28, 1863. Reported to have been member of guerrilla band.

MYERS, Riley, - Pvt Co G, resident of Crittenden Co, age 29, released on oath.

NEAL, W. H.,  - Pvt -  Co G, captured in Phillips Co, died March 5, 1864, military prison, Alton, IL.

PAGE, Edward,  - Pvt -  Hill's Co, age 24, born in AR, paroled at Wittsburg.

PORTER, Christopher C.,  - Pvt -  Co G, captured August 26, 1863, at Bayou Metre, died December 7, 1863 at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, grave #569, Green LawnCemetery, Indianapolis.

SMITH, F. M.,  - Pvt -  Co G, age 22, born in Crittenden Co, enlisted at Pocahontas, paroled at Jacksonport.

STOKES (also STOAKS), John,  - Pvt -  Co G-A, died Oct 17, 1864 at Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL. Grave #85, Block 2, Chicago City Cemetery.

TREXLER, Wm. L.,  - Corpl -  Co G, captured March 7, 1863, at Arkansas Post, age 30, resident of Cross Co AR, released on Oath of Allegiance.

WALLER, John,  - Pvt - , Hill's Co., age 22   paroled at Wittsburg.

WATSON, Robert,  - Pvt -  Hill's Co, age 26, born in MS, paroled at Wittsburg.

WEATHERLY, T. M.,  - Pvt -  Hill's Co, age 20, born in NC, paroled at Wittsburg.


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