Dobbins' 1st Arkansas Cavalry, C. S. A.

 THE F & S and all others without a known unit designated

The information on these pages was compiled from the Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in
Organizations from the State of Arkansas, National Archives Microcopy No. 317.
  Wanda Ridge of Helena Arkansas transcribed the information and we give our sincere thanks to Wanda for
allowing us to put this information on the Arkansas Civil War Pages

AKINS (AIKENS), William,  - Pvt -  Co L, captured Oct 21, 1864 Lexington, M0, died of smallpox Apr 4, 1865, USA Post Hospital, Bermuda Hundred, Virginia.

ALLISON, Jeff,  - Pvt - . Captured Dec 6, 1864 Prairie Co AR, released Dec 20, 1864.

ANDREWS, Charles L.,  - Pvt -  enlisted Oct 20, 1862, Marianna, captured Woodruff Co, Mar 2, 1864; shown on muster roll of paroled and exchanged prisoners at Camp Lee, Richmond, VA, Feb 23, 1865.

BARNETT, C. P.,  - Pvt -  appeared on prisoner of war register, Memphis. Residence given as Memphis, age 39.

BAY (also written BATY), Thomas,  - Pvt -  Morgans' Regt, Paid $315  bounty Sept 1 1863, for service November 1, 1862 to Sep 1863.

BIRD, N. B.,  - Pvt -  age 24, born in AR, enlisted at Cotton Plant,  paroled at Wittsburg May 25, 1865.

BLAND, L. D.,  -  Pvt -  captured in Woodruff Co Jan 14, 1865, died of pneumonia Jan 19, 1865 in prison hospital Little Rock.

BOND, Francis,  - Pvt -  prison of war at Memphis, TN.

BOONE, William C.,  - Pvt -  age 19, captured March 15, 1863 in Phillips Co. Sent to Alton IL military prison. Copy of Certificate of Disability for Discharge appears in film.

BOWDEN, B. F., -  age 26, born in AL, captured near Monroe Co. March 20, 1864, paroled at Wittsburg May 25, 1865.

BUSSEY, George,  - Capt -  appeared on list of Confederate prisoners  confined in guard quarters October 10, 1863.

CARRUTH, M. M.,  - Pvt -  age 29, born in SC, paroled at Wittsburg May 25, 1865

CARTER, H. C.,  - Pvt  -  age 22, born in AR, enlisted at Batesville, paroled at Wittsburg May 25, 1865.

CAULEY, J. N.,  - Pvt -  enlisted in Woodruff Co, age 38, born in TN, paroled at Wittsburg.

CHAPEL, Newton J.,  - Pvt -  enlisted Dec 20, 1862 at LaGrange.

CHRISTMAN (CHRISMAN), F. M.,  - Captain of Dobbins' 1st Arkansas  Cavalry. Letter on file dated August 15, 1863 tendering  resignation based on surgeon's certificate verifying wound in arm. Resignation approved by E.

Kirby Smith on October 2, 1863.

COLDWATER (also CALDWELL, COLDWELL), James L.,  - Pvt -  age 19, from St. Francis Co, released on Oath of Allegiance.

CONE, Reuben P.,  - Pvt -  place of residence listed as Floyd Co, GA, conscripted May 1, 1864, deserted August 1, 1864, subscribed to Oath of Allegiance May 15, 1865. Remarks: no family.

CORLEY, Robert W.,  - Pvt -  enlisted Dec 30, 1862 at LaGrange.

CORLEY, Samuel, -  Major -  killed Sept 10, 1863, Fourche Bayou, LA. (Chaplain of Hindman's Legion.)

CROWELL, A.,  - Pvt -  Co M, paroled at Memphis June 5, 1865.

DICKERSON, John,  - Pvt  -  Little's Co, residence Prairie Co, place of enlistment Austin AR. "Union and Confederate records show that  John Dickerson private, Captain Andrew Little's Company, Dobbins' Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, and Colonel McGehee's  Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, CSA, was enlisted March 15, 1864 at Searcy AR, by Capt Andrew Little. He was captured in Prairie Co Aug 26, 1864, imprisoned at Alton IL, and Rock

Boulwares Wharf, VA, March 5, 1865 for exchange. He was furloughed from hospital at Richmond, VA, March 11, 1865, for 30 days. No later record of him has been found. Names of parents not stated." War Department.

EDWARDS, Charles R.,  - Pvt -  enlisted May l, 1863 at LaGrange.

ERWIN, David,  - Pvt -  residence Brownsville Twp, Prairie Co, age 15, conscripted. Deserted to enemy August 1864.

FREEMAN, J. H.,  - Pvt -  captured in Woodruff Co Nov 6, 1864, released on Oath of Allegiance May 7, 1865.

GLENN, Wm. T.,  - Pvt -  enlisted at LaGrange

HICKS, Edwin A.,  - Co L, enlisted June 12, 1862 at LaGrange, captured  in Phillips Co., sent to Alton Military Prison IL.

HILL, J. A.,  - Pvt -  McGee's Co.

HOBBS, Jonathan P.,  - Pvt -  captured in Woodruff Co.

HOLT, Thomas,  -  Pvt, residence Phillips Co., age 26

HYATT (HITE), William,  - Pvt -  died May 13, 1863 at Alton Military Prison, IL of pneumonia.

JENKINS, W. G.,  - Pvt -  resides in Crittenden Co.

KEYSACKER, G. W.,  - Pvt  -  resided in Crittenden Co.

KILLINGSWORTH, W. A.,  - 2nd Lieut  -  Co I.

KINKLE, Lafayette,  - 1st Lieut. -  Crawford's Co., Morgan's Regt., enlisted at LaGrange.

LEONARD, John H.,  - Pvt -  Wilson's Co, captured at Cotton Plant, died Dec 19, 1864 in Alton Military Prison of pneumonia.

McNEELY, Joseph,  - Pvt -  captured in Woodruff Co October 27, 1864, died Jan 5, 1865, military prison, Alton IL.

MACON, Robert T.,  - died Oct 6, 1863 in Overton Hospital, Memphis.

MELSTEAD, Fletcher,  - Pvt -  resided in Crittenden Co

METCAL, J. P.,  - age 25, born in MO enlisted at Languille, paroled at Wittsburg.

MOORE, Andrew,  - Pvt -  died Dec 17, 1864, military prison, Alton, IL. Captured in Woodruff Co Oct 30, 1864.

MOORE, J. B.,  - Pvt.

MURVIN, Thorburn C.,  - 2nd Lieut -  age 19, resident of Austin, MS, enlisted in St. Francis Co February 1, 1863, captured in Lafayette Co,
MO Oct 19, 1864, released on Oath of Allegiance June 16, 1865.

ONEAL, J. J.,  - age 25, born in AR, enlisted at Batesville, paroled at Wittsburg.

PITTS, J. B.,  - age 32, born in Maringo Co, AL, enlisted at Madison, AR.

PITTS, J. S.,  - age 33, born Lowndes Co GA, enlisted at Madison AR.

POTTS, G. A.,   - age 37, born in TN, enlisted at Languille.

RAINEY, L. H.,  - Pvt -  age 46, born in TN, enlisted at Languille,  paroled at Wittsburg May 25, 1865.

REEVES, Andrew,  - Pvt -  captured at LaGrange April 8, 1863, died May 28, 1863 of typhoid fever at Alton Military Prison (also written Rives).

RENEAN, J. W.,  - Pvt -  age 42, born in TN, enlisted at Cotton Plant, paroled at Wittsburg May 25, 1865.

REYNOLDS, B. F.,  - Pvt -  captured in Monroe Co, March 21, 1864

RICHARDS, C. M.,  - Lieut -  wounded at Bayou Meto

RIDDLE, John K.,  - Pvt -  Wilson's Co, died Jan 2, 1865, military prison, Alton, IL.

ROBINSON, A.,  - captured at Helena, July 49 1863, died Aug 21, 1864 at Fort Delaware, Delaware.

ROUTT, W.,  - Pvt -  Co K, age 39, born AR, enlisted at Helena, paroled at Wittsburg.

SANDS, Jack,  - Pvt -  McGhee's Co.

SEYMORE, James E.,  - 3rd Lieut  -  Co I, enlisted at Batesville, age 41, born in VA.

SHELTON, E. N.,  - age 40, b. TN, enlisted at Cotton Plant, paroled at Wittsburg.

SMALLEY, W. S.,  - 1st Lieut -  Bateman's Regt, age 45, born in AR,  enlisted at Jacksonport, paroled at Jacksonport.

SMITH, Thomas J.,  - Pvt -  captured Taylor's Creek, died June 29, 1863, at Petersburg, Virginia General Hospital.

STOKES, John,  - died July 6, 1864 in military prison, Alton, IL

SUTTON, Leroy B.,  - Pvt -  Co I, died Jan 30, 1865, at Rock Island Barracks, Rock Island IL.

THARP, S. B.,  - Pvt -  enlisted at Trenton, age 38, born in Indiana.

TURNER, J. Carr,  - 1st Lieut -  Capt Corley's Co.

VENERABLE, A. S.,  - Pvt -  age 26, born in Jackson Co. AL, enlisted at Madison, paroled at Jacksonport.

VORNS, John,  - Pvt -  age 21, resident of Crittenden Co, released on Oath.

WADE, Wm.,  - Pvt -  Corley's Spies, discharged May 28, 1862

WOOD, William P.,  - Pvt.

YOUNG, William,  - Pvt -  McGee's Co., died Nov 25, 18 in military prison hospital Memphis.


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