It was organized with 5 companies (at least). It is not listed in the Official Records at all and may have been a sem-official unit, partisan band. It was surrendered by Jeff Thompson on May 11, 1865. It's only assignments were: Northern Sub-District of Arkansas, District of Arkansas, Trans-Miss (Apr 1865) Northern Sub-District of Arkansas, District of Arkansas and West Louisiana, Trans-Miss (Apr-May 1865) It's commander is unknown, last name Davie or Davies. Thats really all that is known about them.... Mark Gerdes.


The records were compiled almost entirely from parole records. Members of the unit were paroled at Wittsburg, Ark 25 May 1865. All enlistments were in Ark unless otherwise noted.

NAME -RANK- ENLISTED - AGE- EYES- HAIR- COMPLX- HT -OCCUPATION -BORN ================================================================

ALLEN, J.J. CPT- -Gainesville-23-Blk-auburn-fair-6'1 1/2"-GA

BLANKENSHIP, J.F. Pvt- -Gainesville-18-Gray-drk-drk-5'9"-TN

BOON, A.L.Sgt- - Gainesville-25-Blk-blk-drk-5'9"-MS (sick unable to muster)

CARTER, F.S. Pvt- -Gainesville-35-Blk-drk-drk-6'-Ark

DROPE, J.B. Pvt- -Gainesville-19-blue-drk-fair-5-9"-MS

EVANS, A.D. Sgt-- -Gainesville-27-blue-auburn-fair-5'9"-TN

EVANS, R.P. Pvt- -Gainesville-18-blue-drk-fair-5'8"-MS

EVANS, W.M. Sgt-Gainesville-21-blue-auburn-fair-5'11"-TN

FOREMAN, T.H. 1Sgt- -Gainesville-34-drk-drk-drk-5'8"-NC

FREMAN, H.G. Pvt- - Gainesville-36-blue-drk-drk-5'11"-NC (sick unable to come)

FREMAN, I.A. Cpl- -Gainesville-20-Blue-drk-fair-5'9"-TN

FREMAN, P. Pvt- -Gainesville-45-blk-drk-drk-5'8"-NC

GAY, WILLIAM R. Pvt- - Captured at Mound City, KS Oct 24, 1864, sent through Gratiot St Mil Prison St Louis to Alton, IL Nov 23, 1864. Disch May 15, 1865. Residence: Miss Co, AR

HUCKABAY, J.G. Pvt - -Gainesville-19-blue-lt-fair-5'9"-TN

KENNEDY, C.B. Pvt- -Gainesville-38-drk-drk-fair-5'9"-TN (Sick - unable to come)

LIDDELL, W.M. Pvt- -Gainesville-18-gray-drk-drk-5'6"-TN

MAGEE (MAGU)),W.W. Sgt- Gainesville-18-drk-drk-drk-5'9"-TN

MALONE, E.L. Pvt- -Gainesvile-38-drk-drk-fair-6'1"Mich (Sick - unable to come)

MARRS, WILLIAM P. 1Lt- -Captured 22 Oct 1864 at Big Blue, MO. Sent to Camp Morton, Ind Dec 18, 1864. Released on oath Jun 16, 1865. Place of Residence: Commerce, MO. Age 23, Blue-drk-fair-5'9". Wounded, left thigh. Shows also to be a member of Kitchen's Regt.

McALLISTER, G.W. Pvt - Co B, Davis Cav. In Hospital #2 at Richmond, VA 24 Mar 1865. -SEE ROLL 256 in misc. page

McCLANROCK, D.L. 2Lt- -Gainesville-33-blue-drk-fair-6'-TN

McNIEL, L.B. Pvt- -Gainesville-46-blk-blk-drk-6'-TN

MORRIS, N.D. Pvt- -Gainesville-29-blk-blk-drk-5'8"-IN

PURSELL, E.D. Cpl- -Gainesville-24-drl-lt-fair-6'-GA

ROBINSON, J.N. Pvt- -Gainesville-44-blk-blk-drk-5'8"-TN

STUBLEFIELD, M.D. Pvt-Gainesville-22-Hazel-blk-drk-6'-TN

THOMAS, J.C. 1Lt- -Gainesville-45-hazel-drk-drk-6'1/2"-KY (Many vouchers included)

WALKER, DAVID Pvt- -Gainesville-18-Blk-drk-drk-5'9"-Ark

WALLINGSFORD, W.P. Pvt- -Gainesville-24blk-drk-fair-5'9"-TN

WARD, C.R. Pvt- -Gainesville-18-Blue-drk-fair-5'9"-TN

WARNER, W.W. Pvt- -Gainesville-48-blue-lt-fair-6'-MO

WEBB, J.G. Cpl- -Gainesville-32-gray-drk-fair-5'9"-TN

WEBSTER, WILLIAM Pvt- -Gainesville-20-blk-drk-drk-5'5"-TN

WINCHESTER, A.B. Pvt- -Gainesville-27-drk-blk-drk-5'6"-MO

WOOTON, J.J. Pvt- -Gainesville-18- drk-drk-fair-5'8"-Ark

WOOTON, W.W. Pvt- -25, blue-lt-fair-5'5"-Farmer-TN


NAME -RANK- ENLISTED - AGE- EYES- HAIR- COMPLX- HT -OCCUPATION -BORN ================================================================

ALISON, JAMES Pvt--Ark-18 - Gray - Blk - Fair-5'10 1/2"- farmer-TN

BATTLE, J.T. Pvt- -Ark-18-gray-lt-fair-5'6"-GA

BAZWELL, R.J.Pvt- -40-Ark-blue-drk-fair-6'3"-farmer-TN

BURNS, GEORGE W. Pvt- - Ark-18-blue-drk-fair-5'7"-Farmer-Ala

CHESHAM, J.H.Pvt- -Residence:Austin, AR. Paroled Jun 7, 1865 at Shreveport, LA

CLINES, J.R. Pvt- -Ark-35-blue-drk-drk-6' 1/2"-Farmer-TN

COBB, B. Pvt- -Ark-18-Blk-drk-drk-5'10"-Farmer-TN

COBB, E.W. Pvt- -Ark-45-drk-auburn-fair-5'10"-Farmer-VA

COLEMAN, C. Pvt- -Ark-30-Blklt-drk-5'9"-Farmer-TN

COOKE, NEAL Pvt - -Ark-18-gray-lt-fair-5'5 1/2"-Farmer-Ark

COTHRON, JOHN C.-- -Greensboro-29-gray-drk-fair-6'-Ala

CRAVEN, G.W. Pvt -Ark,-31-blue-lt-fair-5'7"-Farmer-TN

CRAVEN, J.W. 1Sgt- - Ark-31-blue-lt-fair-5'10"-Farmer-NC

DACUS, J.R. Pvt- -Ark-33-blk-blk-drk-5'10"-Farmer-SC

DORCH, JOHN Pvt- -Ark-25-blue-lt-fair-5'5"-Farmer-TN

DORCH, THOMAS Pvt- -37-Blk-drk-drk-5'3"-Farmer-TN

FRYER, GEORGE Pvt -Ark-25-Yellow-drk-fair-5'6"- Farmer-TN

FRYER, H. Pvt- -Ark-26-yellow-drk-fair-5'4"-Farmer-TN

HASLEP, J.J. Pvt- -Ark-37-blue-drk-fair-5'9"Farmer-TN

HIGGINS, JAMES Pvt- -Ark-35-Blue-lt-fair-5'5"-Farmer-Ark

HIGGINS, JOHN Pvt- -Ark-19-blue-blk-drk-5'7"-Farmer-Ark

HINDMAN, T.L. Pvt- -Ark-31-gray-lt-lt-5'9"-Ark

HYDE, C.F. Pvt- -Ark-19-blue-lt-lt-5'5"-farmer-SC

HYDE, E.C.Pvt- -Ark-23-blue-lt-lt-5'10"-farmer-SC

HYDE, F.P. Sgt- -Ark-33?-blk,drk,lt-5'10"farmer-SC

HYDE, JAMES Pvt- -Ark-43-drk-drk-lt-5'10"-farmer-SC

JOHSON, W.C. Pvt -Ark-44-blk-blk-drk-5'10"-farmer-TN

LAMB, DAVID C. Pvt- -Ark-18-Blue-lt-fair-5'9"-farmer-Ark

LAMB, J.H. Jr2Lt- -Ark-25-blk-drk-lt-5-10"-farmer-AL

LAMB, J.P. Pvt- -Ark-22-blue-lt-fair-5'11"-farmer-Ark

LANE, JAMES Pvt- -Ark-17-blue-lt-fair-6'-farmer-Ark

LANE, T.M. Pvt- --Ark-28-blue-drk-fair-5'10"-farmer-Ark

LITTLE, FRANK Pvt- -Ark-19-blue-drk-fair-5'5"-farmer-TN

LONG, F.M. Pvt- -Ark-35-Blue-lt-fair-5'11"-farmer-Ark

LOVELADY, E. Pvt- -Ark-22-Gray-lt-fair-6'-farmer-TN

McHANEY, JOHN Cpt- -Ark-46gray-lt-lt-5'8"-Farmer-TN

MIMS, W.H. Pvt- -Ark-25-blue-drk-fair-6'-TN

MOORE, A. Pvt- -Ark-45-gray-auburn-lt-5'9"-NC

MOTHERSEA, W.M. Pvt- -Ark-18-blue-lt-fair-5'5"-TN

MOTHERSHEAD, JOHN Pvt- -Ark-47-Blue-gray-fair-5'8"-TN

PARSONS, THOMAS Pvt- -Ark-43-blue-drk-fair-6'2"-SC

POWELL, WILLIAM J. Pvt-Ark-30-gray-drk-lt-5'10"-school teacher-Ark (Sick couldn't come)

PUCKET, E.W.D. Pvt- -Ark-34-blue-lt-fair-6'-TN

RAGSDALE, GIALS Pvt- -Ark-32-gray-lt-lt-6'-TN

ROBERTS, W. Pvt- -Ark-35-blue-drk-fair-5-11"-TN

ROWLAND, A. Pvt- -Ark-26-Lt-lt-lt-5'10"-Ark

ROWLAND, C.D. Pvt- -Ark-20-lt-lt-lt-5'6"-Ark

SMITH, J.F.Cpl- -Ark-18-blk-blk-drk-5'7"-Farmer-SC

STEPP, JOHN B. Pvt- -Ark-49-blue-gray-lt-5'7"-NC

TAYLOR, C. Pvt- -Ark-30-blue-lt-fair-5'6"-TN

TURNER, W. Pvt- -Ark-26-Blue-drk-lt-5-10-TN

TYLER, JOHN W. Pvt- -Captured 24 Oct 1864 at Mound City, KS. Sent to Alton, IL Nov 23, 1864 then to Rock Island, IL Dec 7, 1864 Also shown captured at Pilot Knob, MO 27 Sep 1864, Residence: Craighead Co, AR-blue-drk-fair-6'2". Also shows surrendered Linkinton, NC Apr12, 1865. Oath given May 11, 1865

TYLER, PORTER, Pvt- -Ark-19-gray,blk-fair-6'-AR

WHEELER, C. Pvt- -Ark-18-Gray-lt-lt-5'6"-GA

WHEELER, THOMAS Pvt- -Ark-18-gray-auburn-fair5'11"-GA

WHITE, H.L. Pvt- -Ark-25-blue-drk-lt-5'9"-AL Gainesville-18-blk-blk-drk-5'9"-Ark

YANCY, H.J. Pvt- -Gainesville-27-blue-lt-fair-6' 1/2"-VA

The above information may be used for non-commercial historical and genealogical purposes only and with the consent of the page owner may be copied for the same purposes so long as this notice remains a part of the copied material. EDWARD G. GERDES

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