It was organized with 5 companies (at least).  It was surrendered by Jeff Thompson on May 11, 1865. It's only assignments were: Northern Sub-District of Arkansas, District of Arkansas, Trans-Miss (Apr 1865) Northern Sub-District of Arkansas, District of Arkansas and West Louisiana, Trans-Miss (Apr-May 1865) It's commander is unknown, last name Davie or Davies. Thats really all that is known about them.... Mark Gerdes.

The records were compiled almost entirely from parole records. Members of the unit were paroled at Wittsburg, Ark 25 May 1865. All enlistments were in Ark unless otherwise noted.

NAME -RANK- ENLISTED - AGE- EYES- HAIR- COMPLX- HT -OCCUPATION -BORN ================================================================

ALTMAN, WILEY JO 1Lt- ---------------

BENETT, SEATTS --- -30-18--blk-lt-drk-5'3"-AR

BETTUS, BUREL J.-- ----------

BRANDEN, WILLIAM -- -Greensboro-18-Blk-drk-drk-5'7"-TN (Paroled on Cpt Adair's roll)

BROWN, HENRY H.S. -- - Greene Co-21-Hazel-drk-drk-5'6"-Ark

CLEMENS, JAMES G.-- --23-Gray-dark-dark-5'6"-Ark

COMPTON, JACKSON -- -Greensboro-22-gray-lt-fair-5-?"-NC

CUPP, JACOB -- -Greensboro-32-gray-drk-drk-5'7"-GA

DACUS, PASCAL L. Cpl- -Greensboro-37-Blk-drk-drk-5'8"-SC

DAVIS, JOHNATHAN -- -Greensboro-22-gray-lt-fair-Ark (paroled on Cpt Adairs roll)

EDWARDS, JOHN L. - -Greensboro-24-gray-lt-fair-6'2"-NC

ELLIOTT, ANDREW J. -- -Greensboro-45-gray-lt-fair-5'10"-TN

ESCUE, WILLIAM -- -Greensboro-45-Blk-drk-drk-5'7"-GA

GAMBILL, JAMES C. -- -Greensboro-28-Blk-blk-drk-5'10"-TN

GARNER, GEORGE M. -- Greensboro-19-Gray-drk-fair-5'5"-Ark. Way Hospital Meridian, MS Jan 8, 1865, wounded and Mar 6, 7 & 8, 1865, wounded.

GIBSON, WILLIAM M. -- -Greensboro-25-gray-lt-fair-5'10"-TN

GRAHAM, ELIHU C. Pvt -Wounded and Captured at Mine Creek, KS Oct 25, 1864.Sent to Ft Lavenworth, KS hospital Nov 21, 1864. Sent to Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN Dec 18, 1864.

GRAHAM, M.C. -- --31-blue-lt-fair-5'5"-TN

GREGSTON, JAMES A .Cpl- -Greensboro-24-gray-lt-fair-5'10"-TN

GROOMS, LEVI -- -Greensboro-37-gray-lt-fair-5'10"-TN

HARGRAVES, FRANCIS M. -- -Greensboro-30-gray-lt-drk-5'10"-IL

HERD, JOHN M. -- -Greensboro-19-gray-drk-fair-5'9"-TN

HUGGANS, JOHN J. -- -Greensboro-23-blue-lt-fair-5'8"-GA

JOHNSTON, WILLIAM C. -- -Greensboro-19-gray-drk-drk-5'7"-Ala

JONES, CHARLES M. -- -Greensboro-18-blk-lt-ffair-5'-NC

JONES, JAMES P -- -Greensboro-45-blk-drk-drk-5'10"-IL

McCULLERS, JAMES H. Sgt- -Greensboro-37-gray-lt-fair-5'11"-Ark

McDANIEL, JAMES H. 1Sgt- -Greensboro-31-blue-lt-lt-6'-TN

McMILLON, NEIL -- -43-blk-drk-drk-6'1"-Giles Co, TN? Born 28 May 1822 in Giles county, Tennessee Died 18 Dec 1895  Buried in Clark’s Chapel Cemetery, Greene county, Arkansas Married Lucinda Jane Stricklin

MORIN (MORRIS), DENNIS Pvt- - Captured 25Oct1864 at Mine Creek, KS. Sent to Ft Lavenworth, KS then to Camp Morton, Ind Dec18, 1864. Died at Post Hospital Mar 8, 1865, smallpox. Buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Indianapolis, Ind.

MORRIS, JOHN D. -- --25-gray-drk-drk-5'7"-AL

MURPHY, REASON R.Pvt -2Lt-Parole card unreadable.

RHEA, THOMAS D. - --41-blue-lt-fair-5'6"-Ala

SHERRER, JAMES G. -- --30-blue-lt-fair-5'8"-Ala

SIMS, THOMAS J. -- --19-blk-blk-drk-5'9"-TN

SIMS, WILLIAM M. -- --20-blk-lt-fair-5'6"-TN

STRICKLAND, JOHN B. -- --39-gray-lt-fair-5'4"-TN

TENNISON, HIRAM F. -- --34-blue-drk-fair-5'10"-TN

WEBB, JOHN C. -- --32-blue-lt-fair-5'10"-TN

WHEAT, AUGUSTUS H. Pvt--20-gray-lt-fair-5'7"-TN

WILCOXEN, ISAC W. -- 27-gray-lt-fair-6'-TN

WINN, JOHN D.G. -- --43-blue-lt-fair-5'8"-TN

WOOD, GREEN Sgt- --23-blue-lt-fair-5'8"-Ala

WOOD, HENRY D. Sgt- -Greensboro-21-gray-lt-fair-6' -NC

WOOD, JOEL G. Cpt ------

YARBROUGH, WILLIAM H. - Paroled 25May1865 at Wittsburg, AR Age 37, Born TN. Eyes Black, Hair Black, Complx Dark, ht 5' 10" (Also include the other information, Birth, death etc)

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