The Crittenden Rangers

The Crittenden Rangers were organized in Crittenden County, Arkansas, on April 13, 1861.  On that day, the ladies of Crittenden County presented a flag to the new company in a ceremony at Hopefield.  The Memphis Daily Appeal ran this article on April 17, 1861:

“MILITARY COMPANY—The citizens of Crittenden County, Arkansas, have raised a fine company, which they have styled the Crittenden Rangers.  Officers are our late fellow-citizen R. T. Redman, Captain; T. B. Rogers, 1st Lieutenant; J. D. Rives, 2d Lieutenant; J. G. Berry, 3d Lieutenant.  Captain Redman was in the city yesterday for the purpose of purchasing saddles and horse equipments for the company.  The county court a week ago voted two thousand dollars toward the equipment of the rangers, the State finds them arms, and the citizens of the county have undertaken to provide them with pistols.”

By June 3, 1861, when the company enrolled in State service, new officers were elected, and the Rangers rode to Pocahontas, where they joined the garrison commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Solon Borland.  Shortly afterwards, the Governor of Arkansas offered the services of the Arkansas State Troops to the Confederate States.  The soldiers were given the option of enlisting in Confederate service for a period of twelve months, or taking a discharge.  About half the Rangers took the discharge.  The rest of the Crittenden Rangers enlisted in Confederate service on July 29, 1861, and were assigned as Company C, 6th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry, CSA.  This battalion was later expanded to a full regiment, the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry.
The following roster is taken from the June 3, 1861, muster roll of the Crittenden Rangers, on the day they enlisted in State service at Marion, Arkansas.

Anderson, A R—Private; born 1833 in Canada; occupation clerk.

Ashley, John—Private; born 1832 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Baker, Martin Van Buren—Private; born 1839 in Georgia; occupation farmer.

Barnard, John L—Second Lieutenant.

Barton, D W—Second Sergeant; born in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Beasley, James H—First Corporal; born 1839 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Berry, James G—First Lieutenant.

Berry, Samuel A—Private; born 1838 in Mississippi.

Bogart, A Henry—Private; born 1836 in New York; occupation carpenter.

Bravo, William—Private; born 1842 in Michigan; occupation carpenter.

Burgett, G A—Private; born 1837 in Pennsylvania; occupation lawyer.

Burress, George W—Fourth Sergeant; born 1835 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Cowan, James W—Private; born 1835 in Tennessee.

Davis, D W—Third Lieutenant; born 1833 in Arkansas.

Davis, Peter C—Private; born 1812 in Virginia; occupation carpenter.

Decker, William J—Private; born 1833 in New Jersey; occupation clerk.

Duke, A B—Third Sergeant; born 1838 in Virginia; occupation carpenter.

Duke, George W—Private; born 1836 in Virginia; occupation carpenter.

Earle, Josiah Francis—Captain.

Fitzmaurice, Thomas—Private; born 1842 in Ireland.

Hadler, G L—Private; born 1843 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Haynes, Alonzo J—Private; born 1837 in Virginia; occupation farmer.

Hughes, J M—Private; born 1830 in Tennessee; occupation carpenter.

Ivey, H F—Private; born 1829 in Alabama; occupation blacksmith.

Key, Richard P—Private; born 1844 in Arkansas; occupation farmer.

Kirby, C C—Private; born 1836 in North Carolina; occupation brickmason.

Lott, Sardean—Private; born 1839 in Ohio; occupation farmer.

Lyles, Oliver Perry—First Sergeant; born 1827 in Tennessee; occupation lawyer.

McAllister, Aeneas—Private; born 1827 in Indiana; occupation merchant.

McCann, Archibald—Private; born 1839 in Canada; occupation farmer.

McClung, J W—Private; born 1820 in Alabama; occupation blacksmith.

McDaniel, Daniel—Private; born 1843 in Ireland; occupation farmer.

McGehee, James H—Private; born 1835 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

McGehee, Shadrick Jarmon—Private; born 1840 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Marr, Granville—Private; born 1828 in Maine; occupation miller.

May, Benjamin T—Fifth Sergeant; born 1835 in Arkansas; occupation farmer.

Moore, Andrew E—Private; born 1840 in Canada; occupation farmer.

Myers, D C—Private; born 1842 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Organ, Tazewell W—Private; born 1834 in Virginia; occupation farmer.

Passons, George W—Private; born 1836 in Arkansas; occupation farmer.

Passons, Thomas—Private; born 1841 in Arkansas; occupation farmer.

Pritchard, William—Private; born 1832 in Ohio; occupation carpenter.

Radeker, Charles E—Private; born 1836 in New York; occupation farmer.

Raney, Hugh—Private; born 1822 in Alabama; occupation farmer.

Rogers, William S—Private; born 1837 in Tennessee; occupation druggist.

Russell, J H—Private; born 1836 in Kentucky; occupation farmer.

Scott, George Washington—Private; born 1836 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Smallwood, Bennett W—Private; born 1822 in Georgia; occupation farmer.

Smith, Francis Marion—Private.

Smith, M V—Private; born 1839 in Mississippi; occupation farmer.

Taylor, Andrew—Private; born 1828 in Missouri; occupation farmer.

Tinkey, Aaron—Second Corporal; born 1836 in Ohio; occupation steam-miller.

Trice, William T—Private; born 1829 in Kentucky; occupation farmer.

Walker, D R—Private; born 1837 in North Carolina; occupation carpenter.

Wallace, Robert N—Private; born 1841 in Tennessee; occupation farmer.

Wordsworth, Henry—Third Corporal; born 1835 in New York; occupation farmer.

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