This regiment was known successively as Johnson’s, Hawthorn’s, Polk’s and Cocke’s Regiment of Arkansas Infantry. Also sometimes known as the 39th Regiment.

Company A (old) -- Organized June 4, 1862.
Company A (new) -- Redesignated from (old) Co. H, December 16, 1862.
Company B (old) -- Organized July 4, 1862.
Company B (new) -- Organized from consolidation of (old) Co. F and (old) Co, G, December 16, 1862.
Company C -- Organized June 12, 1862; consolidated with (old) Co. I, December 16, 1862.
Company D -- Organized at Benton, Saline county, June 17, 1862.
Company E-- Organized June 14, 1862; consolidated with Co. L, December 16, 1862.
Company F (old) -Organized August 1, 1862; consolidated with (old) Co. G in (new) Co. B, December 16, 1862.
Company F (new) -- Redesignated from (old) Co. K, December 16, 1862.
Company G (old) -- Consolidated with (old) Co. F in (new) Company B, December 16, 1862.
Company G (new) -- Organized at King’s River, Madison county, September 3, 1862; enlisted at Elm Springs, Washington county, September 12, 1862.
Company H (old) -- Redesignated as (new) Co. A, December 16, 1862.
Company H (new)    Organized from consolidation of Perkins’ and Hailey’s cavalry companies, December 16, 1862. (These companies previously served in Maj Gipson’s Bn of Mtd Rifles)
Company I (old) -- Consolidated in Co. C, December 16, 1862.
Company I (new) -- Organized at Rockport, Hot Spring County, June 9, 1862.
Company K (old) -- Organized at Danville, Yell County, July 21, 1862; redesignated as (new) Co. F, December 16, 1862.
Company K (new)   Organized as Tomlinson’s Cavalry at Waldron, Scott county, July 4, 1862; enlisted at Big Creek, Sebastian county, July 20, 1862; dismounted September 16, 1862.
Company L -- Consolidated in Co. E, December 16, 1862.

The regiment underwent a major reorganization on December 16, 1862, following the battle of Prairie Grove, which is the reason why there are (old) and (new) companies.

The muster rolls run from June 1862 through February 29, 1864.


BALLARD, AND J.  Pvt Captured 31 Mar 1864 at Arkadelphia, AR.

BUNCH, BRADLEY Pvt Captured 29 Mar 1863 in Carroll Co, AR and sent to MP at St Louis, MO 16 Jun 1863.  Disch 4 Jul 1863.

COCKE, JOHN B.  Col Enl 19 Jun 1862 in Monroe Co,m AR. Wounded at Helena 4 Jul 1863. Absent through Aug 1863. Age 28. Born AL.

CRISWELL, JOSEPH Pvt Captured 5 Sep 1862 and sent to MP at St Louis, MO. Exchanged 12 Dec 1862  Age 27. ht 5' 8 1/2", eyes hazel, hair light. Residence: Carroll Co, AR.

ERWIN, W.A. Adjutant Captured 20 Jun 1863 in Crittenden Co, AR and sent to MP at Johnson's Island, OH 6 Aug 1863 then to New Orleans, LA 9 Jan 1865. In Shreveport, LA hospital 27  Mar 1865. Age 27. Born  MS.

FORT, GABRIEL H. Surgeon Enl 26 Sep 1862 at Camp Price near Little Rock, AR. Age 28. Born NC.

GEORGE, JOHN Pvt Enl 21 Jul 1862 at Danville, AR. Present through 28 Feb 1863.

HAWTHORN, A.J.  AQM Enl 26 Feb 1862 at Camp Price, AR Near Little Rock, AR. Absent with leave Feb 1864.. Age 28. Born MD.

HAWTHORN, A.T. Col, Commanding. Inspector and Mustering Officer. Enl 17 Jun 1862 near Little  Rock, AR. Dismissed by election 5 Jan 1864. AGE 38. Born AL.

HEARD, JAMES B.  Adjutant. Captured 5 Nov 1862 in Taney Co, MO and sent to MP at St Louis, MO   22 Apr1863 then to Ft Delaware, DE 24 Apr 1863. Paroled 25 Apr 1863.

HURD, WILLIAM J. Pvt Captured 12 Nov 1862 in Taney Co, MO and sent to MP at St Louis, MO 31 Dec 1862  to Alton, IL 25 Apr 1863 to City Point, VA 28 Apr 1863. Wagonmaster at Petersburg, VA 1 Dec 1863- 19 Mar 1864.

JACKSON, WILLIAM Pvt Captured 26 Aug 1862 in Green Co, MO and sent to MP at St Louis, MO  3 Dec 1862.   Exchanged 12 Dec 1862. Age 27, ht 5' 11", eyes drk, hair drk.

JANDON, B. A. Surgeon    No records

JOHNSON, ALBERT W. --- See CSA Engineers

KINZEY, W.A. Pvt Enl 12 Jun 1862  at Trenton, AR. Died 1 Sep 1862.

MITCHELL, WILLIAM H, Sgt Major Enl 19 Jun 1862 at Trenton, AR. Aptd Sgt Major 6 Jul 1863. Present through Feb 1864.

NEAL, JOHN W. QMSgt  Enl 8 Oct 1862 at Lake Village, Chicot Co, AR. Apt QM Sgt Nov 1862. Present through Feb 1864.

OWENS, R.B. Ord Sgt Enl 12 Jun 1862 at Trenton, AR. Aptd Ord Sgt 1 Nov 1862. Present through Feb 1864.

POLK, CADWALLADER  Lt Col Enl 4 Nov 1862 at Camp Price, AR. Commanding. Age 24. Born TN. Formerly Co H, 1st TN Inf.

QUARLES, ALBERT G. Asst Surgeon Aptd 12 Aug 1862 at Camp Price, AR near Little Rock, AR.  Resigned 7 Nov 1863. Age 24. Born VA.

RINGO, D.W Col  Resigned 2 Nov 1862.

STREET, W.B.  ACS Enl 13 Sep 1862 in Chicot Co, AR. Detached to CS Dept 28 Feb 1864. Age 29. Born MD.

TALTON, W.J. 2Lt  Enl 17 Jun 1862 in Monroe Co, AR.

TRUSLOW, ??  Chaplain Aptd 1 Nov 1863.

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