"Thanks to the Greene County, AR Genealogy and Historical Society"for this great gift!


 Following is the muster roll of Jackson's Co (A), Burbridge's Regt (4th MO) Cavalry P.A.C. of North Sub District which was issued when the company was surrendered after the Civil War May1865. It is noratized and signed by James R. Jackson, Captain under the command of Brig. Gen. Jeff Thompson. There are Greene County, Arkansas men listed.

     This copy of the muster roll was obtained many years ago by the late W. L. Skaggs, educator and student of history from Mrs. John Penury, daughter of Captain James R. Jackson, who had the original document in her possession.

BERTEN, Robert H.                    Private,                            37                          N.C.
BLUNT, John                               Private,                            28                         Tenn.
CRITTENDON,  Andrew J.       Private,                            35                          Mo.
DAVIS, Joseph O                        Private,                            22                          Mo.
GOOSBY, Alvin A.                     Private,                            18                          Mo.
GREGORY, James W.               2nd Lt,                              27                          Ill.
HARDIN,  Henry C.                    Private,                            36                          Tenn.
HARPER, John C.                       Private,                            19                          Mo.
HARPER, Reuben B.                  Private,                            43                          Tenn.
HARPER, William A.                 Private,                            24                          Tenn.
HARTY, John                               Private,                            25                           Mo.
JACKSON, Isaiah                       Private,                            24                           Mo.
JACKSON, James R.                 Captain,                           27                           Tenn.
JACKSON, James R.                 Captain,                           27                           Tenn.
JACKSON, John F.                     Private,                            19                           Mo.
Richard Jackson                          2nd Sarg,                        22                           Mo.
JACKSON, Thomas                    Private,                            29                           Tenn
JAMES, Isaac                               Private,                            20                            Ala.
LIDDELL, Joseph H.                   Private,                            24                            Tenn.
MILLER, John D.                         Private,                            21                            Mo.
MILLER, William R.                   3rd Sarg,                         32                            Mo.
MORRIS, John                             Private,                            33                            Ky.
MORRIS, George S.                    Private,                            27                            Tenn.
PARRISH, Spences N.                Private,                            33                             N.C.
RODGERS,  James                      Private,                            19                             S.C.
SARVER,  Georg A.                     Private,                            17                            Tenn.
STARS, John F.                            Private,                            24                             Md.
THOMASON, Alexd. A.              Private,                            32                             Tenn.
WIGGINS, John C.                      Private,                            47                             Tenn.
WIGGS, Joseph F. F.                   Private,                            18                              Ky.
WRIGHT, Thomas A.                  Private,                            27                              Ind.

Names added by Richard Jackson:

CUNNINGHAM, John R.             Private
HENLEY, H. M.                              2nd Lt
LADD, Asa V.                                Private    Shot in retaliation for some men killed by Reeves on Price's raid.
MILLER, Joseph J.                       Capt.              Mo.
SNOW, Frank                               Private
TETRICK, Geo.                              Private    Killed at Pilot Knob.
WELLBOURN,  James                Private    Killed at Fredricktown, MO.

     I, the undersigned Commanding Officer, of Co. A. Burbridge Reg. (4th MO) Cav. do for the within named prisoners of war belonging to the Army of the Northern Sub-District of Arkansas, who having been on the 11th day of May 1865, surrendered by Brigadier General M. Jeff  Thompson, C.S.A., commanding said Army, to Major General G. M. Dodge, U.S.A. Commanding Department of Missouri, hereby give my solemn parole of honor that the named shall not here after serve in the armies of the so called Confederate States, or in any military capacity whatever against the United States of America, or render aid to the enemies of the latter until properly exchanged in such manner shall be mutually approved by the respective authorities.

       James R. Jackson
       Capt. Co A. 4th Mo. Cav.
       Dated at Wittsburg, Arkansas, this
       25th day of May 1865

"Thanks to the Greene County, AR Genealogy and Historical Society"for this great gift!

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