The Border Rangers
White County, Arkansas

One of the first volunteer companies raised in White County, the Border Rangers were organized at Searcy on April 29, 1861, by Capt. Dandridge McRae, a 31-year-old Searcy lawyer and future Confederate general.  The Border Rangers appear to have stayed in White County until June or July, by which time Captain McRae had left to assume command of the 3rd Battalion Arkansas Infantry, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.  The company recruited heavily during this period, and a greatly expanded and reorganized Border Rangers, under command of Capt. Francis M. Chrisman, rode to Pitman’s Ferry, Arkansas, where they became part of Col. Solon Borland’s 1st Arkansas Mounted Volunteers (later redesignated as the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry).  The Border Rangers were bounced around among several commands during the war.  They were transferred from Borland’s regiment to the 6th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.  Here they were consolidated with the Crittenden Rangers before being transferred to the famous 2nd Arkansas Cavalry.  They served in this regiment under Col. William F. Slemons until January 1863, when they were transferred back to Borland’s old command, the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry.  Having finally found a permanent home, the consolidated Rangers company served with this command under General Wheeler to the end of the war, a pitiful remnant surrendering in South Carolina in May 1865.

The original members of the Border Rangers, April 29, 1861

Allen, Robert—Third Corporal.

Basey, J T—Private.

Baucum, George F—Private; later colonel commanding 8th Arkansas Infantry.

Black, Robert—Private.

Britt, J H—First Corporal.

Chivers, J W—First Sergeant.

Chrisman, Francis Marion—First Lieutenant; later lieutenant-colonel, 1st Arkansas Cavalry.

Cole, James—Third Sergeant.

Cole, W F—Private.

Eppes, J W—Private.

Fortner, W B—Private.

Groves, Thomas F—Private.

Harris, J S—Private.

Holloway, Thomas B—Second Sergeant.

Humphries, John B—Fourth Lieutenant.

Hussey, John E—Private; later adjutant, 36th Arkansas Infantry.

Johnson, Jeptha C—Third Lieutenant; later lieutenant-colonel, 37th Arkansas Infantry.

Jones, Y B—Private.

Key, William T—Second Lieutenant.

Lee, W F—Private.

Lenox, John Philip—Private.

McCreery, Thomas—Private.

McRae, Dandridge—Captain; later brigadier-general CSA.

Matthews, Allen C—Private; later sergeant-major, 37th Arkansas Infantry.

Maxwell, David—Private.

Moore, John M—Private.

Morgan, D E—Private.

Morgan, D V—Private.

Neely, Buck—Private.

Neely, D H—Fourth Sergeant.

Perry, William A—Second Corporal.

Petty, N B—Private.

Petty, V H—Private.

Pilkington, Daniel H—Private.

Qualls, P W—Private.

St Clair, D—Private.

Sanders, J B—Private.

Tillman, Daniel—Fourth Corporal.

Tipton, Pleasant—Private.

Wilkes, Joseph J—Private.

Wilson, R J—Private.

Winsett, John E—Private.

Wooten, Robert J—Private.

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