Booneville Rifles Co. A

Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles

           The  following list contains  names  of  the original members of Company A enrolled an July 18, 1861, in the Confederate Army  at Osage Prairie. Notes have been added to indicate those who  were known to  have been killed,  wounded,  or captured in battle.

This information was contributed by Stewart D. Bryan from the Logan County Historical Society article by Patricia Curry.

A complete list of battles in which Company A, Second Arkansas Mounted Rigbles participated
in is as follows:

Wilson's Creek, Mo., August 10, 1861
Chustenenlah, Ind. Terr., Dec, 22, 1861
Elkhorn Tavern, Ark, March 7-8, 1862
Richmond, Ken., August 30, 1862
Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 31, 1862
Jackson, Miss., July 10-16, 1863
Chicamaugua, GA, Sept 19-20, 1863
Dug Gap, GA, May 13-15 1864
Resaca, GA May 13-15, 1864
New Hope Church, GA, May 29-June 3, 1864
Kennasaw Mountain, GA, June 17-July 3, 1864
Moore's Mill, GA, July 19, 1864
Peach Tree Creek, GA, July 20, 1864
Atlanta, GA, July 21, 1864
Ezra Church, GA, July 28, 1864
Lovejoy Station, GA  Aug 20,1864
Jonesboro, GA, Aug 31, 1864
Moon Station, GA, Oct 3, 1864
Franklin, Tenn., Nov 30, 1864
Nashville, Tenn., Dec 15-16, 1864
Bentonville, NC March 19-21, 1865

When the company was mustered in, officers were chosen by the men by election.  Original officers of Company A were as follows:

Captain: William Gipson                                3rd Sgt.: Henry C. Humphrey
1st Lt:  John F.  Scott                                      1st: Corp: John Wardrup
2nd Lt: John G. Wallin                                   2nd Corp.: Robert L. Skinner
3rd St. George H. Wilson                               3rd Corp: W. W. Ashmore
1st. Sgt: Joseph T. Harrison                          4th Corp: Wiliam J. Ellington
2nd Sgt.: M. C. Scott                                        Bugler: John Beaver - James Harwell

        Anderson, James A.                                 McAlester, Napoleon B.
        Arnold, Joshua                                          (captured at Pea Ridge)
        Ashmore, W.W.                                        Marr, James M.
        Baker, G.W.                                               (fatally wounded at Murfreesboro)
        Barnhart, Harlan                                      Meek, B.F.
             [wounded at Wilson's Creek)            Morris, John W.
        Blaylock, M.G.                                           Morrison, James R.
        (wounded at Chusteneniah,Ind.Terr.)    Needham, Gardner
        Carpenter, Joshua W.                               (wounded at Murfreesboro)
        Carpenter, J.P.                                           Nicholson, W.R.
        Curry, John                                                Northern, J.F.
        Dilday, S.J.                                                  Oliver, James M.
             (wounded at Wilson's Creek)             Pennington, Charles S.(Roll of Honor)
        Donathan, Henry                                        (fatally wounded at Richmond)
        Donathan, William N.                               Perkins, James M.
        Ellington, N.M.                                           Pope, David
        Ellington, William J.                                 Preston, Loyd
        Epler, W.C.                                               * Pyles, F.M.(Roll of Honor)
        (wounded at Chusteneniah,Ind.Terr.)           (wounded at Murfreesboro)
        Finley, T.C.                                                 Rhodes, William
             (wounded at Murfressboro, TN.)        Riley, John A.
        Fitzgerald, John M.                                   Roland (Rollen), George W.
        Gentry, William R.                                    (wounded at Murfreesboro)
        Gibson, M.R.                                               Scott, John F.
        Gibson, William                                        Skinner, Robert L.
        Gipson, Thomas B.                                    (killed at Pea Ridge)
        Gipson, William (Capt.)                           Slate, J.M.
        Grayson, Charles W.                                Smith, A.J.
        Grayson, Enoch Brown                             Smith, John W.
        Grimmett, R.S.                                           Smith, Thomas
        Harold, H.Y.                                                Sorrels, J.W.
        Harrison, Joseph T.                                  Styles, Frederick
        Harwell, John Beaver James                  Sykes, John J.
        Hays, William                                            Temples, M.V. (permanently disabled)
        Head, Joseph W.                                        Traylor, William
        Humphrey, H©nry C.        .                      Wallin   John G. (J.)
        Humphrey, James G.                                Walton, L.C.
        Hunt (Hurst), John W.                             Ward, James A.
        Hyatt, Harvey                                              Wardrup, James
        Inman, Charles                                          Wardrup, John
            (wounded at Exra Church)                   Wilson, George H.
        Irls, Samuel                                                Wood, B.W.
        Irls, William                                              Wood, Robert B.
        Johnson, William                                      Wright, Thomas Jewell
        Knee, Easton M.
        Lewis, Josiah                                   * During the battle o f Murfreesboro,
        Lynn, G.F.                                           Corp. Pyle brought the colors from the
        Lynn, James T.                                  field when the color bearer was shot down.
        Lynn, R.C.                                          When the Confederate troops were forced
             (killed at Murfressboro)             to retreat, Corp.  Pyle brought the field


            At Corinth MS, the company was re-organized. New officers were elected, effective May 23,  1862.
            The list of new officers elected by the men was as follows:

            Captain: Joseph T. Harrison                            3rd. Sgt.: John F. Dalton
            1st Lt: Jessie R. Skinner                                  1st Corp:  Jonas W. Pyles
            2nd Lt: John M. Fitzgerald                                2nd: Corp: John W. Hunt
            1st Sgt: M. V. Temples                                       3rd Corp: Charles S. Pennington
            2nd  Sgt. M. C. Scott                                           4th Corp: Davis N. Moore

The following necruits of Company A enrolled after July 18, 1861:
ßlaylock, Edward (Roll of Honor)                   Loyd, Jordan
     (permanently disabled at                             Luster, A.J.
     Chicamaugua)                                                   (wounded at Murfreesboro-
Blithe, William M.                                                  killed at Chicamaugua)
Bowen, Thomas D.                                             Lynn, Thomas
Bryant, Calvin M.                                              Mainer,  James
     (wounded at Murfreesboro     and              Moore, John M.
     Ezra Church)                                                Moore, William
Cauthron, Claigborn W.                                  Pope, John T.
     [wounded at Murfreesboro)                        Presnell, Jacob
Crosby,  N. L.                                                     Riley, W.D.
     (wounded at Murfreesboro)                        Datler, G.G.
Dalton,  John  F.                                                Sadler, Henry A.
Dilday,  John W.                                                       (killed at Ezra Church)
Donathan, Daniel W.                                        Sales, James G.
Forest, Samuel S.                                              Scott, George W.
     (captured at Pea Ridge)                               Sewell, George S.
Gipson, James                                                    Skinner, Jessie R.
Glass, Leonidas                                                        ( wounded at Murfreesboro-
     (wounded at Richmond, Ky)                                 killed at Chickamaugua)
(Grissum, Franklin                                           Smith, Elija
Head, James  M.                                                 Tanner, J.C.
Head,  J.P.                                                                 (missing at Murfreesboro)
Hogan,  Mark  L.                                                Waddle, Thomas C.
Hurt,  James  B.                                                  Wall, Jerome L.
Jones,  Hiram C.                                                       (wounded at Murfreesboro)
Kendrick, James H.                                           Wallace, Charles
Ladd, Joseph                                                        Walls, William A.
Ladd, Richard                                                            (captured at Murfreesboro)
Logan,  R. B.                                                        Ward, David
                                                                               Wells, Anthony
SOURCES: "Booneville Rifles", Booneville Democrat, April 20, 1905
Leeper, Wesley Thurman, "Revels Valiant: Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Dismounted", Little Rock, Pioneer Press, 1964

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