Those of the 30th Ark Inf  who died at Austin, AR

BEATON, COLLIN -  Pvt  Co F 30th Ark Inf -  d. 15Oct1862

CARPENTER, JOHN D. Pvt Co K, 25th Ark Inf, CSA.


COAL, H.W.  - Pvt  Co C 30th Ark Inf  - d. 12Sep1862

DANDING, JAMES  - Pvt  Co A 30th Ark Inf  - d. 1Sep1862

MONTGOMERY, A.B.  - Pvt  Co D 30th Ark Inf  - d.  9Jul1862

REED (REID), A. -  Pvt  Co A 30th Ark Inf  - d.  4Sep1862

ROBINS, J.W.  - Pvt  Co G 30th Ark Inf - d. 10Sep1862

SATTAWHITE, JOHN B.  - Pvt  Co A 30th Ark Inf -  d. 4Sep1862

STINSON, W.H.  - Pvt  Co K 30th Arm Inf -  d. 11Sep1862

STOCKARD, J.  - Pvt  Co I 30th Ark Inf  - d.11Sep1862

TAYLOR, L.D.  - Pvt  Co A 30th Ark Inf  - d. 13Sep1862

THOMPSON, T.  - Pvt  Co A 30th Ark Inf  - d. 14Sep1862

WILLIAMS, W.B.  - Pvt  Co K 30th Ark Inf  - d. 11Sep1862

Members of the 26th Ark Inf Regt who died at Camp Hope and are probably buried in Camp Nelson:

NAME                                RANK   COMPANY       DATE OF DEATH

BEANE, ROBERT R.           PVT      G                        1Sep1862

BOEN, JESSE                       Pvt        H                      27Aug1862

BOEN, PINKNEY                 Pvt        H                         5Sep1862

BASWELL, JOHN               Pvt        E                       15Sep1862

BRADSHAW, A.J.               Pvt        I                        20Oct1862

CLIFTON, MILES B.            Pvt        F                       17Sep1862

COPPAGE, GREEN B.         Pvt        A                       26Sep1862

CUMMINGS, DAVID R.      Pvt         B                      30Aug1862

DAVIS, J.N.                           Pvt         H                       16Sep1862

DODD, J.A.                            Pvt        I                          10Oct1862

DUNLAP, F.M.                       Pvt        H                       25Aug1862

EVANS, J.K.                          Pvt        G                         23Sep1862

GADDY, OWEN P.               Pvt         B                        15Oct1862

GUMMAGE, NATHANIEL  Cpl         G                        23Oct1862

GARNER, LAFAYETTE       Pvt         H                        25Oct1862

HARRIS,  BENJAMIN F.      2Lt       B                        4Oct1862

HOLAWAY, JAMES             Pvt        K                          24Sep1862

HOSKINS, JAMES               Pvt         E                           2Sep1862

HOSKINS, JEREMIAH        Pvt          E                        26Sep1862

HUNT, T.F.                             Pvt           H                       28Oct1862

KERBO, L.N.                         Pvt           K                         9Oct1862

LANDFAIR, W.H.                 Pvt           E                        26Nov1862   (?) Not definite

LEE, JOHN H.                       Pvt            E                         8Oct1862

MORGAN, JAMES J.          Pvt        B                          15Oct1862

NEEDHAM, JAMES              Pvt        D                            6Feb1863        (?)

NIX, URIAH L.                        Pvt        K                         14Oct1862

PHILLIPS, G.W.                     Pvt         C            before 31Oct1862

POLK, JOHN                          Pvt        D                         25Oct1862

PRICE, WILLIAM                  Pvt        H                         21Oct1862

RALEY, LEVI                          Pvt          B                        13Sep1862

RICE, CALEB                          Pvt         C                        10Sep1862

RILEY, FRANCIS                   Pvt          D                       29Aug1862

SMITH, JOHN W.                  Pvt          B                          3Sep1862

STONE, M.L.                           Pvt          G                       29Aug1862

WILEY, BENJAMIN A.         Pvt           B                       14Oct1862        (?)

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