Organization of the Artillery in 1864.

On November 19, 1864, General E. Kirby Smith, commanding the Confederate Trans-Mississippi Department, issued Special Orders No. 290, organizing the artillery of the department into battalions.  The component
batteries rarely, if ever, operated together.  They were usually assigned individually to an infantry or cavalry brigade to provide fire support.  Following is the organization of the artillery:

FIRST BATTALION, Maj. Oliver John Semmes, commanding.
Sixth Louisiana Field Battery (Grosse Tete Flying Artillery)Capt. John Austine Asbury West, (4 guns horse).
Second Texas Field Battery, Capt. M. V. McMahan, 4 guns (horse).
Seventh Texas Field Battery, Capt. William G. Moseley, 4 guns (horse).
Twelfth Texas Field Battery (Valverde Artillery), Capt. T. D. Nettles, 4 guns (horse).

SECOND BATTALION, Maj. J. H. Pratt, commanding.
Eighth Arkansas Field Battery, Capt. William M. Hughey, 4 guns (mounted).
Second Missouri Field Battery, Capt. Richard A. Collins, 4 guns (mounted).
Fourth Missouri Field Battery, Capt. Samuel S. Harris, 4 guns (mounted).
Tenth Texas Field Battery (Sewart Artillery), Capt. H. C. Hynson, 4 guns (mounted).

THIRD BATTALION, Maj. Thomas A. Faries, commanding.
First Confederate Battery, Capt. James M. T. Barnes, 4 guns (mounted).
First Louisiana Field Battery (Saint Mary’s Cannoneers), Capt. Minos T. Gordy, 4 guns (mounted).
Third Louisiana Field Battery (Bell Battery), Capt. Thomas Owen Benton, 4 guns (mounted).
Fifth Louisiana Field Battery (Pelican Artillery), Capt. B. Felix Winchester, 6 guns (mounted).

FOURTH BATTALION, Maj. Charles Winder Squires, commanding.
First Texas Field Battery (Alamo Guards Artillery), Capt. William Edgar, 4 guns (mounted).
Fourth Texas Field Battery (Van Dorn Light Artillery), Capt. Horace Haldeman, 4 guns (mounted).
Ninth Texas Field Battery (Lamar Artillery), Capt. James Mickall Daniel, 4 guns (mounted).
Sixteenth Texas Field Battery, Capt. William E. Gibson, 4 guns (mounted).

FIFTH BATTALION, Maj. William Durbin Blocher, commanding.
First Arkansas Field Battery (Adams Artillery), Captain Francis M. McNally, 4 guns (mounted).
Third Arkansas Field Battery (Weaver Light Artillery), Capt. John G. Marshall, 4 guns (mounted).
Fourth Arkansas Field Battery (Desha County Artillery), Capt. Henry Clay West, 4 guns (mounted).
Seventh Arkansas Field Battery, Lieut. Jesse Vintner Zimmerman.
First Missouri Field Battery, Capt. Samuel T. Ruffner.
Third Missouri Field Battery, Capt. Alexander A. Lesueur.

SIXTH BATTALION, Maj. W. Butler Krumbhaar, commanding.
Eleventh Texas Field Battery, Capt. Sylvanus Howell.
Fourteenth Texas Field Battery, Capt. George R. Dashiell.
Seventeenth Texas Field Battery (Texas Guards Artillery), Lieut. W. M. Stafford.

SEVENTH BATTALION, Maj. Sidney T. Fontaine, commanding.
Fifth Texas Field Battery, Capt. Charles Welhausen, 4 guns (mounted).
Sixth Texas Field Battery (Austin Light Artillery), Lieut. S. W. Allen, 4 guns (mounted).
Eighth Texas Field Battery, Capt. A. E. Dege, 4 guns (mounted).
Fifteenth Texas Field Battery, Capt. William H. Nichols, 4 guns (mounted).

Second Arkansas Field Battery (Dallas Artillery), Capt. William Hart, 4 guns (mounted).
Fifth Arkansas Field Battery (Memphis Appeal Battery) Capt. Christopher Columbus Scott, (4 guns mounted).
Sixth Arkansas Field Battery (Washington Artillery), Capt. Chambers Brady Etter, 4 guns (mounted).
Ninth Arkansas Field Battery (Austin Artillery), Capt. John T. Trigg, 4 guns (mounted).
Fourth Louisiana Field Battery, Capt. Archibald J. Cameron, 4 guns (mounted).
First Missouri Field Battery, Capt. Benjamin Wade, 4 guns (mounted).

Second Louisiana Field Battery (Company A, Miles Legion Artillery), Capt. Richard M. Boone
Company A, Crescent (Louisiana) Heavy Artillery, Capt. T. H. Hutton.
Company C, Eighth Louisiana Heavy Artillery, Capt. Thomas N. McCrory
Company A, First Tennessee Heavy Artillery, Capt. Paul Thomas Dismukes
Company D, First Texas Heavy Artillery, Capt. C. M. Mason

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