This battalion was organized in the summer of 1864  and consisted of our companies and was assigned to Fagan's Cavalry Division, Price's Cavalry Corps. The first commander was Cpt William L. Anderson.
There are no records of the unit after Price's Missouri Raid Sep-Oct1864.  A few records from other sources are included. The following is a roster (or part) dated 18Sep1864 at Pocahontas, AR.

ALLEE, A. L.  - Co B  2Lt  Age  19, Born AR. Elected 16 Jun 1864.


BROWN, R.H.  Pvt  Co K  Wounded (Sabre cut on forehead and first finger left hand   received at Osage 25 Oct 1864) and captured 25 Oct 1864 in AR and sent to MP at   Ft Scott, KS then to Camp Morton, IN. Paroled 14 Feb 1865 & forwarded via  Baltimore, MD to Point Lookout,  MD.

BROWN, SAMUEL Pvt  Co F. Forwarded from Jefferson city, MO to St Louis, MO Oct 1864.  Died of smallpox 19 Dec 1864 at General Hospital St Louis, MO.

CARR, T.L. 1Lt  Co B,  Age 32. Born AL. Elected 10 Nov 1863.

DIXON, J. 2Lt Co D. Age 18. Born GA. Elected 22  Jul 1864.

GEWENN, WILLIAM 1Lt  Co D. Age 32. Born TN. Elected 22 Jul 1864.

GRANT, THOMAS  Jr2Lt.  Co B. Age 42. Born AL. Elected 2 Sep 1864. Sent to Camden, AR 12 Sep 1864 by order of  Maj Gen Fagan.

KIDD, R.A. Cpt  Co D.  Age 25. Born SC. Elected 22 Jul 1864.

MARTIN, WILLIAM A.  Jr2Lt  Co A. Age 26. Born AR. Elected 28 Jul 1864.

McCRARY, A.J. Pvt  Co K.  Captured 11 Nov 1864 in White Co, AR & sent to MP Little Rock,  AR 6 Nov 1864  then to Alton, IL 17 Nov 1864. Died 12 Jan 1865 of Typho Malaria.

NOWLAND, ED W.B.  2Lt  Co C. Age 22. Born AR. Elected 14 May 1864

NOWLAND, WILLIAM B.  Cpt  Co C. Age 30. Born Cherokee Nation. Elected 14 May 1864.  Paroled 7 Jun 1865.

RAYBURN, J.W.  1Lt  Co C. Age 31. Born AR. Elected 14 May 1864.

ROBERTS, N.T. Cpt  Co A. Age 26. Born AL. Elected 20 Jul 1861.

SANDERS, F. 2Lt Co A.  Age 33. Born VA. Elected 4 Jul 1864.

SEARS, GEORGE E.  Jr2Lt.  Age 31. Born NY. Elected 14 May 1864. Assigned as QM  10 Sep 1864. POW. Paroled at New Orleans, LA 13 May 1865. Age 33. Ht 5' 8'',   eyes gray, hair dark, complx dark.

THOMPSON, LEE, L. 1Lt   Co A, Age 25. Born AL. Elected 4 Jul 1864. Assigned as  adjutant 10 Sep 1864.

WALL, R.C. Pvt Conscript, Age 28. Deserted and took oath 14 Dec 1864. Eyes blue, hair  light, complx fair. Ht 5' 9''. Residence: Eagale Twsp, Pulaski Co, AR.

WARREN, D.  Pvt  In hospital at Richmond, VA 11 Mar 1865.

WEBB. J. Cpt Co B. Age 28. Born TN. Elected 10 Sep 1863.

WRIGHT, JOSEPH Pvt  Co D. Captured 24 Oct 1864 at Mound City, KS & sent to MP at St  Louis, MO 20 Nov 1864.

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