The New Era, Fort Smith, Arkansas

January 2, 1864

The weather has suddenly turned to a real wintry spell. After a day or two of rain, it turned suddenly very cold about midnight on Wednesday, and instead of rain, snow was hurled from the skies at a lusty rate, covering the ground in the morning to a depth of about 8 inches. The snow-storm continued all day Thursday up to the time of our going to press. Our friends from the northern latitudes confess that it is as nice edition of winter as can be expected anywhere. Now for a sleigh ride!

FROM WALDRON- Captain Mentzer, 2nd Kansas Cavalry, in command of a scouting party, surprised a party of guerrillas under the notorious Gibson, 12 miles this side of Dallas, on Christmas Day. He charged upon them and drove them into the woods. Finding it impracticable to pursue them in the timber, he drew his men off, bringing with him two prisoners, one of whose name is J M Robinson, Lieutenant in DeMoss’ Regiment 29th Texas Cavalry. The rebs were 150 strong.

It is said the rebels intend to make a raid upon the command stationed here. A large scouting party, said to be a brigade, was lately in Dallas. They had artillery with them.

On the 29th inst., an outpost, commanded by Captain Gardner, 2nd Kansas Cavalry, 35 men strong, was attacked three miles from this place by Gibson, who had about 100 men with him. The enemy was repulsed with the loss of Major Gibson, killed and 9 wounded, one of whom mortally, and in our hands. Our loss is 1 killed and 6 wounded, one mortally. Reinforcements coming up, the enemy was pursued some 12 miles.

A man being asked, as he lay sunning himself on the grass, what was the height of his ambition, replied, “To marry a rich widow with a bad cough”.


Wages Fifty Dollar per month, or half of proceeds. Apply at Barber Shop, opposite the Garrison. S. Silber, January 2, 1864.

Are prepared to furnish a choice collection of New and Popular Music, on all public occasions. Engagements made through Mr. L B Dickerson, proprietor of the Cosmopolitan Saloon, or with M. Lane, Principal, 18th Iowa Infantry. January 2, 1864.

The undersigned offer for sale a Storehouse, located in one of the best business places on Garrison Avenue. Also a splendid Dwelling House, suitable for a large family, on Mulberry Street. For further particulars apply to Speier & Schane. January 2, 1864

H. Ernich and R D Lender (ERNICH & LENDER) have received a large stock of goods, consisting of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Tobacco and Cigars, Toy, Yankee Notions, Cutlery, Perfumery, & etc.

Call at the corner of Mulberry and Walnut Streets, Casper Rentzel’s old stand. January 2, 1864


The undersigned, at the request of a number of Officers and others, has opened a FENCING SCHOOL at the corner of Water and Walnut Streets, and will receive a few more persons desiring instruction. The following branches will be taught: SWORD EXERCISE, MOUNTED SABRE DRILL AND BAYONET EXERCISE. The course of instruction will be thorough. Terms, $50 per session of 4 months, or 50 cents a single lesson.

For further particulars, inquire of John Frost, Graduate of the Naval Academy of Sweden, and late of the U S Army.

December 26, 1863- Fort Smith, Ark.

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