The New Era, Fort Smith, Arkansas

December 26, 1863

We would gladly increase the size of our paper if we could at present. Hold on, friends, and remember that we are still without any regular and frequent intercourse with the rest of the world, and can’t get things as we need them. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we expect, some of these days, to see the New Era as big as a small sized barn door. In the mean time come forward and put your names on the book, backed by the “greenbacks” and help us carry forward the good work.

George W Newland, Esq., is our authorized agent for Van Buren and vicinity, to receive subscriptions and receipt for the same. Our subscribers at Van Buren will be furnished with the paper, promptly every Saturday morning, and persons wishing to purchase single copies can be supplied by our agent there.

There will be preaching next Sabbath in the Presbyterian Church, at 11 a m, and 6 ½ p m, by the Rev. Wm Wilson, Chaplain 6th Kansas Cavalry.

Letters by flag of truce from the South, to the following persons, are in the Provost Marshal’s Office:

Mary Ann Anderson, Mrs. R Denger, George Mack, Mrs. Jane B Mayers, Miss Matilda McLivery, Miss Matty McLivery, Mrs. Releford, Mrs. Jerry M Wheeler. One letter no direction, written by Louisa Humber.

DIED- In this city, December 1st, 1863, William C Tracy, aged 40 years.


Head Quarters, District of the Frontier

Fort Smith, Ark., December 21, 1863.

The General Commanding this District desires to call the attention of the citizens of Arkansas, living within the limits of this command, tot he permanency of the occupation of Western Arkansas by the United States Military forces; and to the vast advantages that must accrue to its citizens by prompt return to their farms, workshops and other legitimate avocations, of all who, from any cause, have abandoned their homes since the commencement of hostilities, and who may now desire to give assurance of their loyalty, and to hereafter maintain the integrity of the Federal Union.

The occupation of this country by a large Federal force must necessarily create an active demand and ready market for all farm produce; and even though the army moves farther south, the citizens of this section of the State cannot fail to enjoy, to a great extent, the same prosperity that has heretofore attended their labors in times of peace.

With a view to encourage the re-occupation of abandoned farm and workshops, it is hereby announced, that upon the return of the owners thereof, the proper assurance of loyalty being given, safeguards against military intrusion or violence will be granted from these Head Quarters, and every protection in their rights and property consistent with the interests of the public service, is hereby guaranteed.

For the encouragement of those who have lost their stock, and from that cause are unable to resume the cultivation of their farms, it is further announced, that the Government has now on hand large numbers of public animals, at present unfit for service, that, with proper attention and care, may be made entirely serviceable by the coming Spring for all domestic purposes. This stock must soon be sold at public auction, to the highest bidder, and all may avail themselves of the opportunity thus afforded for the resumption of peaceful labor, domestic quiet, and financial prosperity.

By command of Brigadier General John McNeil, T H Anderson, Adjutant General.


Office District Provost Marshal, Head Quarters, District of the Frontier, Fort Smith, Ark., December 22, 1863

General Orders No. 2.

I. All sales of cotton, between private parties are prohibited. All the cotton in the District of the Frontier is hereby seized for the Government of the United States. The cotton so hereby seized will be sold, or otherwise disposed of, as lawful authority may direct. When so disposed of, the Government will account to loyal owners.All sales of the produce of the country to speculators and middle men are prohibited. Wheat, corn, oats, hay, flour, meat and stock will be sold only to Government, or to public contractors for the use of the Government. But contractors to furnish stock and meat for the Government may buy forage for the same in sufficient necessary quantities until turned in, and sales of provision and other necessary article for immediate consumption may be made to citizens and others in limited quantities.
II. Regimental, detachment, company, and other commanders, and all commanders of forage and other details, will cause to e immediately turned in to Provost Marshals property of every description, seized, captured, or taken up astray, or by any other irregular means, held in their respective commands, and such commanding officers will be held responsible for all such property in their respective commands until so turned in.
By Command of Brigadier General John McNeil, E A Calkins, Major 3rd Cavalry Wisconsin Volunteers and District Provost Marshal.

General Orders-
No. 3

Hereafter, no enlisted man will be allowed on the streets of this city after Retreat, without a pass from his commanding officer, countersigned by the commanding officer of his regiment, and approved by the Assistant Provost Marshal. All enlisted men not provided with passes, approved in the above mentioned manner, found on the street after Retreat, will be arrested by the Patrol Guard and confined in the guard house. E A Calkins, Major 3rd Cavalry Wisconsin Volunteers and District Provost Marshal.

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