From THE PILOT published in Morrilton, Conway Co. Arkansas
Vol IV - No. 5 - Front page - Friday - September 30, 1892
Muster Roll Of A Confederate Company

J. L. Lucas of this place has the muster roll of Capt. Dowdle's company as kept by him during the war. It is written on Confederate paper and the following is a copy of the same. The information for this web page was donated  and the page was created by Cathy Barnes.

A list of Capt. Dowdle's company organized at Lewisburg, Ark., made out the best of my knowledge from the 7th of October, 1861 to August, 1864.
J. L. Lucas, Green Grove, Ark.
James L. Lucas, 6th company 1st regiment, Dockries bregade.
Died and killed, 43; deserted, 12; discharged, 9; missing, 9; remaining, 5. Total 78

October 7th 1861

1  Capt. J. M. Dowdle, died at Pocahontas.
2  First Lieut W. B. Hervey, present
3  Second Light W.M. Dowdle, Killed at Cornith
4  Third Lieut J. W. Pate, discharged.
5  First Sergt S. B. Green, left at Ft. Pillow.
6  Second Sergt Wm Stanley, died at Pocahontas.
7  Third Sergt J. C. Steele, unknown.
8  Forth Sergt A. Tyler, captured.
9  First Corp F. Aldridge, died at Oxford.
10 Second Corp Thomas Journey, sent to the hospital
11 Third Corp James Williams, killed at Ft. Gibson.
12 Fourth Corp John Powell, missing.
13 Thomas Arnold, died.
14 A. Y. Amerson, unknown.
15 W. B. Amerson, died.
16 A. J. Adams, died at Memphis.
17 James Adams, deserted.
18 Pat Adams, missing.
19 Thomas Autry, died at Pocahontas.
20 Jack Baker, drowned in White River.
21 Wm Brents, unknown.
22 John Brents, unknown.
23 B Bruce, discharged.
24 Wm Davis, died at Vicksburg
25 ___Dugan, deserted
26 John Fraley, Joined the Federals.
27 Frank Fryer, discharged.
28 Felix Farley, Died at Tupelo.
29 James Gurley, discharged.
30 Wm Gordon, died at Pocahontas.
31 N. C. Gordon, missing.
32 Henrry Gordon, discharged.
33 Harrison Gordon, died at Cornith.
34 Simon Hervey, died at home
35 ___Hill, discharged.
36 Harry Hooper, discharged.
37 Wm Henson, missing.
38 Chas Henderson, missing.
39. D. Ives, died at Pocahontas.
40 W. J. James, killed at vicksburg.
41 S. W. Kenemore, died.
42 J. L. Lucas, present
43 Wm Lacky, died at Memphis
44 Gerry Lowder, died at Tupelo.
45 Wm Lewis, deserted.
46 John Lewis, died at Pt Clair.
47 George Lewis, deserted
48 George Metcalf, deserted.
49 Joseph Metcalf, died at Tupelo
50 Wm Minyard, deserted.
51 ___Norton, deserted.
52 Jessie Overton, deserted.
53 A Petty, drowned in White river.
54 S. Poteet, deserted.
55 W. J. Powell, discharged.
56 Lewis Powell, deserted.
57 ? Powell, deserted.
58 H. Powell, died at Memphis.
59 Thomas Reid, died at Jacksonport.
60 E. Swaby, died at Pocahontas.
61 H. Shipp, deserted.
62 Wm. Shewmake, died at Jacksonport.
63 James Severe, killed at Ft. Gibson.
64 R. Shaver, died at Dardanelle.
65 P. Shine, died at Tupelo
66 M. Thomlinson, left at Ft. Gibson
67 R. Whitehead, died at Jacksonport.
68 Sam W. Williams, discharged.
69 Jas Williams, discharged.
70 David Williams, died at Pocahontas.
71 John Williams, joined the Federals.
72 George Winton, deserted.
73 Wm Willis, deserted.
74 A Webb, died at Pocahontas.
75 W.W. Waggoner, died at DesArc.
76 James Waggoner, died at Pocahontas.
77 John Webster, died at Pocahontas.
78 Richard Music, sick at Memphis.

From THE PILOT, published in Morrilton, Arkansas
Vol IV - No. 6 - Page 2 - Friday - October 7, 1892

Last week we published a roster of Capt. Dowdle's company as made by J. L. Lucas during the war. In this S. Poteet was recorded as having deserted. Mr. Lucas says that this is an error in his record as Mr. Poteet was wounded at Vicksburg and paroled.

The following information about this Confederate Muster Roll is from Mark Gerdes     who maintains the Sons of Confederate Veterans

It is Company A of the 17th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. Also known as Lemoyne's Regiment. It was organized with 8 companies at Fairfield in Yell County on Aug 1, 1861. During April and May of 1862 it participated in the Corinth campaign in Rust's brigade of Jones Division. It's first commander was George W. Lemoyne. Its field officers were Major John M. Dowdle, Major Lawrence, and Lieut. Col. S.W. Williams.

On May 14, 1862 it was consolidated with the 14th (McCarver's) Infantry Regiment and was renamed the 21st Arkansas Infantry regiment, Col. Jordan E. Cravens commanding.

The 21st participated in the Corinth Campaign (Apr-Jun 1862), the battle of Corinth (Oct. 3-4 1862), the battle of Grand Gulf (Apr. 29, 1863), the Vicksburg campaign (May-Jul 1863), the battle of Port Gibson (May 1, 1863), the battle of Champion's Hill (May 16, 1863), the battle of Big Black River Bridge (May 17, 1863) and the Vicksburg Seige (May-Jul 1863).

The unit was surrendered at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. It was paroled later in the month and was declared exchanged on 12 Sep 1863 and was free to return to battle. At this point it was consolidated with the 14th (Mitchell-Powers) Arkansas Infantry Regiment and renamed the 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment Consolidated Trans-Mississippi. The reformed unit apparently did not take part in any further battles and was surrendered by General E. Kirby-Smith on 26 May 1865.

The men you listed are listed in the Arkansas Confederate Rolls.

Hope that is of some assistance, Mark

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From Kathy Gliebe

Enjoyed your website on Lemoyne's 17th Ark. Inf. My great grandfather was in this unit. He was in Co. D, but his name is listed on your list. He is shown there as "Wm Henson". This is also how his name is indexed for his military muster roll at the National Archives, but his real name was William Wallace Hinson. The rest of his muster roll lists his name as such. Your list shows him as "missing".

A review of his Confederate Military Records for William Hinson (also shows as Wm Henson), shows that he signed up Oct 7, 1861 at Lewisburg, Ark. for a 12 month period. He was 16 years old at the time, as he was born 12 June 1845. The muster rolls indicate he was sick a good deal of the time, when he wasn't sick he seems to have gotten himself captured. He was captured and exchanged twice. First, at the Battle of Corinth (Oct 3-4. 1862, and secondly, at the Battle of Black River Bridge (May 17, 1863). After being captured at Black River, William Hinson (Pvt, Co. D, 21st Reg Ark.) appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War sent to Camp Morton, Ind. From there he was sent to the dreaded Fort Delaware, on June 22, 1863. He was exchanged July 31, 1863, at City Point, Virginia. He was sent to a hospital in Richmond, VA. as he had been injured June 25, 1863, nature of injury: "Chr. fiar" (I may not have made out the handwriting correctly, could be cross fire? or camp fire?). At any rate William Hinson appears on a Register of Medical Directors at Richmond, Va. He was received from "Texas Hospl". He was granted a 30 days furlough, Aug 28, 1863. Residence stated as Albemarle, N.C. (His residence was of course Arkansas. He may have given Albemarle as the residence he intended to visit on his furlough.) His military record ends there. It's my guess William made his way back to Arkansas and recouped at home and fought no more. When he was released in Richmond, VA. he was a long ways from home and recouperating from some injury and imprisonment. He was only 18 years old at this time. He survived the war, married Dianna Pruett and has a son, my grandfather, Joseph S. Hinson in 1869.

So, for whatever its worth that is what happened to Wm Henson (real name William Wallace Hinson) that was listed as missing.

Kathy Gliebe (great, granddaughter of William Hinson)

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