Census of Confederate Veterans
Volume I
A thru D
Transcribed and Edited
Bobbie J. McLane and Capitola Glazner
Page 93

CARTER, William Ira, of Orlando, Ark. was bom Mar. 16, 1841 at Buckatunny Creek, Lauderdale Co., Miss. (There is a Buckatunna in Wayne Co.) the son of William John Carter of SC, who was a son of Thomas and Elizabeth Carter, who lived at Enterprise, Clark Co., Miss. Maiden name of subject's mother was Rebeckah Carter, dau. of John and Jemima Meador, who lived in Georgia.  Subject was Justice of Peace from 1888 to 1890, elected again 1907 to 1910. He was a Democrat and a Baptist. He enlisted in Co. C, 12th Ark. Regt. On July 19, 1861 to May 28, 1865 at Ouachita Co., Ark. under Col. E. W. Gant. Conmissioned officers were Capt. J. R. White, 1st Lt. Doc Dotson, 2nd Lt. Burras Blackwood, 3rd Lt. P. G. DeWoody. Non-Conm. officers were 1st Sgt. Ganer Post, W. H. Green and Key Price Cpls. Regt. Officers were Capt. Williamson, Col. E. W. Gant, Lt. Col. Cook and Maj. Thomas J. Reed. Private soldiers: Joe Anders, John Beavers, Jeff Beavers, John Blackwood, Robert Baner, Wm. Ira Carter, B. J. Carter, W. C. Cunningham, Asa Cartwright, Quince Cartright, Huie Calhoun, Tom Greson, James Cox, James Works, William Tubbleville, George Cubbage, John Jothaum, Joe Walthall, James Shanks, Brison Green, Lewis Green, Sam McClain, William Smith, Mose Price, Dave Price, L. S. Johnson, J. W. Johnson, Zeck Johnson, Mose Robertson, Lee Elliott, John Pierce, Jeff Pickett, Hugh Ferrell, James Love, Andy Seewood, Andrew Lee, James Turnridge, Cisero Turnridge, Aid Cobb. Was in battles at New Madrid, Mo. Island Nurrber Ten, Parryville, Ky., Port Hudson, La., Jenkins Ferry, Ark. One wounded, 50 captured, 50 paroled. Married Mary Ann Moseley, dau. of Elijah Baker and wife Harriett Moseley of Warren, Ark. on Nov. 9, 1865 in Warren, Bradley Co., Ark. Her grandfather on father's side Jonathan Moseley, grandmother Hilda Moseley.
1. Robert Davis Carter, dead
2. Elijah John Carter m. Mary Christopher, Little Rock, Ark.
3. Joseph Henry Carter m. Lou Ella - dead
4. William Jackson Carter m. Sarah Allie Scobey, Cleveland Co., Ark.
5. Jesse Nevels Carter, dead, m. Myrtis - Orland. Ark.
6. John Leander Carter, - Eudora, Chicot Co., Ark.
7. Alvin Moses Carter Orlando, Cleveland Co., Ark.
8. Mildred Larcenie Carter, Orlando, Ark.
9. Newton Jasper Carter Orlando, Ark.

Certified by T. 0. Steuart, Assessor of Cleveland Co., Ark. 7/10/1912