This regiment was formed by increasing Hill's Cav Bn to to a regiment 25Jul1863.

NOTE: The Thompson's Regt referred to at times was later redesignated as Gordon's Regt of Cav

BATTLES: Devil's Backbone 1Sep1863
Camden Expedition Mar-May1864
Poison Springs  18Apr1864
Marks Mill 25Apr1864
Price's MO Raid  Sep-Pct1864
Marais des Cygnes 25Oct1864

The compiled records are on microfilm roll #26 and were compiled from only one muster roll plus, POW, parole, hospital  and other non-unit records.

ADAMS, JAMES L. Maj Inspector and Mustering Officer - (From officers list. No individual CSR)

BARRY, HENRY P. Lt Adjutant  - Appointed 5 Nov 1863 Age 38. Born SC.

BASHAM, O. LtCol  -  Aptd 25 Jul 1863, born VA.

BONVILLE, M.A.J. Cpt QM -  Aptd 25 Jul 1863. age 45. Born in TN.

CONNELLY, N.F. Asst Surgeon. -  Aptd 22 Aug 1864, age 30, born in TN.

GARRISON, JAMES B. Adjutant   ( From Officers list. No individual CSR.)

GUNTER, J.W. Lt Col  Filed with 34th AR Inf

HALLIBURTON, JOHN W. 1Lt/Adjutant  - Appointed 10 Aug 1863. Captured 28 Aug 1863 in Arkansas County, AR and sent to MP at St Louis, MO 18 Dec 1863 then to Camp Chase, OH 1 Feb 1864 then to Ft Delaware, DE 25 Mar 1864. Paroled at Johnson's Island, OH 7 Jan 1865 and sent to New Orleans, LA 9 Jan 1865. Exchanged 26 Feb 1865. Ht 5' 8", eyes blue, hair drk, complx lt, age 25, farmer, residence: Woodville, Haywood Co, TN.

HILL, JOHN F. Col Enl  - Apr 1863 at Arkadelphia, AR. Age 46, born in TN.

LINTHICUM,  R. Surgeon.  -  Captured 22 Oct 1864 at Big Blue, MO and paroled at Ft Lavenworth, KS  and sent  to hospital 28 Nov 1864,  to Camp Morton, IN 18 Dec 1864,  to Camp Chase, OH 28 Dec 1864 to Ft Delaware, DE 2 Jan 1865. Exchanged 5 Jan 1865 at Fortress Monroe, VA. Signed name as Rufus.

MARTIN, R.P. Hospital Steward.  - Enl 28 Jun 1862 at Dardanelle, AR. Aptd hospital Steward 8 Dec 1863.

MAY, A.P. Ord Sgt  - Enl 19 Jan 1863 at Clarksville, AR.  Aptd Ord Sgt 1 Sep 1863.

MONROE, FRANK M. Acting Surgeon -  (From officers list. No individual CSR)

ROBBINS, W.R. Chaplain  - Enl 1 Oct 1863. Age 30.

TOOMER, JOSHUA Sgt Major -  Enl 25 Sep 1863 at Dardanelle, AR.

WASSON, S.C. QM Sgt - Enl 1 Oct 1863.Aptd QM Sgt 1 Oct 1863.


BARTON, W.P. Pvt  Clothing issue 25 Sep 1863.

BASHAM, FOUNTAIN Pvt  - In hospital at Shreveport, LA  14-19 Mar 1865.

BUTLER, W.J. Cpt  - Captured 28 Oct 1863 in Arkansas Co, AR and sent to MP at St Louis, MO 18 Dec 1863 then to Camp Chase, OH 31 Jan 1864 then to Ft Delaware, DE 25 Mar 1864 then to Johnson's Island, OH 28 Apt 1865. Exchanged  4 May 1865.

DAVIS, JOSEPH J. Pvt deserted 10 Dec 1864, took oath at Nashville, TN 15 Jan 1865. Ht 5' 11'', eyes gray, hair brown, complx fair, residence: Scott Co, AR. No family. Signed by X.

GARRISON, J.B. 1Lt -  Captured 9 Jul 1864 near Pine Bluff, AR and sent to Little Rock, AR. Released on oath 28 Mar 1865.

HILL, H.H. Orderly  - Enl 25 Sep 1863 at Arkadelphia, AR.

JOHNSON, WILLLIAM Pvt  - Captured 23 Nov 1864 at Mound City, KS and sent to MP at Alton, IL 23 Nov 1864  then to Point Lookout, MD 17 Feb 1865.

LEONARD, GEORGE B. Pvt -  In CSA Hospital at Shreveport, LA 14-18 Mar 1865.

MITCHELL, JESSE -- Took oath 10 Jul 1865 in Carroll Co, AR. Ht 5' 8", eyes hazel, hair lt, complx lt, age 25.

MITCHELL, RICHARD -- Took oath 10 Jul 1865 in Carroll Co, AR. Ht 5' 3", eyes gray, hair lt, complx lt, age 22.

OGDEN, ARCHY B. Pvt -  In Hospital at Shreveport, LA 14-22 Mar 1865.

PHILLIPS, W. Pvt  - In Gen Hospital #9 at Richmond, VA 5-6 Mar 1865.

POSEY, HENRY Pvt -  In General Hospital Shreveport, LA 14-18 Mar 1865.

RAMSEY, JOHN C. Pvt -  In hospital at Shreveport, LA 14-19 Mar 1865.

SAYLE,  W.A.C. Asst Surgeon  - Filed with 2d Mtd Rifles.

THOMPSON, W.W. Pvt -  Died 1 Apr 1864 at Howard's Grove Hospital, Richmond, VA

WARD, JOHN C. Maj  - Resigned 8 Nov 1863.

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