Old Civil War Roster Found
Complete Roll of Co I Fifth Ark

"This article was taken from the Camden News, about 1965-1968 (?) per Marvin T. Word, who sent a copy to me in 1980.  Not a primary source but surely a document worth passing around."  Article donated by  Teresa Harris

A copy of the full roster of Company I, Fifth Arkansas Regiment of theConfederate Army was found recently by R. L. Shiry of Camden.  The roll was the property of Mr. Shirey's father, the late Leroy (Tip) Shirey who
served with Company I.  Most of these were Warren, and Bradley Countymen but several are known here and some men from this section also served in Company I with the Fifth Regiment.

The complete roll was furnished by Sergeant Moseley, according to the papers found by Mr. Shirey.  The roster follows:

B. F. Sweeney, Captain; C. M. Green, First Lieut.; W. Dempsey, ThirdLieut.; P. V. Green, First Lieut.; J. J. Dunlap, First Lieut.; W.Dempsey, Third Lieut.; P. V. Green, First Lieut.; Henry Fisher, Second Sergeant; William Henry, Third Sergeant; Privates, Charles Moseley, John Mosley, James Whiteside, William Shields, W. H. Wright, W. R. McFadden, William Jewel, A. Harris, R. (?) L. Neely, C. R. Steward, R. J. Dunlap, J. P. Ballard, H. Harris, B. Franklin, J. M. Webb, John Wesley, P.Coontz, Sam Givens, H. Mile, Peter Barren, J. E. Atkins, J. R. Thornton,

W. D. Minty, Frank Van, J. L. Reaves, Ike Wilson, J. B. Thompson.  Henry Thompson, J. Baskhorn, S. T. C. Jones, J. Hudgpeth, J. A. S. Penney, S.R. Balaford, Amzee Murphey, L. Shirey.  Thomas Fewell, Dave McKenny,Bill Caldwell, Jack Gordon, Will Ritchey, J. M. Givens, W. M. Coplian (?), William Moore, Brad Crain, Welk Clain, William Crawford, H. Bradley, Thomas Hobson, H. Harris, William Louis, Thomas Richey, C. C.Gannaway.  George Buff, Thomas Weeks.  L. Youngblood, J. M. Clatie, J. M. Gombol, William Lesley, Thomas Justis, B. F. Louston, John Kinmore, J. P. Weir, A. L. McKinney, Bill Dunkin, C. M. Wilson, M. J. Matlock, J.

A. R. Ambercroumbie, O. Ballard, T. J. Word, R. M. Word, William Moseley.  J. Ritchie, J. B. Frasier, E. P. Morris, J. M. Cobb.  A. M.Smith, W. H. Morgan, William Bryant, T. Hampton, Joe Tomie, J. M. Fowler, J. M. Ray, J. M. Keith, Ben Stewart, C. R. Stewart, William Giff.  J. M. Bailey, William Shambley, H. Hynes, J. O. Allen, Sam Leslie, Tom Johnson, Jim Johnson, Dennis Johnson, J. O. Johnson, John Leslie, A. D. Thompson, Tom Thompson, George Langston, Bill Langston, Daniel Langston and Bob (Rob?) Capline.

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