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This regiment was organized for one year in state service at Gainesville, Greene Co, AR on 28Jun1861 and was transferred to Confederate service 27Jul1861 at Pocahontas, AR. Reorganized 12May1862 at Corinth, MS. Was fieold consolidated with the 13th Inf Regt from Aug1863 to 9Apr1865. Consolidated with the 1st, 2d, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 19th(Dawsons), and 24th Inf Regiments and the 3rd Confederate Inf Regt Consolidated at Smithfield, NC on 9Apr1865 and became the 1st Consolidated AR Inf Regt.
Throughout the records of this regiment there are references to the 1st AR Inf Regt. It should be noted that the reference should read: 1st Consolidated AR Inf Reg.
Their participation in the following battles earned them the additional name of “Fighting Fifth”:
Pea Ridge
Corinth Campaign
Richmond, KY
Perryville, KY
Murfreesboro, TN
Jackson Siege
Chattanooga Siege
Atlanta Campaign
Dug Gap
New Hope Chirch
Kennesaw Mountain
Moore’s Hill
Peach Tree Creek
Ezra Church
Atlanta Siege
Lovejoy’s Station
Lovejoy’s Station (2-5Sep2864)
Moon’s Station
Sugar Creek
Carolinas Campaign
Roll 78   A-Cl
        79    Co-Fr
        80    Fu–Ja
        81    Je-L
        82    M–Q
        83   R-Th
        84   Ti-Y


BADLEY, CHARLES Pvt Musician  - Enl 10-26Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR. Member of the band. Captured 1Jan1863 at Murfreesboro, TN and sent to MP at City Point, VA 11Feb1863. Captured 18Dec1864 at Nashville, TN and sent to MP at Camp Chase, OH. Took oath 18May1865.

CARROLL, R.H. LEE Pvt - Enl 15Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR. Fife major. Detailed as hospital nurse Aug1862. Captured 7Mar1863 at Madison, AR and sent to MP at St Louis, MO then to Allen’s Point,VA 2Apr1863 Age 23, ht 5[‘ 6”, eyes blue, hair drk, complx drk.

CASTLEBERRY, RUFUS AQM - Enl 13Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR. Appointed 2Dec1862.

CHAMBERLAIN, S.W.  SURGEON -  Assigned 30Apr1863 at Bell Buckle, TN.

CROSS, DAVID C.  Col  - Enl 27Jul1861 Gainesville, AR. Disch 12May1862 at Tupelo, MS  not being reelected.

CURTIS, WILLIAM P. Pvt Musician - Enl 15Jun1861 at Pineville, Poinsett Co, AR. Present 31Aug1864. (Trfd from Co A.)

DAVIDSON, JAMES 2Lt - Enl 12Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR. Absent sick 31Dec1861. Died.

DAVIS, WILLIAM C.  QM Sgt - Enl 27Jul1861 Wittsburg, AR. Disch 17May1862.

DAWSON, CLAVIUS D. 2Lt - Enl 13Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR.  Appointed 1Jul1862. Dropped 26Aug1864. From Co K.

DUNLOP, JOSEPH J. Adjutant - Aptd  19Sep1861 at Bowling Green, KY. Not reelected. Disch 12May1862 at Corinth, MS.

DUNLOP, RUFUS J. Ord Sgt - Enl 10Jun1861 at Little Rock, AR. Paroled about 26Apr1862 at Greensboro, NC as a member of the 1st AR Inf Regt.

FEATHERSTON, LUCIUS  Col  - Enl 13Jun1861 Wittsburg, AR. Signed certificate as Inspector and Mustering Officer. Killed 19Sep1863 at Chickamauga, GA.

FINLEY, JOHN B.  Surgeon - Enl 27Jul1861 Wittsburg, AR. Was near Dalton, GA 4May1864.

GREEN, PETER V.  Col  - Enl 10Jun1861 Little Rock, AR. Commanding the regt. GCM 9Feb1863.

HARE, F.M.  2Lt Commissary Officer. - Enl in Co A 13Jun1861 at Pineville, AR. Captured at Hawkinsport, OH 19Jul1863 and sent to MP at Johnsons Island, OH then to Point Lookout, MD 22Apr1864 then to Ft Delaware, DE 23Jun1864. Exchanged 11Oct1864.

HOWELL, E.A. Col  - Enl 10Jun1861 in Co G at Brownsville, AR. Elected Cpt 16May1862. Promoted to Major 28Oct1863. Paroled about 26Apr1865 at Greensboro, NC as a member of the 1st Consolidated Infantry Regiment.

JONES, WILLIAM T. Cpt - Enl 10Jun1861 at Brownsville, AR in Co G. Appointed Sgt Major 1Jul1861. Disch from the staff 1May1862 and elected 1Lt 16May1862. Wounded 31Aug1864 and sent to hospital. In hospital at Macon, GA 16-28Apr1865 and was returned to duty. Honor Roll 1Aug1864.

KIBLER, WILLIAM R.  Asst Surgeon  - Enl in Co E 26Jun1861 at Gainesville, AR. Wounded 31Dec1862 at Murfreesboro, TN. Paroled about 26Apr1865 at Greensboro, NC as a member of the 1st AR Inf Regt.

KEHOE, WILLIAM  Musician -  Enl 18Jul1862 at Tupelo, MS. Captured 18Dec1864 at Spring Hill, TN and sent to MP at Camp Chase, OH 3Feb1865.

MACKEY, JAMES  Chaplain - Appointed Aug1861. Dropped Dec1862.

MALLORY, EDWARD  CPT  Quartermaster - Appointed Aug1861. Dropped 24Feb1862.

McCRAY, THOMAS H. Adjutant 1Lt - Enl 14Jun1861 Wittsburg, AR. Aptd 27Jul1861.

McFADDEN, JOHN R.  Surgeon - Enl 10Jun1862 Little Rock, AR in Co  C. Detached as asst surgeon Nov1862. Paroled about 26Apr1865 at Greensboro, NC as a member of the 1st AR Inf Regt (Consol).

MURRAY, JOHN E.  COL Bde Commander. - Killed 22Jul1864 near Atlanta, GA.

NICHOLS, T.D.  HOSP STEWARD - Enl at  Pittman's Ferry, AR. Died 19Jan1863 Murfreesboro, TN.

NICHOLS, T.D. Hospital Steward - Enl 6Aug1862 at Pitman’s Ferry, AR. Died in 1862.

O'NEAL, HENRY Pvt - Enl 4Sep1861 Pittman's Ferry, AR in Co K. On detached service as nurse in hospital through Dec1863. Took oath at Memphis, TN 1Mar1865.

PHILLIPS, MALKIZAH  Comm Sgt - Enl 10Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR. Disch 11Jun1862.

POLLARD, RICHARD N. Pvt - Enl 12Jul1862 Gainesville, AR - Musician

POLLARD, R.N. Pvt - Enl 15Jun1861 at Pineville, AR. Transferred to the and 1Jul1862. Sick at Augusta GA since 10May1864.

POPE, REDDICK  Maj - Enl 27Jul1861 at Wittsburg, AR. . Dropped  14May1862.

ROZENBURG, JOHN Pvt - Enl 15Jun1861 at Pineville, Poinsett Co, AR in Co A. Disch from the band 10May1862. Wounded 25Jun1863 at Liberty Gap, TN and sent to the hospital. Paroled about 26Apr1865 at Greensboro, NC as a member of Co C, 1st AR Inf Regt.

SCHLOSSER, JACOB Musician - Enl 15Jun1861 in ?Co A at Pineville, AR. Brigade bugler through Feb1864. Severely wounded in groin 31Dec1862 at Murfreesboro, TN.

ST. CLAIR, GEORGE W. Sgt - Enl at Brownsville, AR.  Present 31Aug1864.

STEPHENS, R.K. - Asst Surgeon Assigned to duty 25Dec1862.

SWEENEY, BENJAMIN F.  LTC - Enl 10Jun1861 at Little Rock, AR. Cashiered by sentence of G.C.M. 18Dec1861. Discharged.

WARRINGTON, WILLIAM H.  Chief Musician - Enl 10Oct1861 Columbus, Ky. Paroled about 26Apr1865 at Greensboro, NC as a member of the 1st AR Inf, Regt.

WELLS, THOMAS   - Died 7Nov1861 at Nashville, TN (Smith's Company)

WINSTON, ISAAC  2LT Adjutant - Enl 13Jun1861 in Co K. Severely wounded in leg at Murfreesboro, TN 31Dec1862. Resigned 4Apr1864.

YERZLEY, THOMAS Pvt Musician - Enl in Co B 10Jun1861 at Wittsburg, AR. Detailed as drum major. Co B voted not to be transferred to the CSA and was disbanded and discharged with the exception of three men who were trfd 27Jul1861 at Pocahontas, AR. He was returned from the regimental band to duty in the company 1Apr1862. Promoted to Sgt 16May1862. Was sick in the hospital at Chattanooga, TN but returned before 31Aug1862. Was sent off to the hospital 7Aug1863. Was in the hospital at Augusta , GA  15Oct1864. Present in arrest 31Dec1863. Court Martial dated 30Jan1864. Paroled about 26Apr1865 at Greensboro, NC as a menber of Co C, 1st AR Inf Regt (Consol).

YOUNG, W.R.  LT - Slightly wounded in  arm 31Dec1862 at Murfreesboro, TN


BALDWIN, ELEXIS Pvt - Captured 7May1863 in Madison Co, AR and sent to MP at St Louis, MO 20Mar1863. Disch on oath 8Jun1863.

BARLY, SAMUEL L. Cpl - Took oath 19Feb1864. Ht 6’, eyes gray, hair lt, complx lt. Residence: Prairie Co, AR.

BRADLEY, H. R. Pvt - Slightly wounded in back 31Dec1862 at Murfreesboro, TN.

DANIELS, WILLIAM Pvt - Captured 8Apr1863 at Wittsburg, AR and sent to MP at Alton, IL 7May1863. Died of typhoid fever 1Jun1863.

DAVIS, W.C. Ord Sgt - Enl 27Jul1861 at Pocahontas, AR. Disch 17Jul1862 at Tupelo, MS.

GANDRICK, A.B. – Slightly wounded in thign 31Dec1862 at Murfreesboro, TN.

GWYNN, HUMPHREY Pvt - Captured 7Mar1863 in Madison Co, AR and sent to MP at St Louis, MO then to Allen’s Point , VA for exchange. Age 40, ht 6’ 3”, eyes hazel, hair blk, complx drk. Disch 2Apr1863.

McCULLARS, JAMES Pvt - Slightly wounded at Murfreesboro, TN 31Dec1862.

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