NARA Roll #76

After the battle at Wilson's Creek, MO 10 Aug 186 a petition was circulated among the officers to allow the commander to remain in command of the the regiment. With a few exceptions, this list was extracted from  those who signed the petition:

ARNOLD, JOHN R. Cp,         Co I. Voucher issued at Little Rock, AR 28 Jan 1862.

BALEY, W.W. 1Lt,                  Co B      Signed petition 11 Aug 1861.

BASSAM, ALLEN 2Lt,           Co B                          "

BERRY, H.S. 3Lt,                     Co A                          "

BERRY, J.D. 3Lt,                     Co K                         `"

BERRY, TOM   Lt Col                 --                            "

BOTEMAN, THOMAS --       Co  A

BUNCH, LARKEN Cpt,          Co B                          "

COUGHMAN, T.B. 2Lt,         Co H                          "

DENNY, JOHN Cpt,                Co I                           "

DUNLAP, A. Surgeon --                                           "

EVANS, N.A. 3Lt,                    Co H                         "

FANCHER, H.B. Cpt,              Co H                         "

FENTON, RICH'D 3Lt,          Co F                          "

FRANCIS, W.M. 2Lt,             Co F                          "

GOODRIDGE, J.G. 2Lt,         Co C                         "

GREENLY, J.J. 2Lt,                Co G                         "

GUNTER, TOM Cpt,               Co F                          "

GUSHY, J.W. 3Lt,                   Co B                         "

HAYHURST, S.L. 2Lt,            Co I                          "

HUMPHRIES, JOHN T. Cpt,  Co I                         "

JOHNSON, J.W. Cpt,             Co G                        "

JONES, J.M.G. 1Lt,                Co G                          "

KEARNES, S.A. 3Lt,               Co I                           "

McKENNON, A.S. 2Lt            Co K                         "

MORROW, J.M. Asst Surgeon --                          "

OWENS, J.F. 3Lt,                    Co G                         "

PEEL, S.W. Major                      --                             "

PITMAN, J.M. Cpt,                 Co K                          "

POYNER, W.S. 1Lt.               Co K                          "

REED, CHARLES 1Lt,           Co C                         "

ROBINSON, L.S. 3Lt,            Co C                         "

ROSSEN, WM.  3Lt,               Co E                          "

SADDLER N.P. 1Lt,                Co E                          "

SANDERS, R.H. Cpt,               Co A                         "

SHINEL, J.S. 2Lt,                     Co A                         "

SMITH, H.L. --                           Co H                         "

TINNEN, H.L. Cpt,                    Co C                         "

TURNER, W.M. 2Lt,                 Co E                         "

WALKER, J.D.                          Col  --                       "

WALKER, J.W. 1Lt,                 Co F                         "

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