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NOTE: The 36th Regt was organized by companies in Jun1862 and as a regiment in Jun or Jul1862. It was AKA the 28th AR Regiment in 1862. It was consolidated into five companies 30Sep1863.
This regt. paticipated in the following battles: Helena, AR (4Jul1863), Little Rock, AR 10Sep1863, Red River Campaign (Mar-May1864) and Jenkins Ferry, AR (30Apr1864). Col. Dandridge McRae was the first commander.
The compiled service records for the regiment are on the following rolls of film:
Roll 226 A - E
       227  F - K
       228  L - R
       229  S - Y

Co. A—White County.
Co. B—White Ccounty.
Co. C—Prairie County.
Co. D—Van Buren County.
Co. E—White County.
Co. F—Conway County.
Co. G—Pulaski County (includes men from other regiments who were hospitalized at Little Rock).
Co. H—White County.
Co.  I—Conway County.
Co. K—Pulaski County.


ADAMS, WILLIAM G. QM Sgt.  -  Age 24. Enl in Co K 15 Jul 1862 at Little Rock, AR. Dropped from the rolls 15 Nov 1863 on account of his appointment as QM Sgt. Appointed QM Sgt 26 Jan 1863. Wounded and captured 4 Jul 1863 at Helena, AR and sent to MP at Alton, IL Aug 1863. Exchanged at Ft Delaware, DE 7 Mar 1865.

BOOTH, HENRY Cpt  - Age 33, born in TN. Commissioned 15 Jun 1862.  Relieved of duty.

BROOKHEART, J.F. Asst Surgeon  - Age 36, born in MD. Commissioned 19 Jun 1863 at Camp Bowen, AR. Relieved of duty.

CROCKER, W.B. Ord Sgt  - Enl in Co C, 28 Feb 1863 at Little Rock, AR. Aptd 1 Mar 1863. AWOL 19 Feb 1864-31 Aug 1863.

CUNNINGHAM,  GEORGE L. Hospital Steward. (Also in Co K and Co F).  - Age 29. Enl 18 Jun 1862 at Springfield, AR. Appointed Hospital Steward 8 Jul 1862. Relieved for incompetency. Detailed as surgeon of herdsman in Churchill's Bde. Mustered into 10th Regt 16 Jul 1861 & furloughed 27 Feb 1862.

DAVIE, JAMES MADISON Col  - Age 32, born in NC. Appointed 24 Jun 1862 at Springfield, AR. Promoted 24 Oct 1863. Wounded 4 Jul 1863 at Helena, AR.

EVANS, GEORGE W. Chaplain Appointed -  7 Aug 1863. Appointed in 30th Regt 30 Feb 1864 in the Trans-Mississippi Dept.

GEE, J.C. Surgeon  - Age 28, born in TN.  Commissioned 9 Mar 1863 at a camp near  Little Rock, AR. Relieved.

GLENN, JOHN E. Col  -  Age 36, born in SC. Commissioned 5 Nov 1862 at Camp Bowen, AR. Signed as commanding the regiment. Captured 24 Mar 1864 in Ashley Co, AR. Broke parole and escaped. Resigned 4 Sep 1863

HANNA, W.S. Lt Col  - Age 25, born in MS. Enl 18 Jun 1862 at Springfield, AR. Promoted to ensign 12 Jul 1862. Commissioned 5 Nov 1862. Resigned 23 Jun 1863, accepted 2 Oct 1863.

HART, THOMAS W. Sgt Major  - Enl 1 Feb 1862 at Searcy, AR. Transferred 1 Mar 1862 from Gause's Regt. Present 29 Feb 1864.

HATHAWAY, JOSEPH F. Major  - Age 37, born in AL. Enl 26 Jun 1862 at Springfield, AR. Promoted 24 Oct 1863. Signs roll as commanding the regiment.

HUSSEY, JOHN E. Adjutant   -  Resigned, disabled. Tubercule in lung 29 Nov 1862.

LAVIN, PATRICK Sgt Major (Enl Co G.) -  Enl 15 Dec 1861 at Oseola, MO. Formerly a member of Wade's Arty. Killed 4 Jul 1863 at Helena, AR.

McRAE, D. Col -  See record in 6th AR Inf.

PERRY, B.D. Pvt  - Enl in Co C 1 Sep 1862 at Austin, AR. Detailed in Brigade Band 3 Dec 1862.

PHILIPS, OSCAR Sgt Major  - Enl in Co G 11 Jun 1862 at Little Rock, AR Formerly in Reeves Regt.

POE, R.H. AQM & Cpt  - Enl 1 Mar 1862 at Little Rock, AR. Resignation accepted 9 May 1863.

QUARLES, GEORGE R. Adj & 1Lt  - Age 29, born in AL Appointed 16 Mar 1864. Killed 9 Apr 1864.

ROBINSON, WALTER CALVIN Lt Col -  Enl 29 Jun 1862 at Springfield, AR. Served 8 months in Co B. 4th AR Bn. Wounded at Helena, AR 4 Jul 1863.

STOCKRON, CHAS. M. -  Hospital Steward Aptd 28 Feb 1863. Present 29 Feb 1864.

WATKINS, RUFUS A. Surgeon  - Age 30, born in MO. Appointed 30 Jan 1863 by Gen. Price.Present 29 Feb 1864.


McGINTY, J.W. Pvt  - Died 30 Aug 1862 at Camp Hope, AR.

REY, J. T. 2Lt    - Appointed 26 Jun 1862.

RILEY, L. Pvt     - Died 25 Sep 1862 at Camp Hope, AR.

WHARTON, W. Pvt  - Deserted 5 Jul 1862 at Des Arc, AR.

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