Roll #215 A-Bo
  216 Br-G
  217 H-Mi
   218 Mo-S
219 T-Y

AKA: Brook's Inf Regt
Companies were organized June through Aug1862.
Regiment was organized 16Aug1862. Commanded by William H. Brooks, Col

The record of events of two companies (D and G) have the following remark:
" Served as cavalry until 21 Jul 1863 then was dismounted by order of Col Carroll."

Little Rock, AR 10 Sep 1863.
Jenkins Ferry, AR 30Apr 1864
Ivey's Ford, AR 17 Jan 1865
Prairie Grove 7 Dec 1862
Helena 4 Jul 1863

Co. A —Washington County.
Co. B —Washington County .
Co. C —Washington County.
Co. D —Sebastian County.
Co. E —Crawford County.
Co. F —Benton County.
Co. G —Sebastian County.
Co. H —Washington County.
Co.  I —Franklin County.
Co. K —Washington County.

BOONE, E.F. Musician  - Enl 19 Jun 1863 at Little Rock, AR. Appointed drummer 1 Mar 1862. Present 29 Feb 1864.

BROOKS, WILLIAM H. Col  - Age 27, born in Mich. Appoimted 6 Aug 1862 at Fayetteville, AR. Recommended by Gen Tappan for promotion to Brig Gen 18 Mar 1864.

CARNAHAN, PETER 1Lt Adjutant  - Age 24, born in AR. Enl 26 Jun 1862 at Cane Hill, AR. Appointed Sgt and Adjutant 20 Jul 1863. Appointed 1Lt  1 Dec 1863. Present 31 Aug 1864.

EARLE, F.R. Major  -  Age 32, born in KY. Enl 26 Jun 1862 at Cane Hill, AR. Elected Major 2 Dec 1863. Present 29 Feb 1864.

GUNTER, THOMAS M. Lt Col  - Age 36, born in AL. Enl 16 Jun 1862 at Fayetteville, AR. Promoted to Lt Co l 3 Jul 1863.

KEYSER, HARRY Sgt Major  - Enl 20 Jun 1862 at Fayetteville, AR. Assigned as Sgt Major 14 May 1863 from Co C. Paroled 7 Jun 1865 at Shreveport, LA.

LACY, JOHN M. Asst Surgeon  - Enl 5 Jul 1862 at Cane Hill, AR. Assigned as Surgeon 19 Sep 1863. Age 26, born in AL.

LEWIS, WILLIAM M. QM Sgt  - Enl 12 Aug 1862 at Cane Hill, AR. Appointed QM Sgt 1 Jan 1863. Present 30 Apr 1864.

MITCHELL, WILLIAM Ord Sgt  - Enl 25 Jul 1862 at Cane Hill, AR. Appointed 3 Oct 1862. Present 30 Apr 1864.

MOORE, JAMES Com Sgt  - Enl 2J ul 1862 at Ozark, AR. Commsy Sgt.  Present 31 Aug 1863.

MOSES, PETER A. Chaplain -  Age 34, born in KY. Commissioned 23 Aug 1863..

PETTIGREW, JAMES R. Lt Col  - Enl 17 Jun 1862 at Fayetteville, AR. Promoted to major 4 Apr 1863. Age 32, born in AR. Present 29 Feb 1864.

TROTT, JAMES E. AQM   - Commissioned 24 Aug 1862 at a camp near Fayetteville, AR. Age 29, born in Mass.

TYUS, ROBERT B. ACS AQM  - Commissioned  24 Jul 1862 at a camp near Fayetteville, AR. Age 29, born in AL.

WELCH, W.B. Surgeon  - Enl 5 Jun 1862 at Cane Hill, AR. Aptd Surgeon 10 Aug 1862. Present 29 Feb 21864.

WOOSLEY, JAMES Maj  - Age 36, born in KY. Paid as a Cpt as early as 18 Jun 1862. Elected major 16 Aug 1862. Was in Gunter's Bn Cav 3 Jul 1863.

Unidentified units:

BROWN, ELIJAH Pvt  - Gave himself up as a deserter at Chapel Hill, MO 23 Apr 1865.

CONNER, SIMEON Pvt  - On a list of deserters at Memphis, TN 20 Jun 1865. Age 31, ht 5' 4 1/2".

RICKETTS, W.M. Pvt   - Surrendered 1 Oct 1862 at Fayetteville, AR. Wants to take the oath of allegiance.

SHURMAN, THOMAS Pvt  - POW at Vicksburg, MS 3 Mar 1865. from Memphis, TN. Captured 12 Feb 1865. Sent from Gaines Landing.

Miscellaneous Information:

In March I visited the Cheatham Cemetery in Lincoln, Arkansas, and recorded the information on all of the burials there. For Thomas Jefferson Cheatham there is both a vertical monument and (in front of it) a smaller rectangular marble marker, the top of which is flush with the surface of the ground. Almost certainly the monument and the marker were placed at different times, particularly since they duplicate the name and dates. On the marker it says:

Thomas Jefferson Cheatham
Co. B 34 Ark Inf
Civil War
June 20, 1839 Mar 13, 1893

This is the only source I have regarding Civil War service by Thomas Jefferson Cheatham.
There is a similar marker in front of the monument for George Washington Cheatham (his brother) in the same cemetery, but no marker in front of the much older monument for their brother Francis Marion Cheatham, who (although enlisted) apparently was killed on his homestead on December 2, 1862, by either Indians or bushwackers, and not in a Civil War battle. I do not know that Francis Marion actually saw any military conflict before his death, which (along with his death being much earlier than when the other markers were placed) would explain why there is no marker indicating Francis Marion's Civil War service.

My own direct ancestor among these four is William Thomas Cheatham. William's father is an older half-brother of the other three listed Cheathams. I have nothing at all to indicate that William even served in the Civil War , other than William's listing in the Civil War index. However, the 34th Arkansas Infantry was apparently raised entirely in Washington County, so there can be no doubt (based on an absence of other persons with the same name in the census records) that he is the same one listed in the index.
Charles Cheatham
From: Charles Cheatham

Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 1:46 PM
Subject: Burials of Civil War Veterans

CHEATHAM, Francis Marion, 34th Ark.Inf., Co. H., b. 16 Dec. 1838, d. 2 Dec. 1862, buried Cheatham Cemetery, Lincoln, Washington Co, AR.
CHEATHAM, George Washington, Pvt., Co. H, 34th Ark. Inf., b. 15 Aug. 1837, d. 29 Mar. 1902, buried Cheatham Cemetery, Lincoln, Washington Co, AR.

CHEATHAM, Thomas Jefferson, 34th Ark. Inf., Co. B, b. 20 June 1839, d. 13 Mar. 1893, buried Cheatham Cemetery, Lincoln, Washington Co, AR.

CHEATHAM, William Thomas, 34th Ark. Inf., Co. B, b. 18 Aug. 1842, d. 3 May 1910, buried Littleton Cemetery, Mulvane, Sumner Co., KS From Charles Cheatham, Oklahoma City, OK

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