Camden Newspaper - 1931

Roster of Old Company Found
Civil War Muster Roll
Shows 87 Men


The Muster roll of Company "B", 33rd Arkansas regiment of the Confederate army from January 30, 1863 to August 1, 1863 has been found by Mrs. Dora T. Sifford, daughter of Capt. T. D. Thomsan who was head of this company.

The muster roll is in the original handwriting which is clearly legible and well preserved.

D. Newton, Wm. F. White and J. T. Webster, were Leutenants.  W. P. Cawthon, R. Thompson, T. J. Burch,
W. A.  Manning and John Hornea were sergeants.  T. U. Parr, T. F. Womble, W. J. Hogue and S. J. Burns were corporals.

The privates were R. P. Agee - F. N. Allen, - A. J. Arnold - J. B. Bradshaw - Elijah Bailes - J.W. Crawford
M. F.  Cross - C.C. Cockerham -  A.T. Carroll - R. J. Crabtree - J. J. Deason - A. J. Dyer - Thos. L. Dupry
J. E. Furr - D. S.  Fincher - J.S. Fincher - B. B. Fincher - W. T. B. Gillespie - A. P. Greer - J. B. Hunter
Jasper Griffin - W. L. Hardy - J. E. Hodge - T. J. Harrison - E. H. Hughes - M. S. Hesterly - Dixon High
S.E. Harrell - Hardy House - W. J. Kirby - P. G. Klock - L. E. Lee - B. F. Lee - J. S. Lapiter - C. J. Lapiter
G. A. Langford - John La Beff - Green La Beff - C. C. Legett - Allen Legett - W. E. Marks -  W. L. Martin
J. W. McKelvey - B. F. Moseley -Tom McGill  - Luke McNary - J. R. McAteer - S. J. Neel - J. F. Nesbit
J. A. Nelson - W. S. Otwill - J.V. Pedron - L.E. Pedron - W. W. Pile - G. L. Ritchie - D. G. Rodgers
J.B. Roseman - J. F. Strasmer - Joe Shirey - W. H. Steward - Carah J. Tyson - W. S. Thurner - E. L. Turner  S. O. P. Tutt - W. F. Wright - M. V. Williams - A.J. Wells - L. P. Wells - R. M. Millett - S. B. Worthington
W. E. Wesson - J. M. A. Wilson - W.H. Warnock - E.S. Webb -E. W. Webb - W. C. White - G. W. White and
N. C. Yarborough.

A note on the bottom of the ledger sheet says: "87 men. July 21-22, Delhi, La.  thence to Camp Taylor on Boeff river  Left here August 4,  Marched to Little rock reaching there on the 23rd. Camp Pirce-- remained here until August 31."

A..T. Carroll who died recently is believed to be the last of this company.  All the rest died some years ago.

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