2nd Arkansas Regiment, 30-Day Volunteers, CSA

As detailed in the history of the 1st Arkansas Regiment, 30-Day Volunteers, a second regiment of 30-day volunteers began organizing at Camp Borland, near Pocahontas, Arkansas, in mid-November 1861, in response to the appeal of Col. Solon Borland for volunteers to defend Pitman’s Ferry, “the gateway to Arkansas,” from a possible Yankee attack.  This regiment does not appear to have completed its organization.  Only the records of the four companies of the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Regiment are extant.

Four companies from northeast Arkansas constituted the 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment:  Capt. John H. Miers’ company from Jackson County, Capt. W. T. High’s company (“High’s Repellers”) from Prairie and present-day Lonoke counties, Capt. James R. Morris’ company from Independence and present-day Cleburne counties, and Capt. Thomas G. Shinpock’s company from present-day Woodruff County.  The companies enlisted for 30-days of emergency service on November 18, and were discharged on December 18, 1861.

The men of Companies A, B and C returned to their respective homes after being discharged.  The men of Company D, however, stayed on to enlist in Confederate service for one year and became Company K of McCarver’s 14th Arkansas Infantry.

No colonel or lieutenant-colonel was ever assigned to the 2nd Regiment.  The only field-grade officer mentioned in the record is a Major Allen, commanding the 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment.  We have been unable to identify this officer.

Co. A—Jackson County.
Co. B—Prairie and Lonoke Counties.
Co. C—Independence and Cleburne Counties.
Co. D—Woodruff County.

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