The 2nd Arkansas (Union) Cavalry mostly saw quite a bit of scouting  action during the war, and was engaged in a couple of fairly large  battles.  Here's a synopsis of the regiment's service.


 Second Regiment Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

 Organized at Helena, Arkansas, and Pilot Knob, Missouri, July, 1862.
 Attached to Helena, Arkansas, District Southwest Missouri, Department of
 Missouri, to December, 1862.
 2nd Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division, District Eastern Arkansas, to
 January, 1863.
 2nd Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, 13th Army Corps, Department
 Tennessee, to April, 1863.
 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, District of Eastern Arkansas, Department
 Tennessee, to May, 1863.
 District of Southwest Missouri, Department of Missouri, to October,
 3rd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Department of Missouri, to January, 1865.
 Unattached Cavalry, District West Tennessee, to February, 1865.
 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, District West Tennessee, to August, 1865.

 Duty at Helena, Arkansas, till April, 1863.
 At Fayetteville, Arkansas, till July, 1863, and at Cassville, Missouri,
 till September, 1864.
 (Co. “B” at Benton Barracks, Missouri, June, 1863. At Cape Girardeau,
 Missouri, July, 1863. Scout from Cape Girardeau to the Ash Hills and
 Poplar Bluff, Missouri, August 9-18. Skirmish, Ash Hills, August 13.
 Expedition from Cape Girardeau to Pocahontas, Arkansas, August 18-26.
 Skirmishes, Pocahontas, August 22-23.)
 Elm Springs, July 30, 1863.
 Near Fayette, August 23, 1863 (Detachment).
 Jenny Lind, September 1, 1863.
 Crawford County, November 25, 1863.
 Burrowsville, Searcy County, December 26, 1863.
 Waldron, Arkansas, December 29, 1863.
 King’s River, January 10, 1864.
 Operations against guerrillas in northwest Arkansas, in Newton, Searcy,
 Izard and Carroll Counties, January 16-February 15, 1864.
 Lewisburg, Arkansas, January 17, 1864.
 Clear Creek and Tomahawk, January 22, 1864.
 Bailey’s or Crooked Creek, January 23, 1864 (Co. “C”).
 Crooked Creek, February 5, 1864.
 Tomahawk Gap, February 9, 1864.
 Expedition from Rolling Prairie to Batesville, February 19-April 4,
 Scouts from Yellville to Buffalo River, March 13-26, 1864.
 Oil Trough Bottom, March 24, 1864 (Detachment).
 Near White River, March 25, 1864.
 Constant scouting and skirmishing with guerrillas.
 Scouts from Bellefonte, March 29-April 1, 1864.
 Whiteley’s Mills, April 5, 1864.
 Piney Mountain, April 6, 1864.
 Osage Branch, King’s River, April 16, 1864 (Co. “A”).
 Limestone Valley, April 17, 1864.
 King’s River, April 19, 1864.
 Near mouth of Richland Creek, May 3 and 5, 1864.
 Scout in northern Arkansas, May 17-22, 1864 (Co. “M”).
 Scout from Cassville to Cross Hollows, June 9-14 and June 20-24, 1864.
 Near Maysville, July 20, 1864.
 Operations in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas, August 15-24,
 Scout from Ozark, Missouri, to Dubuque Crossing and Sugar Loaf Prairie
 August 23-26, 1864 (Detachment).
 Expedition from Cassville, Missouri, to Fayetteville, Arkansas, August
 23-28, 1864 (Detachment).
 Gerald Mountain and Mud Town, August 24, 1864.
 Operations against Price, August 29-December 2, 1864.
 Moreau Creek, Jefferson City, Missouri, October 7.
 Russellville, October 9, 1864.
 California, October 9, 1864.
 Near Booneville, October 11-12, 1864.
 Fort Smith, Arkansas, October 14, 1864 (Detachment).
 Dover, October 20, 1864.
 Little Blue, October 21, 1864.
 Independence, Big Blue and State Line, October 22, 1864.
 Big Blue and Westport, October 23, 1864.
 Little Osage, Mine Creek, Marias des Cygnes, October 25, 1864.
 Engagement on the Marmiton, or Battle of Charlot, October 25, 1864.
 Newtonia, Missouri, October 28, 1864.
 Upshaw’s Farm, October 29, 1864.
 Expedition from Springfield, Missouri, to Fort Smith, Arkansas, November
 5-16, 1864.
 Near Cincinnati, Arkansas, November 6, 1864.
 Scout from Springfield, Missouri, to Huntsville and Yellville, Arkansas,
 November 11-21, 1864.
 Ordered to Memphis, Tennessee, January, 1865.
 Duty at Memphis, Tennessee, and in District of West Tennessee, till
 August, 1865.
 Mustered out, August 20, 1865.

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