27th Arkansas Infantry.

The 27th Arkansas Infantry was organized at Yellville, Arkansas, in July 1862, composed of a handful of companies of mounted volunteers, which were dismounted and reinforced with several companies of conscripts.  James R. Shaler, a Missourian who had previously served in the Missouri State Guard, was appointed colonel of the new regiment.  Colonel Shaler soon proved to be unpopular with the men.  Like all true Missouri Confederates, Shaler was obsessed with liberating his State from the Yankees.  However, the 27th Arkansas was organized for the defense of northern Arkansas, and Shaler’s efforts to turn the regiment into a Missouri outfit resulted in dissension in the ranks.  One soldier wrote to this wife that Colonel Shaler had replaced the regiment’s Confederate battle-flag with a Missouri flag.  He said that he and his comrades were outraged, and thought that most of the regiment would refuse to fight under the Missouri banner.  Although the 27th Arkansas was assigned to Shaver’s Arkansas brigade, Colonel Shaler repeatedly tried to get the regiment transferred to a Missouri brigade.  Ultimately, Shaler was booted out of the regiment when an election for new officers was held on November 28, 1863, and Beal Gaither was elected in his place.  Meanwhile, the 27th Arkansas had been reassigned to Tappan’s Arkansas brigade, where it served for the remainder of the war.  The 27th Arkansas fought in the Little Rock campaign, the Red River campaign, and the Camden expedition.  Among the battles in which the regiment participated were Little Rock, Pleasant Hill, and Jenkins’ Ferry.  Depleted by disease, desertions and battle losses, the 27th Arkansas was often operationally consolidated with the 38th Arkansas Infantry.

Field and Staff.
Co. A —Marion County.
Co. B (old) —Carroll County.
Co. B (new) —Fulton County.
Co. C (old) —Carroll County.
Co. C (new) —Izard County.
Co. D —Carroll County.
Co. E —Marion County.
Co. F —Searcy County.
Co. G —Izard County.
Co. H —Izard County.
Co.  I —Izard County.
Co. K —Marion County.

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