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Our Thanks to Tom Ezell for this history of the 25th Arkansas Inf Regt.

The 25th Arkansas Infantry was organized in August, 1861 as the 30th Arkansas by the election of Colonel Charles J. Turnbull, of Little Rock, Lt.Col. Henry Remington (who resigned and was replaced by Lt. Col. Eli Hufstedler), and Major James J. Franklin. The company commanders were Co. A, of Pocahontas, Cpt Eli Hufstedler; Co. B, of Saline County, Cpt. James W. Adams; Co. C, of Jacksonport and Hickory Plain, Cpt. John Thomas; Co. D, of Pocahontas, Cpt S.T.Black, killed at Murfreesboro; Co. F, of Little Rock, Cpt. J.J. Franklin, elected major at the regimental organization and subsequently lieutenant colonel, succeeded by Cpt. L.L. Noles, promoted major, 1LT John O'Brien then becoming captain; Co. G, of Pocahontas, Cpt. Stephen Smith; Co. H, Cpt. W.A. Cotter; Co. I, of Jacksonport, Cpt J.G.
Adams; Co. K, of St. Charles, Cpt. John A. Wakefield. Major Franklin was wounded at Murfreesboro, and Captain Noles, of Company E became major. He was killed at Kennesaw Mountain, and was succeeded by Captain Cotter, of Company H. Captain S.T. Black, of Company D, was killed at Murfreesboro. After the battle of Murfreesboro, the regiment was renamed as the 25th Arkansas Infantry.

Their battle credits are:
Richmond, KY (29-30Aug1862)
Perryville, KY (8Oct1862)
Murfreesboro, TN (31Dec1862)
Jackson, MS siege (Jul1863)
Chickamauga (19-20Sep1863)
Chattanooga, TN siege (Sep-Nov1863)
Atlanta Campaign ((May-Sep1864)
Dug Gap (8May1864)
Resaca, GA (14-15May1864)
New Hope Church (255May-4Jun1864)
Kennesaw Mountain (27Jun1864)
Moore's Hill (19Jul1864)
Peach Tree Creek (20Jul1864)
Atlaanta (22Jul1864)
Ezra Chirch (28Jul1864)
Atlanta Siege (Jul-Sep1864)
Jonesboro, GA ( 31Aug-1Sep1864)
Lovejoy's Station  (2-5Sep1864)
Moon's Station (3Oct1864)
Franklin, TN (30Nov1864)
Nashville, TN (15-16Dec1864)
Sugar Creek (26Dec1864)
Carolinas Campaign (Feb-Apr1865)
Averasboro (16Mar1865)
Bentonville, NC (19-21Mar1865)

They were consolidated with other decimated regiments 9Apr1865 at Smithfield, NC and became the 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment Consolidated.  The units combined were: 25th AR Inf Regt, 1st and 2d Mounted Rifle Regts, 4th Inf Bn and the 9th Inf Regt.

NAME . . . . . .RANK . . . . . . AGE . . . . . ENR DATE . . . . . . PLACE

CARLTON, ROBERT C. - ADJUTANT - 26 Mar 1862 - Jacksonport, AR

CLARK, GEORGE W - A.C.S. - 19 Mar 1862 - Jacksonport, AR

DIXON, J.W. - PVT - Died at Alton, Ill - 7 Feb 1864

FRANKLIN, JAMES J. - MAJ - 15 Mar 1862 - Pocahontas, AR

HABERSHAM, J.C. - ADJUTANT - 26 Feb 1863

HARPER, WILLIAM H. - PVT - 26 Mar 1862 - Pocahontas, AR

HARRIS, JOHN R. -- 5 Mar 1862 - Greene Co, AR

HARRIS, RICHARD - 5 Mar 1862 - Greene Co, AR

HARRISON, J.B. - PVT - 28 Feb 1863 - Shelbyville, TN

HARWICK, JOHN A. - 1LT/AQM - 10 Mar 1862 - Jacksonport, AR

MATTHEWS, THOMAS S. - ORD SGT - 26 Mar 1862 - Pocahontas, AR

McDOWELL, ALEXANDER - COM SGT - 22 May 1862 - Memphis, TN

NOLES, L.L. - MAJOR - 10 Mar 1862 - Jacksonport, AR

ORME, LEWIS H. - SURGEON - 12 Jul 1862 - Shelbyville, TN


WALLS, A.M. - ASST SURGEON - 10 Mar 1862 - Jacksonport, AR

WILLBURN, WILLIAM A. - 2LT AQM - 10 Mar 1862 - Jacksonport, AR


COMPANY A - Enrolled Randolph County - 18 Mar 1863

COMPANY B - Enrolled at Little Rock, AR - 1 Mar 1862

COMPANY C - Enrolled at Jacksonport, AR - 13 Mar 1862

COMPANY D - Pocahontas, Randolph Co. - Many from Green Co., AR - 25-26 Mar 1862

COMPANY E - Enrolled at Jacksonport, AR - 10 Mar 1862

COMPANY F - Enrolled at Little Rock, AR - 15 Mar 1862

COMPANY G - Enrolled at Pocahantas, AR - 13 Mar 1862

COMPANY H - Enrolled at Brownsville, AR - 11 Mar 1862

COMPANY I - Jacksonport, AR - 19 Mar 1862

COMPANY K - St. Charles, AR - 22 Feb 1862

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