This regiment was formed at White Sulphur Springs in Jun 1862. The portion of the regiment that was captured at Arkansas Post, AR 11 Jan 1863 and were paroled 10 Apr 1863 at City Point, VA were retained in the Army of Tennessee and were involved in the East Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina campaigns and ended the war in 1865 at Greensboro, NC.
The remainder of the 24th (Those not captured at Arkansas Post) was consolidated with Crawford's Inf Bn and Dawson's 19th AR Inf and became Hardy's/Dawsons Inf  Regt early in 1863.

NOTE:  All the CSRs of the men who were captured 11 Jan 1863 at Ark Post, AR, sent to MP at Camp Douglas, IL then delivered to City Point, VA 10 Apr 1863 bear the following notation: " City Point VA. April 10, 1863. "Received this 10th day of April 1863 from Cpt A. Bartlett, 9th Ver. Vols. USA (520) five hundred and twenty confederate prisoners of war and one Negro Boy, stated to be a prisoner of war.' J.H. Thompson, Commanding at City Point, VA."
(It should further be noted that this confederate prisoner shown as "Negro Boy",  probably was a grown man, but to the person who received the prisoners he would always be considered a "boy".)

BUNTING, JAMES  Sgt Major  - Enl 16 Jun 1862 at Falcon, AR. Aptd Sgt Major 11 Sep 1862  Present 31 Dec 1862.

GAINES, JOHN H.  - Enl 16 Jun 1862 at Monticello, AR.   Post Surgeon at St Charles, AR.

HARDY, WILLIAM R. Lt Col  - Enl 12 May 1862 at Palestine, AR.  Captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR  and sent to MP at Camp Chase, OH then to Ft Delaware, DE then to City Point, VA 29 Apr 1863 for exchange. Ht 5' 11", eyes gray, hair drk, complx drk, age 30.

JOBE, JOHN Asst Surgeon  - Enl 22 May 1862. Duty at Arkansas Post, AR 31 Dec 1862.

PORTLOCK, E.E. Jr. Col  - Captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR and sent to MP at Camp Chase, OH 30 Jan 1863 then to Ft Delaware, DE 10 Apr 1863 to City Point, VA 29 Apr 1863 and exchanged. Ht 5' 10, eyes blue, hair brn, complx sallow, age 23. Surrendered  and was paroled 12 May 1865 at Tallahessee, FL.

RAGLAND, W.B. AQM Post QM at St Charles, AR. Resigned 30 Dec 1863.

RODGERS, W.D. Ord Sgt (From Co E)  - Enl 16 Jun 1862 at Monticello, AR. Appointed 11 Sep 1862. Present 31 Dec 1862.

SMITH, A.D. ACS (From Co E)  - Enl 16 Jun 1862 at Monticello, AR. Appointed commissary 12 Aug 1862.

WARREN, PUMPHRET H. Pvt (From Co F)  - Enl 21 Jun 1862 at Washington, AR. M.D. appointed Hospital Steward 11 Sep 1862. Discharged 1 Jul 1863.

WHITE, GREEN L. Adjutant  - Captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR and escaped.

WHITTINGTON, T.M. Lt Col  - Resigned 1 Dec 1862.


ARNOLD, JAMES J. -- Reference:  See also Hardy's Regt .

BEASON, J.W. Pvt  - Captured 6 Sep 1863 at Unis, AR and sent to MP at Camp Morton, IN 22 Sep 1863. Conscript. Released 2 Nov 1863.

McDERMOTT, CHARLES  His name appears only as the owner of Andrew McDermott, a black soldier in Co E of this regt.

LOFTUS, L.P. --Disch 5 Jul 1862.

McCLELLAN, WARREN Pvt Conscript, deserted CSA Mar 1864, took oath 24 Oct 1864. Ht 5' 6", eyes hazel, hair drk, complx drk, age 27, residence, Red Sand Twsp, Hempstead Co, AR. Signed by X.

WARFIELD, E. (ELISHA) Col -  Enl 30 May 1861 at Helena, AR. Age 23, residence: Desha Co, AR.

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