The rosters were taken from National Archives Microcopy No. 317 Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of Arkansas

In the book published by Desmond Walls Allen, along with the Rosters, there are two lengthy articles about the original commander of the Regiment, Colonel, later Major General, Thomas J. Churchill

A diary kept by Private T. Jeff Jobe of DesArc, covering May through August, 1861, is transcribed in this book to give readers information about daily camp life and the initial organization of the Regiment. The diary ends a few days before the August 10th battle at Oak Hills, or Wilson's Creek, as it was more commonly known.

Dr. Robert H. Dacus of Dardanelle, a private in Company H, wrote a lengthy history of the unit which was published in 1897. Excerpts from his material is included in herein and data about his fellow soldiers of Company H is incorporated with the roster information.

A WORD OF CAUTION: these company designations should not be taken to mean only men from a particular county were in a particular company. County boundaries in 1861 were not those of today.

A final tragedy in which the Regiment was involved took place on May 25, 1865. A train carrying the surrendered veterans wrecked near Knoxvill, Tennessee, killing some and injuring many. The notation. "POW casualty list 25 May 1861," in the roster shows which were included as injured and dead from that accident.

For those of you who would be interested in reading the above articles, this book may be ordered from Desmond Walls Allen from her website and makes great reading, especially if your ancestor is listed among the rosters...


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