Microfilm Roll #1.

This unit probably never existed. It seems to be a listing of all the personnel not otherwise accounted for from the other 1st Cav units: Monroe's, Crawford's, Dobbins', Stirman's, and a few TX and MO units etal.


CLOPTON, J.P. 1Lt Adjutant  Paroled 25 May 1865 at Wittsburg, AR.

APPLEBY, J.F.   Ref: J.T. Appleby, 11th AR Cav.

ARMSTRONG, S. Pvt    POW at Ft Scott, KS, not dated.

ARMSTRONG, W.G. Pvt   Deserter in Memphis, TN 13 May 1865, Residence: Calhoun Co, AR, ht 6' 2'', eyes gray, hair lt, complx lt, age 33.

BANKS, JOHN  Pvt   Paroled 19 Jun 1865 at Memphis, TN. Ht 5' 10", eyes blue, hair  lt, complx fair, Age 21, residence Yell Co, AR.

CARTER, WILLIAM H.  Pvt   Captured at Lexington, KY, no dates given.

COOLEY, ISAAC M. Pvt   Deserted CSA  29 Mar 1864. Paroled 2 May 1864 at Little Rock, AR. Ht 5' 6", eyes hazel, hair drk, complx drk, residence: Hempstead Co, AR.

DELANEY, THOMAS Pvt  Reference: Manuscript #68.

DOUDES, JAMES B. Pvt   Paroled 1 Apr 1865 at Memphis, TN. Ht 5' 5", eyes gray, hair lt, complx drk, age 36, residence Crittenden Co, AR.

DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM Pvt  Paroled 13 Feb 1865 at Memphis, TN. Ht 5' 11", eyes blue, hair brown, complx fair, Age 46, residence: Ashley Co, AR.

EALY, GEORGE M. Pvt  Captured 19 Oct 1864 at Booneville, MO and sent to MP at Alton, IL 26 Nov 1864. Died 10 Feb 1865 of Typhoid malaria and smallpox.

GULLICK, A.M.C. Pvt  Ref 1st MS Cav A.M.D.Gullick.

HARDIN, WILLIAM Pvt  Captured 26 Aug 1864 at Cat Island, AR. Sent through the line for exchanged 23 Sep 1864.

HART, F.W.  Sutler  Captured at Vicksburg, MS & paroled 14 Jul 1863.

HOLLIDAY, H.M. Pvt  Captured at Perryville, KY and sent to MP at St Louis, MO. Died in city hospital 2 Feb 1863 of diarrhea.

HOWARD, V.M. Pvt  Captured in Benton Co, AR. 22 May 1863 and sent to MP at St Louis, MO then City Point, VA 23 Jul 1863. Exchanged 5 Aug 1863.

HOWELL, M.V. Pvt Ref: 1st MS Lt Arty.

HYDEN, ALFRED Pvt Deserted 1 Apr 1864 and took oath at little Rock, AR 2 May 1864, Ht 5' 5" eyes blue, hair auburn, complx fair, residence: Hempstead Co, AR.

JONES, WILLIAM R. Pvt Captured 13 Dec 1862 in Madison Co, AR. and sent to MO at Alton, IL 1 Apr 1863 then to City Point, VA for exchange 1 Apr 1863.

KENNEDY, JAMES L. Pvt Deserted 29 Mar 1864. Took oath 2 May 1864 at Little Rock, AR, ht 5' 10", eyes blue, hair lt, complx fair. Residence Hempstead Co, AR.

LOVELL, SAMUEL J. Pvt Captured 13 Dec 1862 in Marion Co, AR. Exchanged 1 Apr 1863 at St Louis, MO. McBride's Brigade.

MAY, GABLE Pvt Deserted and captured 29 Jan 1865 in Bradley Co, AR.

ONEAL, T.F.  Farrier Captured near Port Hudson, LA 29 May 1863 and transferred to New Orleans, LA.

PATTERSON, NEWTON WILLIAM Pvt  Enl 10 Jun 1862 at Mt Comfort, AR. Among deserters who arrived at Elizario Co, TX 24 May 13 Jun 1864, ht 5' 10'', eyes gray, hair blk, complx ruddy age 28, residence Rockwall, Co, AL, born in Parke Co, IN.Was an attorney at law in Madison Co, AR until conscripted.

PERRY, BENJAMIN F. Pvt Captured 25 Apr 1863 in Shelby Co, TN and sent to MP at Alton, IL 25 Apr 1863. Exchanged at City Point, VA 28 Apr 1863.

ROBERTS, JAMES L.A. Pvt Captured 1 May 1863 at Grand Gulf, MS and sent to MP at Alton, IL. Disch on oath 24 May 1863.

SCOTT, JOHN Musician  Fracture of clavicle in train wreck near Flat Creek Bridge,VA when the train ran off the tracks.

SHERMAN, THOMAS Pvt Captured at Gaines Landing, AR 12 Feb 1865. Released at Memphis, TN 28 Mar 1865.

SMITH, WILLIAM H. Pvt POW at Jefferson City, MO 9 Oct 1864.

SPRAGINS, SAMUEL T. Pvt Captured 10 Oct 1864 at Ironton, MO and sent to MP at Alton, IL 2 Dec 1864 then to Point Lookout, MD 17 Feb 1865.

THOMAS, W.H.H. 1Lt  Ref  9th (Elliotts) MO Cav

WEBB, JAMES Pvt Captured 11 Mar 1864 in St Francis Co, AR. Released 18 Jul 1864 at Camp Chase, OH, ht 5' 7", eyes blue, hair lt, complx lt, age 16. McGee's.

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