ALDRIDGE, JAMES G. Pvt  Died 16 Feb 1864 at US General Hospital, New Orleans, LA of smallpox and hemorrage of bowels. Enlisted in Columbia Co, AR, age 34. Reference: Henry Aldridge.

BAYSE, CHARLES P. Pvt  Captured in Hickory Co, MO 1 Nov 1864 and sent to MP at Alton, IL 17 Feb 1865 then to Point Lookout, MD and exchanged. In Way Hospital Meridian, MS 26 Mar 1865.

BIRD, McDUFFY Pvt  Cards filed with Crawford's AR Cav.

BUSKS, R.B. Pvt  Arrested at Lexington, KY 15 Nov ?? and shipped to Louisville, KY 15 Nov ??.

CANTY, J.M. Pvt   Captured 26 May 1863 near Vicksburg, MS and sent to Memphis, TN 16 Jun 1863.

CHOATES, S.E. Pvt  Paroled 20 May 1865 at Memphis, TN. Ht 5' 8", eyes blue, hair lt, complx fair, age 21, residence: Crittenden Co, AR.

CLARK, WILLIAM P. Pvt  Ref: Gordon's Regt Cav

ELLIOTT, ANDREW Pvt   Ref: Files with Andrew Elliott, 1st (Dobbins) AR Cav

HULLEY, H.D. Pvt  Captured 30 Apr 1865 at Richmond, VA. In Jackson Hospital 28 May 1865.

JONES, JOHN  Pvt Captured 18 May 1863 near Vicksburg, MS and sent to MP at Camp Morton, IN . Trfd for exchange 19 Feb 1865.

LEAKE, W.J. Pvt  Captured 6 Nov 1864 in Washington, Co, AR and sent to MP at little Rock, AR. Died 6 Mar 1865 of dysentery.

LOVE, J.P. Pvt  Residemce: Adrian, AR. Paroled 2 May 1865 at Salisbury, NC. Featherstone's Brigade.

MARMOAD, J.M. Pvt   See Norwood, J.M. Co D & C, Witherspoon's Battn AR Cav.

McCUISTION, FRANCIS H. 1Lt (Dawson's)  Captured 8 Nov 1863 in Madison Co, AR. and sent to MP at Camp Chase, OH 1 Feb 1864 then to Ft Delaware, DE 27 Mar 1864. Paroled 10 Apr 1865 and sent to Cairo, IL for exchange.

PEAL, HARRISON Pvt  Captured 5 Dec 1864 in Independence Co, AR and released 7 May 1865 at MP at Little Rock, AR, ht 5' 11", eyes gray, hair drk, complx fair, age 30. Address: Batesville, AR.

SANDERS, ISOM Sgt Captured 16 May 1863 at Champion Hills, MS and sent to MP at Camp Morton, IN then to Ft Delaware, DE 22 Jun 1863.

SHEFFIELD, JOHN Pvt   POW in hospital with a sabre cut on forehead at Ft Scott, KS 17 Nov 1864. Wounded at Osage 17 Nov 1864. Age 18.

SIMS, E.L. Pvt  Reference: Daniel L. Sims, Witherspoon's Battn Ark Cav.

SUBLET, A. Cpl  Captured and paroled 5-6 Oct 1862 at Corinth, MS.

UPTON, PETER  Pvt  Captured 13 Feb 1865 in Monroe Co, AR and sent to MP at Camp Douglas, IL. Died 2 Jun 1865, buried in block 3, Chicago City Cemetery.

WHITMORE, JAMES W. Pvt  Captured 25 Oct 1864at Mine Creek, KS and sent to MP at Camp Morton, IN 18 Dec 1864. Exchanged 19 Feb 1865.

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