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First Arkansas Infantry, U.S. Volunteers.

The First Arkansas Infantry, U.S. Volunteers, was organized at Fayetteville, Arkansas, and was mustered into service there on March 25, 1863.  It was attached to the District of Southwest Missouri, Department of Missouri, through December 1863.  In January 1864 it was assigned to 2nd Brigade, District of the Frontier, and in March 1864 was assigned to 1st Brigade, District of the Frontier, 7th Army Corps.

The regimentís active service began with duty at Fayetteville, Arkansas, where it assisted in repelling Cabellís attack on Fayetteville on April 18, 1863.  During the period April 25-May 4, 1863, it marched to Springfield, Missouri, and was stationed there until July 6, 1863, when it moved to Cassville, Missouri.  On August 17, 1863, the First Arkansas joined the Army of the Frontier at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory.  The regiment was engaged in the battle at Devilís Back Bone (Back Bone Mountain) near Fort Smith, Arkansas, on September 1, 1863, then occupied Fort Smith, which had been in Confederate hands since the Spring of 1861.  The First Arkansas was part of Steeleís expedition to Camden, March 23 to May 3, 1864, and fought at Prairie DíAnn, April 9-13; Moscow, April 13; and Jenkinsí Ferry on Saline River, April 30.  At the conclusion of the expedition, the regiment returned to Fort Smith, where it was occupied with garrison duty, escort duty and duty on the frontier until August 10, 1865, when it mustered out of service.


Note:  Unlike Confederate regiments, the companies of the First Arkansas Infantry were not raised in specific counties.  Instead, the regiment was recruited ďat largeĒ, mostly in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.

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