MARCH 1862 MAY 1865

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NAME                             LOCATION                     DATE          CAUSE           UNIT

Addison, B. M.             Near Pine Bluff, Ark.       2.24.63          Disease               G
Alford, Noah S.             Camp Burnett, Tex.         4.10.62          Disease               H
Baker, Richard               Camp Nelson, Ark.        11.11.62          Disease                I
Bearden, Seaborn         Camp Nelson, Ark.        10.24.62          Disease               H
Berry, Martin W.          Arkansas                           9.8.62            Disease               D
Bishop, M. B.                Shreveport, La.               3.26.63           Disease                G
Blackwell, Jerimiah       Little Rock, Ark.              1.14.63           Disease                D
Blewett, William           Little Rock, Ark.              9.19.62           Disease                H
Blount, Calvin C.         Jasper, Tex.                        9.3.63            Disease                G
Bowen, Whitfield        Camp English, Ark.         7.20.62            Disease                G
Bowen, William S.       Camp English, Ark.         7.25.62            Disease                D
Brack, Burrell               Little Rock, Ark.             12.25.62           Disease                 H
Brasher, James L.        Camp English, Ark.         7.16.62            Disease                C
Brown, William H.       Camp Rogers, La.              1.3.64           Unknown             A
Burk, Andrew J.          8 mi from Des Arc, Ark. 10.16.62           Disease                E
Burk, John D.               Little Rock, Ark.                 2.6.63           Disease                E
Butler, Thomas D.       Little Rock, Ark.              12.26.62          Disease                E
Caldwell, Cyrus W.     Camp English, Ark.            7-8.62          Disease                B
Carleton, James B.      Pleasant Hill, La.                  4.9.64          KIA                      H
Clark, James                 Camp Beaty, Ark.                8.4.62          Disease                E
Clark, Jesse W.            Camp Nelson, Ark.             1.9.62          Disease                A
Clark, Oliver P.             Camp Burnett, Tex.           5.21.62         Unknown             A
Clark, William W.        Pleasant Hill, La.                 4.9.64          KIA                       C
Cochran, Calvin J.       Pleasant Hill, La.                 4.9.64          KIA                       F
Cole, Clark                    Camp English, Ark.            8.1.62          Disease                 I
Coleman, Wm. F.         Camp Nelson, Ark.           10.8.62          Disease                 D
Collins, Andrew W.    Camp Nelson, Ark.         11.29.62          Pneumonia           H
Collins, Creed M.        Searcy Valley, Ark.           11.2.62          Pneumonia           H
Cox, Melville B.           Little Rock, Ark.              12.21.62          Camp Fever          H
Crawford, B. C.            Pleasant Hill, La.                 4.9.64          KIA                        G
Davis, George W.       Camp Nelson, Ark.          11.13.62          Disease                 H
Dehart, Wynant         Walnut Hill, Ark.                  8.7.62          Disease                 H
Delaney, James           Camp Nelson, Ark.            1.12.63          Disease                 G
Delaney, Jefferson B. Camp Nelson, Ark.              1.7.63          Disease                 G
Denman, Albert H.      Camp Nelson, Ark.          11.17.62          Disease                 F
Denman, Prentice S.    Camp Nelson, Ark.          11.13.62          Disease                 F
Denton, Catha M.        Camp Nelson, Ark.          11.30.62          Disease                B
Dickerson, Van G.        Camp Nelson, Ark.            12.2.62          Disease                B
Dubose, Abner B.        Arkansas                              2.3.63          Disease                G
Dubose, Peter P.           Camp Nelson, Ark.         10.14.62          Typhoid           F.& H
Eason, Francis M.         Little Rock, Ark.               1.20.63          Disease                 F
Ellis, O. L.                       Pleasant Hill, La.                4.9.64           KIA                       B
Ethridge, James             Bayou Meto, Ark.            12.1.62           Disease                K
Evans, William G.         Walnut Hill, Ark.                8.3.62           Disease                 D
Fairchild, J. B.                Camp Nelson, Ark.         11.10.62          Disease                  I
Ford, Ira                          Arkansas                           8.29.62          Disease                 D
Furr, Benjamin C.           Pine Bluff, Ark.                   2.1.62          Disease                 B
Gaston, George A.        Pine Bluff, Ark.                  1.20.62          Disease                 D
Gillespie, James W.       Camp Blair, Ark.                7.16.62          Disease                  I
Gillespie, Joseph            Des Arc, Ark.                  10.29.62          Disease                 A
Gilliland, Samuel B.        Camp Blair, Ark.                  7.6.62          Disease                 F
Glover, William Y.          Marksville, La.                  1.22.62           Drowned              A
Goldman, William           Shreveport, La.                 3.18.65          Disease                 C
Grainger, Frank F.          Near Little Rock, Ark.      12.4.62           Disease                 I
Green, John                    On the March, Ark.          8.11.62           Disease                 K
Haden, Geo. A.              Camp Nelson, Ark.           1.23.63           Disease                 B
Hanson, George W.      Enroute Devall's Bluff     10.6.62           Disease                 H
Henson, Timothy W.    Bayou Meto, Ark.          11.26.62          Disease                  C
Hall, Samuel H.               Camp Nelson, Ark.        11.20.62          Disease                  B
Hallmarke, Geo. G.         Camp Nelson, Ark.          11.1.62           Disease                  B
Herring, J. L.                   Camp English, Ark.         7.21.62           Disease                  I
Herrington, Giles           Camp Nelson, Ark.        11.18.62           Disease                  K
Hodges, Chapman R.    Camp English, Ark.         7.22.62           Disease                  C
Holdbert, Joseph M.     Pine Bluff, Ark.                2.24.63           Disease                  F
Jones, Archibald           Camp English, Ark.         7.24.62            Disease                 G
Jones, G. R.                     Camp Magruder, La.      1.12.64            Disease                 G
Keen, Asa M.                 On the March, Ark.        8.23.62            Disease                 K
Kennedy, James J.         Camp Bayou Meto       12.10.62            Disease                 G
Lambert, John                 Pine Bluff, Ark.               2.20.63            Disease                 E
Linsey, Thomas H.        Pine Bluff, Ark.              1 2.63             Disease                D
Long, Levi G.                  Little Rock, Ark.               1.4.63             Disease                A
Mahaffy, William           Walnut Hill. Ark.            8.24.62             Disease                 I
Mann, David G.              Camp Nelson, Ark.      11.19.62             Disease                 K
Mann, James M.             Camp Nelson, Ark.      10.27.62             Disease                 K
Manning, Francis S.       Camp Burnett, Tex.       5.18.62             Disease                 A
Marshall, Alson              Little Rock, Ark.              1.1.63             Disease                 I
Martin, James M.            Little Rock, Ark.            1.10.63             Disease                 F
Martin, William               Pleasant Hill, La.             4.9.64              KIA                       F
Mayes, Andrew G.         Little Rock, Ark.          10.19.62              Disease                 F
McBride, Lewis A.         Camp Beaty, Ark.            8.6.62              Disease                 E
McCarty, William H.      Camp Nelson, Ark.      11.22.62              Disease                 E
McClung, Carlile             Lake Providence, La.      6.9.63              KIA                       F
McDougal, W. F.            Pleasant Hill, La.             4.9.64              KIA                        C
McWilliams, Patrick       Walnut Hill, Ark.          7.30.62              Disease                 H
McWilliams, Wm. H.      Camp Nelson, Ark.       11.9.62               Disease                 H
Miller, James T.               Camp Nelson, Ark.     11.12.62               Disease                 E
Mills, Isaac N.                 Camp Nelson, Ark.     12.14.62               Disease                 F
Mitchell, A. J.                  Camp Nelson, Ark.     11.28.62               Disease                  E
Mitchell, John W. (PW) New Orleans, La.         5.24.64                Disease                  E
Mitchell, Joseph              Near Pine Bluff, Ark.   1.16.63               Disease                  K
Mitchell, Thomas J.         Newton, Tex.               7.25.64                DOW                      H
Moffatt, James C.             Crockett, Tex.                3.8.62                Murdered              C
Moore, Allen J. (PW)      St. Louis, Mo.              2.22.63                Disease -
Moore, John F.                 Near Pine Bluff, Ark.  1.15.63                Disease                A
Morgan, E. A.                   Camp Nelson, Ark.   11.11.62                Disease                 I
Newman, Archibald         Walnut Hill, Ark.        7.22.62                Disease                 H
Nobles, James L.               Camp Nelson, Ark.    1.11.63                Disease                 G
Norwood, James E.          Walnut Hill, Ark.         8.8.62                 Disease                 G
Parker, Micajah (PW),     Alton, Ill.                    10.9.64                 Disease                 A
Parsons, W. T. J.              Little Rock, Ark.       12.12.62                Disease                 K
Perryman, Matthew         Camp English, Ark.    7.20.62                Disease                 K
Price, Weyman A.           Pleasant Hill, La.           4.9.64                KIA                        D
Potter, Charles L.            Walnut Hill, Ark.           8.6.62                Disease                  H
Pruitt, John B.               Colombia County, Ark. 8.26.62                Disease                  K
Pullen, Dewitt W.C.        Camp Nelson, Ark.     12.2.62                 Disease                  K
Ratcliff, James A.            Little Rock, Ark.       12.21.62                 Disease                  K
Rawls, H. Jackson          Camp Blair, Ark.          7.29.62                 Disease                  K
Reed, Charles A.             Camp Nelson, Ark.   12.19.62                 Disease                  A
Reed, Thomas M.           Camp Nelson, Ark.   11.13.62                 Disease                  A
Reynolds, James             Near Pine Bluff, Ark.  2.18.63                 Disease                  B
Rice, Francis M.              Princeton, Ark.              9.8.62                 Disease                  B
Richards, Robert W.       Camp Nelson, Ark.   10.31.62                 Disease                  B
Richardson, James          Camp Nelson, Ark.   11.12.62                 Disease                  A
Richardson Wm. F.         Pleasant Hill, La.           4.9.64                  KIA                       C
Rounsaville, Thos. J.      Keatchie, La.                5.1864                  DOW                     C
Rutledge, John B.            Little Rock, Ark.         1.23.63                  Disease                 H
Scarborough, James        Camp Nelson, Ark.  11.17.62                  Disease                 D
Sheffield, Augustus        Little Rock, Ark.         2.15.63                  Disease                 K
Simmons, DeKalb            Camp Nelson, Ark.    12.5.62                   Disease                 E
Simmons, Elias                 Near Pine Bluff, Ark. 2.27.63                   Disease                 E
Simms, A. Hubbard         Little Rock, Ark.         2.21.63                   Disease                 K
Smith, James W. A.         Camp Blair, Ark.         7.28.62                   Disease                 K
Stafford, H. P.                   Little Rock, Ark.         1.17.63                   Disease                 D
Stark, Samuel H.               Little Rock, Ark.         3.12.63                   Disease                 H
Stewart, Thomas              Pleasant Hill, La.          4.9.64                    KIA                       D
Stillwell, Napoleon           Little Rock, Ark.          1.3.63                   Disease                 A
Stokes, K. K.                     Lafayette County, Ark. 7.14.62               Disease                  I
Stubblefield, Julius          Little Rock, Ark.       12.16.62                   Disease                  C
Stubblefield, Wilson       Pine Bluff, Ark.             2.2.62                   Disease                  B
Thomas, Isaac G.             Camp Nelson, Ark.     12.5.62                   Disease                  E
Thomas, P. N.                  Little Rock, Ark.          10.2.62                   Disease                  D
Thompson, Wm. H.        Camp Nelson, Ark.   11.26.62                   Pneumonia            H
Tucker, Henry H.            Camp Blair, Ark.          7.11.62                   Disease                  D
Welch, Francis M. (PW) Ft. Delaware, Del.      6.18.65                   Scurvy                   F
West, William                  Walnut Hill, Ark.        7.24.62                   Disease                  H
Williams, O. R.                 Camp Nelson, Ark.  11.11.62                    Disease                  I
Williams, Richard           Camp McCulloch, Tex. 6.22.62                   Disease                G
Williams, R. D.                 Little Rock, Ark.           1.9.63                   Disease                  E
Williams, T. C. Jr.            Henderson Co., Tex.       4.6.65                   Disease               E
Williford, Thomas         Camp McCulloch, Tex. 6.11.62                    Disease                A
Wright, Charles W.     Camp Blair, Ark.            7.28.62                    Disease                  K
York, George W.          Camp Nelson, Ark.       12.7.62                    Disease                  E
Young, J. W.                Camp Nelson, Ark.     10.25.62                     Disease                 D
Zeagler, William          Camp Nelson, Ark.      11.10.62                    Disease                  B

Count: 145.  Names in file:  1389.  Percentage: 10.4%
Lafayette County:
Camp Nelson:

Casualty Breakdown by Company:

Co A:   14
Co B:   13
Co C:   10
Co D:   15
Co E:   16
Co F:   12
Co G:   14
Co H:   21
Co I: 11
Co K: 17
Unk.:   1
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