List of Killed and/or Badly or slightly wounded

NOTE: Enlistments in this unit were at Harrisburg, AR during July, 1861
By Col. A.D. Grayson, unless otherwise indicated.
The regiment was formed 29 Jul 1861 at Camp Ground in Greene Co, AR.
Article from the Memphis Daily Appeal
from the Tennessee State Library and Archives
County Shelby
Roll No. Jan 1, 1862 - June 9, 1862
Book Aprl. 12,
Page 2 Col. 2
Type Record  Memphis Daily Appeal

The following is a list of the killed and wounded in the 13th Regiment Arkansas Volunteers. Col Jas C. Tappan in the two days' fight at Shiloh on the 6th and 7th of April 1862

This Information was kindly given to us by Sandy Sharpy whose email address is at the bottom of this page

Regimental Officers - Killed - L'ant Col. A. D. Grayson
Wounded - Major J. A. McNeely

Company A -          Capt R.  B. Lambert
Killed                  R. A. Brown - R. M. Allen - Thos. Mooth - John Shields - P. B. Ward
Badly Wounded -   J. V. Thomasson - J. Austin
Slightly Wounded - Capt R. B. Lambert - 2nd Lt.  R. A. Duncan - Sgt. B. F. Heathcock - J. V. Connelly -
                                J.  Hood - George Heard - G. S. Collins - Alex. Lamastus - A. Bordley - J. B. Brady
                                Sam Baggart - F. M. Clift.

Company B -          Capt J. R. Shelton -
Killed                      Joseph R. Paker
Badly Wounded      J. W. Mowry.
Slightly Wounded   A. L. Tarpley - W. Collins.

Company C -           1st Lt. J. H. Hall Commanding
Killed -                     W. J. Stacy - B.B. Hydrick - Jas Aruet.
Slightly Wounded    1st Lt J. H. Hall - Sgt  E. H. Vinson - A. J. Hydrick - T. H. Stanford - W. S.  Harris -                                R. W. Shofer

Company D -           Capt. Balfour
Badly Wounded       H. H. Hulett - L. Downing - Wm. C. Price
Slightly Wounded    2nd Lt E. D. Butler  A. J. Griffith - John Carter - James Hicks - James Williams.

Company E -             2nd Lt Allen Dodd coommanding
Killed                        W. L. Burrow - R. B. Peebles - A. M. PayneJ. M. Steward.
Badly Wounded        H. Cook - J. R. Kitchens - Wm M. Gibson
Slightly Wounded     S. B. Kitchens - O. L. Kitchens - J. L. Downng - W. Anthony - C. West - W. Campbell
                                  W. S. Briant - J. M. Latch - W.C. Cambill - A. M. Armstrong.

Company F -             Capt Thos. Wilds
Killed                         W. F. Hardcastle
Badly Wounded        J. Deason - M. M. More - S. T. Swindle
Slightly Wounded     Capt Thos. Wilds - B. Clark - J. II. Wilcoxson.

Company G -             Capt H. W.  Murphy -
Killed                         Capt H. W. Murphy -    L. W. McGuffie
Badly Wounded        M. W. Casteel - P.F. Howard - B. F. Hickerson
Sllight Wounded        T. G. Phillips - 2d Lt J. W. Pool.
Missing                      W. J. Young - J. A. Halbert

Company H -             Capt  B. C. Crump
Killed                         Garrett B. Rives
Badly Wounded         Jasper Redferin - John D. Boyle - M C. Ragland - W. J. Decker
Slightly Wounded       2nd Lt William Bark - David Huey - James Mourning - Alfred Burns - Isaac Abbott
                                   M. R.  Clifton

Company I -               Capt J. M. Pollard
Killed                         Joseph Nelson - H. H. Cudney -   M. M. Williams - Sergeant Dawson
Badly Wounded         2bd Lt C. C. Busby - Stephen Stotts
Slightly Wounded      1st Lt . B. M. Hopkins - John Nolan - A. J. Logan

Company K -             Capt G. B. Hunt
Killed                         John McGinnis
Badly Wounded        John Langborn - Dennis Kain
Missing                      2nd Lt. Thos. Fletcher

Total Killed 23 - Wounded 74 - Missing 3

This information was given to us by Sandy Sharpy of Mesa, AR

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