"10th Regiment
Arkansas Militia (Johnson County)"

The 10th Regiment Arkansas Militia—the Johnson County Militia—was part of the old prewar State militia organization, assigned to the Third Brigade, Provisional Army of Arkansas.  Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, most of men of military age enlisted in volunteer companies for Confederate service, while the old men and boys enrolled in home guard companies.  The old prewar militia companies became essentially irrelevant, and all were disbanded by 1862.  Some of the old militia regiments held one last muster, however, in the Spring of 1862.  The 10th Militia held its last annual muster at Clarksville, Arkansas, during the period February 20 to March 19, under command of Colonel John W. May, with 525 men present.  Within a few months, most of these militiamen enlisted in various Confederate regiments, particuarly the 26th Arkansas Infantry and the 4th Arkansas Cavalry.

The following rosters are taken from the July 12, 1862, payroll report of the 10th Regiment Arkansas Militia, covering the February/March muster.

Field and Staff.
Company A—First Lieutentant Ezekiel Partain, 38 men present.
Company B—Captain John W. King, 99 men present.
Company C—Captain Alfred F. Shropshire, 40 men present.
Company D—Captain John W. Russell, 39 men present.
Company E—Captain C. Smith, 51 men present.
Company F—Captain Abel Caudell, 38 men present.
Company G—Captain Andrew J. Allen, 38 men present.
Company H—Captain T. A. Cude, 53 men present.
Company  I—Captain Christopher C. Casey, 41 men present."
Company K—Captain Lynas Armstrong,  76 men present

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