10th Regiment Arkansas Militia
Company F

This company mustered at Clarksville, Arkansas, from February 22 to March 19, 1862, with 38 men present.  Captain Abel Caudell was in command during this muster.  Most of these men later enlisted in regular Confederate regiments.

Barnes, J—Private.

Boyer, William H—Fourth Sergeant.  Later in Co. L, 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Bucher, J—Private.

Bunch, Riley—Second Corporal.

Butts, Neal G—Private.  Later in Co. B, 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Canway, J—Third Lieutenant.

Caudell, Abel—Captain.

Cloud, A—Second Sergeant.  Later in Co. E. 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Cook, E—Private.

Cooper, Jason—Private.  Later in Co. B, 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Cooper, Thomas—First Corporal.  Later in Co. B, 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Cordell, Andrew Jackson—First Sergeant.  Also in Co. C, 16th Arkansas Infantry.

Crumley, Terrill—Private.  Later in Co. B, 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Edwards, J C—Private.

Gassaway, W—Private.

Gilliam, J B—Private.

Hall, John F—Private.

Hardgraves, A—Private.

Hardgraves, Allen J—Third Corporal.

Hardgraves, Cager—Fourth Corporal.

Hardgraves, James D—First Lieutenant.  Later in Co. H, 26th Arkansas Infantry.

Hardgraves, Lewis—Private.

Hightower, John S—Second Lieutenant.

Hunt, James—Private.

Hunt, T F—Private.  Later in Co. H, 26th Arkansas Infantry.

Jacobs, Stokely—Private.  Later in Co. H, 34th Arkansas Infantry.

Kirby, Jesse E—Private.

Laster, J S—Private.  Later in Co. D, 4th Arkansas Cavalry.

McKinney, B P—Private.  Later in Co. B, 7th Arkansas Cavalry.

Montgomery, J—Private.

Nichols, M M—Private.

Phillips, ??—Private.

Reeves, H—Private.

Scroggins, Thomas F—Private.

Swift, W W—Private.

Thrower, C S—Third Sergeant.

Vaught, James—Private.

Ward, James—Private.

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