Casbeer Family

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This family removed from Tennessee to the Missouri Territory in the year 1817, to an area which later became St. Francis County, Arkansas and to Lampasas County and other counties in Texas.

1-Thomas Matthew CASBER, Sr. 1784-1852
   2-Andrew CASBER 1804-
   2-John CASBER 1806-1875
     +Lucinda GRAHAM 1807-1854
      3-Malvina CASBEER 1833-
      3-Thomas A. CASBEER 1835-
        +Josephine BURRELL
         4-Martha CASBEER 1874-
      3-Joseph Lamar CASBEER 1839-1939
        +Matlida 1855-
         4-John CASBEER 1874-
         4-Daniel CASBEER 1877-
      3-James Burtis CASBEER (Twin) 1843-
      3-William Madison CASBEER (Twin) 1843-  
        +Amy 1847-
         4-John R. CASBEER 1867-
           +Cassie 1878-
            5-Allis CASBEER 1901-
            5-Avis M. CASBEER 1903-
         4-Mary CASBEER 1869-
         4-Lucinda CASBEER 1874-
         4-Thomas CASBEER 1887-
           +Catherine 1888-
            5-Mary Ruth CASBEER 1913-
      3-John R. CASBEER 1848-
    Second wife of John CASBER
     +Elizabeth IRWIN 1824-1880
      3-Daniel Wiggins CASBEER, Sr. 1856-
        +Nannie LUNSFORD 1858-
         4-Daniel Wiggins CASBEER, Jr. 1891-
         4-John Jefferson CASBEER 1894-
      3-Mary L. CASBEER 1858-
      3-Samuel Houston CASBEER 1860-
        +Ellen Cynthia SNELL 1866-
         4-Kate CASBEER 1883-
         4-Pearl CASBEER 1887-
         4-Albert J. CASBEER 1889-
         4-Maggie CASBEER 1891-
         4-Samuel Hampton CASBEER 1895-
           +Vallie E. SHANKS 1895-
         4-Glen L. CASBEER 1896-
         4-Mary L. CASBEER 1898-
         4-Marvel CASBEER 1904-
         4-Matthew CASBEER 1905-
         4-Lendon E. CASBEER 1907-
         4-Lene CASBEER 1909-
      3-Issac Preston CASBEER, Sr. 1861-1938
        +Sophrina Melinda ROBERTSON 1870-1932
         4-John Alexander CASBEER 1889-
           +Ozella 1891-
         4-Earl D. CASBEER 1890-
         4-Grace CASBEER 1892-
         4-Magnolia CASBEER 1895-
         4-William B. CASBEER 1896-  
         4-Issac Preston CASBEER, Jr. 1896-
         4-Brandon L. CASBEER 1903-
         4-Mildred CASBEER 1905-
         4-Nannie R. CASBEER 1908-
      3-Jefferson Davis CASBEER 1862-1922
        +Mattie BRYANT 1876-
         4-Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" CASBEER 1895-
         4-Cora CASBEER 1898-
      3-Henry Billick CASBEER 1867-1939
        +Alice Susan FLETCHER 1869-1934
         4-Thomas Jefferson CASBEER, Sr. 1890-
           +Mary Estelle FULLER 1897-
            5-Thomas Jefferson CASBEER, Jr. 1915-
               6-Thomas Jefferson CASBEER, III 1943-
                  7-Thomas Jefferson CASBEER, IV
            5-Mary F. CASBEER 1918-
         4-Henry Wayne CASBEER 1892-
           +Elsie COKER 1895-
         4-Mabel CASBEER 1894-
         4-Alma Callie CASBEER 1898-
         4-Nancy Vivian CASBEER 1901-
         4-Alice C. CASBEER 1903-
         4-Samuel Elton CASBEER 1905-
         4-Beatrice Virginia CASBEER 1907-
         4-Mary O. CASBEER 1909-
   2-May CASBER 1807
     +Archibald MAY 1807
   2-Joseph CASBER 1808-1856
     +Roxy FRANKS 1828-
      3-Jerusha CASBEER 1848-
      3-Thomas CASBEER 1851-
      3-Chessley CASBEER 1854-
   2-Nancy CASBER 1812-1852
     +William Mitchell TAYLOR 1804-1884
      3-Mary Ann TAYLOR (Twin) 1828-
      3-Jacob TAYLOR (Twin) 1828-
      3-Martha TAYLOR 1833-
      3-Thomas Madison TAYLOR 1835-
        + Clarissa A.
      3-Melinda L. TAYLOR 1837-
      3-James Monroe TAYLOR 1844-
        +Terrissie Madeline ARNOLD 
         4-Novelia M. TAYLOR 1867-
           +Lawrence F. WILLIAMS 1861-1907                     
      3-Nancy Jane TAYLOR 1843-
      3-Elizabeth TAYLOR 1845-
      3-John S. TAYLOR 1846-
      3-Alexander D. TAYLOR 1849-
        +Jennie MOORE
   2-Thomas Matthew CASBEER, Jr. 1813-1872
     +Martha A. MAY 1820-1868
      3-Emily A. CASBEER 1838-
      3-William M. CASBEER 1841-
      3-Archibald S. CASBEER 1844-
        +Delania BLACK 1854-
         4-Jessie M. CASBEER 1875-
      3-Joseph Virgil "Joe" CASBEER 1847-1917
        +Julia DORRIS 1852-1926
         4-Joseph Lanier "Joe" CASBEER 1876-1916
           +Mabel GATTEN 1884-1910
            5-Virgil C. CASBEER 1910-
              +Tolise KING 1916-
               6-Joe E. CASBEER 
               6-John V. CASBEER
      3-Mary A. CASBEER 1850-
      3-Sallie E. CASBEER 1853-
      3-Richard CASBEER 1855-1891
   2-James CASBER 1816-
     +Melissa 1816-1851
      3-Thomas M. CASBEER 1835-
        +Mary Caroline PHILLEY 1835-
      3-Josiah Samuel "Col. Joe" CASBEER 1837-1907
        +Lavina Adeline WITT 1839-1917
         4-Melissa Lavina CASBEER 1861-1941
           +James Houston FULTON 1851-1900
            5-Levina Adeline FULTON 1880-1951
              +Jesse Sterling EVANS 1878-1929
         4-Josiah Jackson CASBEER 1863-1949
           +A. M. BURNS 1867-1892
            5-Zella CASBEER 1892-1892
          Second wife of Josiah Jackson CASBEER
           +Mary Ann "Mollie" HUNT 1876-1939
            5-Sarah Adeline "Dollie" CASBEER 1895-
              +David Clarence LANGFORD 1886-
            5-Albert Clayton CASBEER 1898-1991
              +Clarice Patricia WHEELER 1907-1994
               6-Richard Clayton CASBEER 1929-1962
               6-Daniel Joseph CASBEER 1937-
                 +Patricia Ann BANFILL 1939-
                  7-John Clayton CASBEER 1967-
                  7-Daniel Joseph CASBEER, II 1968-
                  7-Theresa Ann CASBEER 1971
            5-Susie Evelyn CASBEER 1899-
              +Aud Clyde WHEAT
               6-Reba Marie WHEAT
               6-Fred Olen WHEAT
               6-Audie Clydine "Tommy" WHEAT 
             Second husband of Susie Evelyn CASBEER
              +Thomas Edward CHAPMAN, Sr.
               6-Thomas Edward CHAPMAN, Jr.                        
            5-Lola Mae CASBEER 1902-
              +Chester Melvin FORD
               6-Clyde Melvin FORD 1946-
                 +Rebecca Ann WHITEHEAD
             Second husband of Lola Mae CASBEER
              +Otis L. ALLEN
               6-Otis Martin ALLEN
            5-Dora "Bill" CASBEER (Twin) 1905-
              +Herbert Earl LONG, Sr.
               6-Herbert Earl LONG, Jr. 1938-
               6-Dorman Joe Norris LONG 1943-
            5-Ora "Buster" CASBEER (Twin) 1905-1935
              +John Anderson MCMAHAN 
               6-Johnnie Ray MCMAHAN 1927-
               6-Charlotte Marie MCMAHAN 1933-
            5-Bertha B. CASBEER 1907-
              +Mark Louis HOLLAND 1904-1970
               6-Taylor Lewis HOLLAND
                 +Donna Faye CLARK
               6-Oscar Glenn HOLLAND 1927
                 +Billie Dean HAMRICK 1931-
               6-Olen Bert HOLLAND 1927
                 +Charlotte Ann INGRAM 1930-
               6-Warren Mark HOLLAND 1943-
                 +Deanna ARCHER
            5-Mattie Louellen CASBEER 1911-
              +Taswell Joshus RENFRO     -1986
            5-Joseph Olen "Brother" CASBEER 1913-1994
              +Ethel Jean MILLIAM 1924-
               6-Sandra Jean CASBEER 1944-
                 +Gerald Ray HUNT 1944-
               6-Lyndia Elizabeth CASBEER 1947-
                 +Jack Herbert CHEW 
            5-Samuel Russell "Tot" CASBEER 1915-
              +Audrey Virginia RATLIF 1920-1971
               6-Sharon Lou CASBEER 
                 +Bobby Charles LEACH
               6-Gilbert Russell CASBEER 1940-1984
                  7-Angie CASBEER
                    +Craig STAFFORD
                  7-Johnnie Russell CASBEER 1967-
             Second wife of Samuel Russell "Tot" CASBEER
            5-Anna Marie CASBEER 1920-
              Ernest Wayne "Buddy" SHELTON, Sr.
              6-Virgina Ann SHELTON
                +Freddie EZELL
              6-Janet SHELTON
                +Randy GILBERT
              6-Ernest Wayne SHELTON, Jr.
            5-Rosa Dell CASBEER 1922-
              +William "Bill" ROCHE 
               6-Patricia ROCHE 1947-
                 +Gayle Allen SMITH
                Second husband of Patricia ROCHE
                 +Donald R. TAYLOR
               6-Michael ROCHE 1948-
                 +Cathy Jo DROPEN HAAN
               6-Joseph ROCHE, Sr.
               6-Dennis ROCHE 1952-
                 +Brenda Charlene MARTIN
             Second husband of Rosa Dell CASBEER
               6-Anita GERVAIS 1964
         4-William Matt CASBEER 1865-1945
           +Mary Julia DUNN 1870-
            5-William W. CASBEER 1888-
            5-Joe CASBEER 1891-
            5-Newton Isam CASBEER 1893-
            5-Clarence Mack CASBEER 1894-
            5-Myra E. CASBEER 1898-
            5-Labton CASBEER 1904-
            5-Jessie CASBEER 1905-
            5-Lillie Ethel CASBEER 1906-
         4-John W. CASBEER 1868-1925
         4-Mary Pachie "Patience" CASBEER 1869-
           +Sam HALL
         4-Sarah L. Samina CASBEER 1871
           +Jake BENNINGFIELD 1857-1928
         4-Fannie Sreptia CASBEER 1873-
           +R. Walter STARK
         4-Mack Fernando CASBEER 1875-1924
           +Martah Emma BLACKBURN 1881-
            5-Pearl CASBEER 1904-
            5-Lena May CASBEER 
            5-Gladys CASBEER 1909-
              +Elmer Henry HARBOUR     -1986
               6-Elnita Jean HARBOUR 1942-
                 +Ernest Leroy BRANDON
               6-Danny Albert HARBOUR
                 +Catherine GLASS
            5-Raymond CASBEER 1911-
            5-Carl Mack CASBEER 1920- 
         4-Julia Pearl CASBEER 1877-1897
           +Paul DESPAIN
         4-Lillie Ema CASBEER 1879-1880
         4-Tommie CASBEER 1881-
         4-Amanda A. "Mandy" CASBEER 1882-1885
         4-Emily O. C. CASBEER 1885-
           +William B. BLACKBURN 1867-
      3-Jame CASBEER 1841-
        +Martha BRYANT 1862-
      3-Mary J. CASBEER 1845-
        +Archibald OWENS
      3-Lucinda CASBEER 1846-
      3-Caroline CASBEER 1848-
        +W. B. BURNETT
      3-Emily CASBEER 1849-
    Second wife of James CASBEER 
     +Elizabeth SHOCKEY 1816-1858
      3-C. CASBEER 1853-
      3-G. CASBEER 1854-
      3-George CASBEER 1856-
      3-Daniel CASBEER 1857-
      3-Martha CASBEER 1858-
 Second wife of Thomas Matthew CASBER, Sr.
  +Nellie 1805-1851
 Third wife of Thomas Matthew CASBER, Sr.
  +Elizabeth WADE 1817-                  

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