Monroe County Arkansas Cemeteries

© 1997 Tri-Counties Genealogical Society

The following list of Monroe County cemeteries has been provided by Jo Claire English and Flora Turner, and is to be used for personal use only. This information may not be reproduced in its entirety, and may not be used by commerical enterprise.

Monroe County Cemeteries
Anderson Family Cemeterynear Zent off Hwy 49
Baines CemeterySmale off Hwy 79
Bateman Family CemeteryClarendon
Blackton CemeteryBlackton
Bunch Family CemeteryN. of Palmer Hwy 49
Capps Family Cemeterynear Lawrenceville Hwy 17
Calvary CemeteryBrinkley
Choctaw CemeteryAllendale Community
Connell's Cemeterynear Connell's Point
Dark Corner CemeteryN. of Brinkley
Davidson Family Cemeterynear Holly Grove
Duke-Gordon Family Cemeterynear Cross Roads - Oldest stone date 1824
Fitzhugh Family Cemeterynear Eden Community
Forbes-Wheeler Family Cemeterynear Brinkley
Franks CemeteryNE of Deep Elm
Goodwin Gravesnear Lawrenceville
Harts/Miller CemeteryNear Harts Lake
Henard CemeteryZent
Henderson-Sebastian-Dunn Cemeterynear Blackton
Indian Bay CemeteryIndian Bay
Jordan B. Lambert Cemeterynear Valley Grove off Hwy 17
Kevil CemeteryBanner Community
Mayo Family Cemeterynear Lawrenceville off Hwy 146
Macedonia Cemeterynear Holly Grove
McCurley CemeteryRaymond Community
Muns Family CemeteryN. of Brinkley Hwy 49
New Hope CemeteryBanner Community
Oaklawn CemeteryBrinkley
Philadelphia CemeterySW of Brinkley Hwy 302
Pine Ridge CemeteryE. of Blackton near Lee Co. Line
Pleasant Valley Gardens Cemeterynear Brinkley
Roc Roe Cemeterynear Aberdeen
Roe CemeteryRoe
Shady Grove CemeteryClarendon
Shiloh CemeterySE of Park Grove
Smalley Cemeterynear Connell's Point
Stone Family Cemeterynear Lookout
Upper CemeterySW of Rich
Valley Grove CemeteryNW of Cross Roads Hwy 17
Webb's CemeteryW. of Roe near County Line
White Church CemeteryNW of Monroe