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List of Brides from the JEFFERY FAMILY GENEALOGY

I am including some information, gathered on the Jeffery family, shared through various articles in the Historian and also from writings by Mr. Hanks, a descendant of Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln.

First Edition 1937-38 (to the third and fourth generation)

Extracted by Alfredda Rhoades, 6620 N, W. Hamer, Kansas City. MO 64118 First generation was JAMES JEFFERY of Virginia who married Jane Mason about 1785.

The children of James and Jane (Mason) Jeffery: Jehoiada Jeffery to Mary "Polly" Weir (Ware) - 12 Feb. 1811 - Daniel Jeffery to Mary "Polly" Bowcock (Bland) - 1824 - James Jeffery to #1 Landers - James Jeffery to #2 Benbrook Lavina Jeffery to #1 Sammy Sams in Illinois. (divorced) Lavina Jeffery to #2 Major Tom Culp who died before'1850. Eda Jeffery to #1 - Ragsdale (divorced) Eda Jeffery to #2 John Milligan - -June 1818 Jesse Jeffery to Mary Langston - -14 Jan. 1824

The following are children of Jehoiada and Mary (Weir) Jeffery: Elijah Jeffery to #1 - Elizabeth Carter - - Oct. 1835 Elijah Jeffery to #2 - Massie Caroline Robertson - 1840 Elijah Jeffery to #3 - Jane Clark Miles W. Jeffery to Sarah Williams - 3 Nov. 1836 Daniel M. Jeffery to Nancy Lawrence - 2 May 1844 - Probably the daughter of James Lawrence. Augustus C. Jeffery to #1 Elizabeth Harris - 11 Feb. 1847 Augustus C. Jeffery to #2 Maggie Cunningham Charlotte Jeffery to Elihu C. Bone - 15 Aug. 1844 Lucretia Jeffery to #1 Cresswell Harris - - Lucretia Jeffery to #2 T. S. Howell 21 May 1882 (Stone Co) Sally Jeffery to Wm. F. Watkins - - 22 Oct. 1854 (No children She died 13 Sept. 1856.)

Children of Daniel and Mary Jeffery: Jesse Jeffery to Samantha Lawrence - 7 March 1858 - Daughter of James and Cynthia (Franks) Lawrence. Philip M. Jeffery to Dorinda Caroline Arnold - 30 April 181,@ (Dau. of Jefferson Arnold?) Mary Jane Jeffery to Henry Nichols - Jan. 1858 (killed in War) Mary Jane Jeffery to #2 - Martin J. Wolf - 11 Aug. 1867 Dempsey Jeffery to Gracie Lawrence about 1849 - 50 (dau. of James) Louvinia Jeffery to (Joseph H.) Langston about 1849-50 Kitty Christie Jeffery to Wythe W. Adams.

Children of James and -(Benbrook) Jeffery: Luther Jeffery to Elizabeth Johnson Avarilia Jeffery to Wm. 0. Dillard Jane Jeffery to John Frazier Polly Jeffery to -Pennington Canzada Jeffery to Billy Wyatt

Children of Lavinia Jeffery Samms Culp: Jahoiada J. Samms to Sarah Scott - 13 Dec. 1837 (His own story) Dr. Tom Culp to Bettie Benbrook Letty Culp to Jeff. Mason Jane Culp to Bill Taylor

Children of Eda (Jeffery) and John Milligan: Melissa Milligan to Dr. - Safley Eady Milligan to West Ingram

Sarah Jane Milligan to #1 - Porter A. Bone Sarah Jane Milligan to #2 - Ewing Evans

Children of Jesse and Mary (Langston) Jeffery: Oliver Jeffery to Polly Smith Letty Jeffery to #1 Joe Parks Letty Jeffery to #2 Duke Busby Elizabeth Jeffery to George Mayfield Martin Jeffery to Sarah Robertson Mary Jeffery to Joe Hutcheson John Jeffery to #1 - Nancy Barnes John Jeffery to #2 - Samantha Denton Ambrose Jeffery to Anna Marchant - 1893 (I question this!) (my own family history says it's true, Jean) Emmanuel Jeffery to Fannie Claiborne - 2 July 1893 (Izard Co. Marriage Book 1).

Children of Doctor Tom and Bettie (Benbrook) Culp: Dr. Charlie Culp to Josie Sharp - Henry Culp to Anna Owens - Josle Culp to Dr. Nicks - Mattie Culp to "Dock" Wiseman

Children of Elijah and Carrie Jeffery: Isaac Jeffery to Huldah Kemp - 30 Jan. 1861 Jane Jeffery to Geoge Archibald Claiborne Kizzie Jeffery to John Martin Louisa Jeffery to Miles Newton Bone, son of Charlotte and Elihu.

Children of Elijah and Jane Jeffery: Rebecca Jeffery to Dr. Wm. Ransom Hayden - Oct. 1879 Ambrose Jeffery to Fanny Davis Nora Jeffery to Rev. Robert A. Robertson - 6 Oct. 1892

Children of Miles and Sarah Williams Jeffery: Ambrose Jeffery to India Hays Bishop Asa Jeffery to Mary A. Fourniquet - 5 May 1870 Jahoiada Jeffery to Alice Edmonson - 26 June 1872 Dr. Robert Emmett Jeffery to #1 - Frances Susan Richey - 28 Jan. 1867 Dr. Robert Emmett Jeffery to #2 - Mollie Carson - 1871 Robert Emmett Jeffery to #3 - Effie Hooper - 25 Jan. 1891 Atlantic Jeffery to William J. Wallace Mary Jeffery to Baxter Landers - 16 March 1881 Patrick H. Jeffery to Caroline Elizabeth Perrin - 19 April 1876 Finis Ewing Jeffery to Maud Dixon - 10 June 1886 Richard J. Jeffery to Mabel Harris - 24 Dec. 1898

Children of Daniel Mason and Nancy (Lawrence) Jeffery: Charlotte Jane to John R. Compton - 13 Feb. 1868 Jahoiada B. Jeffery to Nancy Evans - 2 Feb. 1871 Lucretia Ann Jeffery to Lem Lancaster Sarah Elizabeth Jeffery to Thomas J. Cunningham 6 May, 1874 Samantha Jeffery to Dr. Z. L. Waters - July 1878 J. Curran Jeffery to Ida Brooks Henry Bone Jeffery to Beula Jones Mary Lavinia "Chup" Jeffery to Wm. W. Brooks - 4 Oct. 1882 (Parents of Neill Brooks who married Audrey Garner) Daniel Mason Jeffery, Jr. to Cassie Gowen Nancy Caroline Jeffery to George W. McLean - 26 Dec. 1895

Children of Augustus C. and Elizabeth Jeffery: Sallie Jeffery to Joe B. Richardson Mary Jeffery to Lee Davis - 18 Oct. 1890

Children of Charlotte and Elihu Bone: John C. Bone to Nettie Mae Gorsuch - 12 Dec. 1877 (independence Co. Ark. Bk. D - p. 549) Miles Newton Bone to Louisa Jeffery (dau. Elijah & Carrie) Levicy J. Bone to Robert Henry Hodges - 10 Dec. 1879

Children of Lucretia (Jeffery) and Creswell Harris Henry B. Harris to Nancy J. Avey Charlotte Harris to Bud Cartright Matilda to Cap Waddell A.C. "Drue" Harris to Rebecca Redman - 18 Oct. 1891

Children of Jesse B. and Samantha (Lawrence) Jeffery: Hulda J. "Jennie" Jeffery to Roland H. Hanks - 16 Aug. 1877 in Ozark Co., Mo. Philip Lee Jeffery to Roberta Lee Dixon - 9 Nov. 1890 (dau. W. C.) Mary Levina "Mollie" Jeffery to Millard F. Hanks - 1876

Children of Philip M. and Caroline (Arnold) Jeffery: Albert S. Jeffery to Nellie Smith - 12 Nov. 1890 Anna May Jeffery to Owen H. Dixon - 25 Dec. 1888 Wm. M. "Will" Jeffery to Lizzie Thomas - 27 Dec. 1897 Philip Arnie Jeffery to Ida Richardson - 19 Dec. 1900

Children of Mary Jane Jeffery Nichols Wolf: Kitty Christy Nichols to Joseph Crunkleton - I I May 1884 Joseph Walker Wolf to Alice Brewer - 1889 William Jefferson Wolf so Una McMillan Warren Wolf to Anna Bell Culberson - 25 Dec. 1905


James Jeffery, son of James Jeffery of England was born in Virginia in 1757. Jane Mason, his wife, was born in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1769. Born to them:

Jehoiada, Aug. 10, 1790 born in Rutherford County, North Carolina Daniel, 1797 Nancy, James 1802 born in Kentucky Lavinia Eda, Jesse, (around) 1804

James Jeffery died at Mt. Olive, Arkansas, 1843. Jane Mason died at Mt. Olive, Arkansas, 1853

Jehoiada, son of James, was married in Union County, Illinois, on February 12, 1811, to (Mary Ware) or Mary (Polly) Weir, who was born Oct. 25, 1793, in South Carolina. Born to them:

Elijah, Oct. 16, 1811 Died Dec. 1876 Jane, Feb. 8, 1814 Died Oct. 20,1816 Miles W., Apr. 13, 1816 Died Aug. 1868 Nancy, Oct. 17, 1819 Died Sept. 1, 1821 Daniel M., Apr. 2, 1822 Died April 1888 Augustus C., Mar. 4, 1824 Died Feb. 1880 Charlotte, Feb. 26, 1826 Died July 1861 Lucretia, Sept. 21, 1827 Died 1895 Pernessev, Mar. 31, 1829 Beniah, Dec. 17 , 1830 Died Jan. 3, 1846 Peggy, Feb. 25, 183 Died Sept. 1, 1834 Sally, Feb. 12, 18 Died Sept. 3, 1855

Jehoiada died at Mt. Olive, Oct. 19, 1846. Mary died at Mt. Olive, Nov. 7, 1874. All of the above children of Jehoiada and Mary, also died at Mt. Olive. Most are buried in the old original Jeffery burial grounds there.

"Jess Jeffery (Old Jess), son of James Jeffery of England was born in Virginia around the 1750's. Along with his brother James, and his nephew Jehoiada, he was one of the early settlers of Arkansas. He had a wide reputation on the frontier as a bold and daring individual. Physically, he was big for that era, over 6 feet tall. He had dark skin, black hair, and black eyes. He lived to be an old man and carried to his grave numerous scars from bullet and knife wounds.

He once led a band of friends and neighbors from North Arkansas to Little Rock, vowing to take the law into his own hands in case his nephew Jesse Jeffery (Young Jess), who was on trial for murder, was not acquitted. Young Jess had killed William Henderson in order to save his father's life. Young Jess, then perhaps 18 years old, was released aad returned to Mt. Olive, Arkansas, with his uncle, old Jess, and his hri)the Jehoiada.

Old Jess had (to the best of our knowledge) at least three sons and perhaps three daughters:

Jeremiah Jeffery, James J. Jeffery, Jesse B. Jeffery,

Little is known of Jeremiah, and there have been so many Jesse Jeffeys they are difficult to sort out. In the 1830 census of Lawrence County, Arkansas, Jeremiah Jeffery was listed as being between 20-30 years old and the head of a household containing one female, age 15-20, and one girl under age 5. Also in the 1830 census of Lawrence County, is James Jeffery between 30-40 years old and the head of a household containing his wife 20-30 years old and three daughters under age 5 In the same 1830 census is Jesse Jeffery between 40-50 years old with a wife in the same age range. They had a son 15-20 years old and three daughters from age 5 to 15. These three, Jeremiah, James, and Jesse are the sons of Old Jess of Virginia.

A Daniel Jeffery, is also listed in the 1830 Lawrence County census as being between 50-60 years old. He would have been a brother to James Jeffery of Virginia, Old Jess Jeffery of Virginia, and a son of James Jeffery of England. This Daniel Jeffery, in 1830, had six sons age 5 to 20, one daughter age 15-20 and his wife age 30-40.

There were in the 1830 census in Izard County, Arkansas, also a Daniel, James, and Jesse Jeffery. This James Jeffery in Izard County was James of Virginia. Daniel and Jesse were his sons and cousins of the Lawrence County Jefferys. Somewhat confusing, perhaps, but the early Jeffery's must have had a great affinity for certain names, especially James, Jesse and Jehoiada.

In any event, "Old Jess" was a son of James Jeffery of England, and very active and well known on the Arkansas frontier in the early 1800's. "Young Jess" was his nephew, the son of "Old Jess's" brother, James Jeffery of Virginia, son of James Jeffery of England. To the best of our knowledge, James Jeffery of England's other son Daniel, who was also in North Arkansas in the early 1800's had a son named Leroy. This is about all we have been able to learn of the Jefferys besides those direct descendants of James Jeffery of Virginia, son of James of England. The Jefferys were one of the first families to settle in Izard County. Jehoiada Jeffery founded the town of Mt. Olive. Mr. Hanks is related to the Jefferys through marriage. He is a descendant of Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln. He is still living, so someone told me over the week-end and used to publish his own quarterlies. He probably would have a lot to offer in knowledge of Izard County, as there were Hanks living there at the early era of the county.


"The doctor woman was a native Virginian. She was a rare individual to be found in the Izard County wilderness a century and a half ago. Her refined upbringing in the Eastern establishment of Alexandria, Virginia, during the American Revolution was later to be in sharp contrast to the life she would come to know as one of the original American pioneer women at Mt. Olive on the White River. She was highly educated for that time and place and included in her academic preparation was study at a doctor school back East. Her name was Jane Mason and many frontier families in North Carolina, Tennessee, Southern Illinois and later in Izard County, Arkansas came to depend upon her medical skills in attending women during childbirth.

It was Jane Mason's commitment to midwifery that finally led to an irreparable falling out with her husband, James Jeffery. It brought her to a lonely grave. Separated from her family's burial grounds even in death, she lies isolated in a remote area just south of Mt. Olive near the left bank of White River. The doctor woman was a touch of class in the primative Ozarks. Turned out by an irate husband, Jane Mason retained her dignity to the end. Nature has favored her final resting place with a grassy cover mixed with green fern and tall oaks that stand as witness to her compassion for others who were in need.

The late John Wilson of Mt. Olive was one of very few people who knew where and why Jane Mason was silently buried in 1853. It was almost dark on that late November afternoon in 1981 when John led my cousin, Alfredda Rhoades, and me through a barbed-wire fence, across a deep gully, and up a briar-covered slope to where Jane Mason was laid to rest more than a century before. Alone.

Her husband, James Jeffery, and most of her deceased family members, were buried or would be buried in the old original family burial grounds on Jehoida Jeffery's place a few miles north of the Mount Olive depot. Later, many would be buried at the Flat Rocks Cemetery, near what was then "downtown" Mt. Olive. Jane Mason Jeffery was Jehoida's mother.

"why is it John," I asked, "that Jane was buried here? Why not with the others?" "Well," he replied, "Jane and her husband, who everybody called Old Jim had a falling out. After the falling out she came down the river to live with her son, Daniel. The falling out so final that she and Old Jim were buried in different places."

Old Jim had died ten years earlier and was buried at Jehoida's place. You might speculate, I guess, that either Old Jim and Jane had an agreement about separate burial sites or else it happened later at Jane's request. Then again, the sons, Jehoida, and Daniel, might have decided upon different sites. This is probably, however, that Jehoida and Daniel made the decision. I believe like John Wilson indicated; the falling out was so complete in life that it extended into death and burial as well.

After we left the grave site and had returned to my Aunt Jessamine Jeffery's house at Mt. Olive, John and Jessamine went on to tell how that in old Virginia Jane Mason had gone to a doctor's school and was skilled in obstetrics care during labor which was originally known as midwifery and was largely in the hands of women. Later when Jane Mason and her husband, James Jeffery, left the East and moved westward to the White River valley, James insisted that Jane give up the practice of midwifery. Apparently some sort of agreement was that she would no longer engage in this activity.

They had been in Mt.Olive for some time and Jane Mason honored Old Jim's request to give up midwifery. Then one dark stormy night (such nights are always dark and stormy) someone from across White River on the Stone County side came to the house pleading with Jane to come with them to attend to a woman was having an unusually difficult labor. It was a life or death situation,and Jane's knowledge and skill were desperately needed to save lives across the swollen river.

But she had promised her husband that she would forego the practice and she knew that he expected her to keep this promise. Jane Mason did not have long to make what was to be one of the most important decisions of her life. If she went, she knew that Old Jim would throw a fit. If she did not qo, she knew that lives would likely be lost. It was either James Jeffery or those forlorn souls across the river.

Jane Mason quickly decided that she would first of all have to live with herself -- with or without James Jeffery. And she knew she could not live with herself if she refused to go across the river and help the distressed family. So she went to save lives and, in so doing, lost her husband."

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