The Cemeteries of Fulton Co. Arkansas

Feature Name Latitude Longitude Town
Barker Cemetery 362303N 0915927W Viola
Bethel Cemetery 362704N 0913747W Camp
Bethel Cemetery 362709N 0912906W Wirth
Davis Cemetery 362957N 0913352W Mammoth Spring
Field Creek Cemetery 362810N 0913015W Mammoth Spring
Flora Cemetery 362230N 0920200W Gepp
Fryatt Cemetery 362757N 0913829W Camp
Gobbler Trot Cemetery 362337N 0920453W Gepp
Gum Spring Cemetery 362422N 0915311W Viola
Harmony Cemetery 361843N 0915250W Byron
Hersperger Cemetery 361927N 0913419W Stuart
Humphries Cemetery 361528N 0914414W Agnos
Hunter Cemetery 362238N 0914752W Salem Knob
Hurst Cemetery 362606N 0912955W Wirth
Hurst Cemetery 362802N 0920433W Gepp
Kerby Cemetery 362658N 0914054W Camp
Liberty Cemetery 362148N 0915835W Byron
Love Cemetery 362324N 0913657W Mammoth Spring
McLemore Cemetery 362549N 0913349W Mammoth Spring
Myse Cemetery 361603N 0920308W Elizabeth
Pickren Cemetery 362550N 0920327W Gepp
Rhoads Cemetery 361700N 0914340W Agnos
Richardson Cemetery 362027N 0912908W Hardy
Riverside Cemetery 362902N 0913226W Mammoth Spring
Shiloh Cemetery 362358N 0913913W Camp
Smith Chapel Cemetery 361651N 0920314W Elizabeth
Talley Cemetery 362029N 0915754W Byron
Taylor Cemetery 362120N 0913043W Stuart
Taylor Cemetery 362305N 0913006W Mammoth Spring
Viola Cemetery 362335N 0915827W Viola
Watkins Cemetery 362752N 0915247W Viola
Wavrick Cemetery 361857N 0913426W Stuart
Whiteside Cemetery 362945N 0913619W Mammoth Spring

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